it’s been awhile (and a half), huh!?  nine+ months since i’ve blogged seems insane, but that’s about right.  life really does go by super fast sometimes, doesn’t it?  i’ll give you the nutshell version of what’s been going on in case you’re curious.

home schooling pretty much started to kick both my and finn’s arses.  seriously.  together 24×7, too many requirements from me as “teacher” for school, then me as “mom” needing crap done around the house like chores (which someone around here took as “punishment”)… and i was pretty much deemed the devil incarnate. or at least a very harsh warden. so, we went through the long and grueling process of applying at a really amazing public school that accepts new students by application only and he got in!  so after five years, my little dude is back around other kiddos and learning in a group setting.  and i…?  i have way more time than i know what to do with.  it’s all a bit of a shock to the system.  previously, my life literally was: wake up, school, make breakfast, school, make lunch, school, make dinner, do dishes, do laundry, clean/grocery shop/etc. no free time and not ultra fun comparatively as a whole.

actually, that’s kind of a lie (the part about having a crap-ton of free time now). i have a million things to do as i’m prepping for an upcoming solo art exhibition and am hanging something like 25 pieces.  so, i’ve been arting like crazy, but that’s nothing new. here’s one of my assemblages i’ll have up (though 90% of the work displayed will be paintings):

the catcher of dreams and wishes

the catcher of dreams and wishes

the bottle is filled with wishes, of course, both scrolls with written aspirations as well as dandelion “wishes”.

assemblage detail

i used lots of bones, skulls, crystals, feathers, twigs, a wasps nest, crystal beads and a found rusty metal object (for the dream catcher on the top), all in an antique wooden box.

it’s very shaman inspired. which leads me to the rest of what i’ve been up to. short version: on a whim, i took a shamanic journeying class last february. now, i’m not in the process of getting my masters in shamanic healing. it’s been the most amazing and wonderful decision i’ve ever made, totally life changing, and in the process (well, actually a few months before) i realized that despite popular belief, i actually am NOT and was not crazy. what a relief!

once my show’s up and i’ve gotten through opening night in one piece (i’ll be sharing more details here), i’m getting back no track.  this means: adding things to the altered bits site regularly again, creating new digital collage sheets every month (or week if that’s not too ambitious!), having more shows, starting teaching (both online and person) and tying up a zillion lose ends… like books and zines and such. i seriously thought home schooling was going to kill me there for a little bit and it didn’t, so now i can focus back on my life and all that i enjoy.  it was such an amazing experience to put most of my life on hold to spend all my time with my kiddo but now that he’s growing into such an amazing young man i can start focusing back on the things i love outside of him. so fun!