seth at the altered page has begun his multiple secret sunday survey sharings on his blog.  at some point today he will be featuring a handful of artists and sharing some of their secret art techniques.  i do believe that i will be one of the featured artists this week too.  🙂  can’t wait to check it out (haven’t peeked yet today)!

secret sundays with seth at the altered page

in the spirit of sharing secret art tips, i have another for you.  it’s more comical than useful though.  in short, i LOVE baby wipes and use them constantly while working on my art.  i’ve always gotten the all natural organic cotton ones by 7th generation but they recently jumped to a stupid $9 for a small refill pack.  yeah, whatever.  so, i got a cheaper brand this time.  i pulled one out and chuckled at the funny little cartoon animals on them and thought nothing more of them… until…

i had just finished a layer on a piece i’ve been working on for forever and a half for my sweet friend lisa of mudhound primitives when i noticed something peculiar.  it looked like there was a little sheep in my paint:

baby wipes are handy for art project use, except when they leave sheeps and elephants in your work
see the two little fluffy sheep?  it took me a moment to figure it out until i spied this sitting a few inches away:

printed baby wipes can leave cartoon marks in your art
these little sheepies matched the print in my piece.  thankfully that was one of the bottom layers so you can’t really see it anymore.

so, if you use baby wipes and don’t want cute little creatures popping up into your paintings, you may want to go with a non-quilted brand.