sheesh, i haven’t posted in forever and a half. this time of year is always utterly insane with thanksgiving, no school days, mum’s birthday (have to attempt make her something sweet every year!), school parties and stuff, winter solstice and gift making, more no school days, christmas and more present making. and baking (i invented the BEST gluten free apple berry pie and gluten free pumpkin tarts though). plus the two businesses go through bouts of time-consuming insanity which i attribute to holiday shopping and “let’s make sure we get this done on this year’s taxes” — last-minute website update stuff.  i’m so glad i postponed the zine — i hardly have time to breathe!

child art collaboration, two birds, abstract, kid altered art
this is what i am most excited about and proud of this week. i have to say that i get giddy with pride and arty-bliss every time i look at this. it’s called (if i can remember correctly) “two birds pondering each other while sitting on a crooked fence under a crazy moon at the edge of a city”. it was a collaborative piece i did with my amazingly talented son (who, by the way, picked the name of the piece). he’s six. and since he came out of my body, i’m allowed to say he’s “amazingly talented” and get away with it (he thinks he’s non-artistic, hmmph!). i love his birds and i’m having him make me several of them to get tattooed around my leg, maybe wing in wing.  their beaks are so fantastically geometric and… just perfect.  🙂  he’s so cute — he wants to make art cards out of them and try to sell them on etsy (so he can buy more legos!).

long post this weekend with super good news and 6+ new pieces of art IF i can find the time to photograph them.