i had every intention of posting a huge blog today with a zillion of the things i’ve been up to and some of the fantastic gifts i’ve received from the art exchange but i can’t focus.  i just learned that my grandmother is in the hospital and they think she has suffered from several “tiny” strokes this week.  she’s not doing well, but i can’t go there until they call me… and the phone isn’t ringing.

as i wait for news, this is a perfect time to share something really dorky that i made for my mum’s birthday on the 5th — she doesn’t appreciate anatomy like i do so i wanted to try to do something pretty or sweet.  she liked the house book by angela cartwright and sarah fishburn.  i think it’s called “in this house” and i’m sorry that i’m not looking it up or linking to it right now.  i’m just writing to distract myself to be honest.  anyway, i don’t have the time to do a whole book for anyone right now (actually, i lie — i’m making a book for my husby for yule)… so i made her a mini house.

altered art house, mixed media, heart

i found a photo of my great-grandmother anna while helping my gram move into the retirement community she currently lives in and sadly, her face had been accidentally ripped in half (my great gram’s photo, that is).  i repaired the image digitally and decided that she should go on my mum’s birthday house.  anna’s favorite things in the world were four leaf clovers, apple pie and chain-smoking.  she sounds like she was an amazing lady.  🙂  she would sit in the grass for hours, smoking and looking for four leaf clovers… then probably go bake a pie.

altered ar house, collage, assemblage, crackle, door, vintage photos

i really have to work on my hinge creation.  that was pretty much a nightmare.  anyway, anna used to sing songs in german (her parents moved here from germany) so the german text and music bits are actually significant.  i have no idea what the german says though and hope it’s not rude.  the lovely fibers are from the sweet and wonderful patti edmon.  (i know her blog URL by heart so don’t think i’m playing favorites by looking one thing up and not another.)  i thought the photo looked too pristine after i fixed it so i had to rough it up a bit.  see how i am!

altered art house, mixed media art, collage, family, vintage photos, crackle, four leaf clover

the door of the house opens to reveal a photo of anna as a slightly older lady, her husband harry, my grandma as a little girl and her brother.  in the pocket, i aged some paper and wrote out g-grandma’s favorite apple pie recipe and put in a little happy birthday note to my mum.

altered art house, mixed media, collage, crackle, german, vintage photos, four leaf clover

so, that’s that.  i was supposed to be the featured artist in a huge incidental show… as in i was supposed to have my art at a place that was host to a hollywood movie wrap-party but the location was changed, sadly, so i’m not doing it.  well, i’m still going to have my art there, just not as many pieces.  that’s one of the things i’ve been working on like crazy lately and part of the reason for being so dang quiet.

another part of the reason i was so busy last week is because i’m a mum and i have a son with way too much homework.  there was a “family assignment” to build a historically accurate house for his native american tribe, which for the life of me i can’t recall.  the front ended up more painted, but here is what we did (the photo is small but the house was quite large):

native american house, totem pole, homework

i did get to work a teeny tiny bit on my own stuff (meaning gifts for people) at least.  if all is well with my sweet grammy, i will have lots of time this week to finish up presents and get back into the stuff for my upcoming shows.  the second photo is HORRIBLE but the piece will be cool.  i hope.  i’ll post completed photos one of these days i’m sure.

projects i'm working on, art, skull, skeleton, rose thorns, fiber artsorry to everyone for being so MIA lately and not catching up on blogs, responses, etc.  my plate is overly full right now — like a nine course meal.  with two deserts.  and hor d’oeuvres.

and omg, omg.  go look at the pulp redux blog if you want something gorgeous to look at!  debs, the great and magnificent, has posted some photos of what she’s doing with my book.  yummy stuff!!

my phone isn’t ringing, still, and i’m stressing out so i’m going to go find something mindless to do.  hope my grammy is okay… ’cause i’m a shitty grand-daughter and haven’t seen her since late march or called her in three weeks.