i’m kind of obsessed with color palettes lately for tons of reasons.  i’ve been trying to decide what colors to paint my bedroom for over seven years (it’s still white!) and what to repaint my living room, dining room and kitchen (orangesque, brown and blue).  i also like to think more artistically about it, like “if i only had those five or six paint colors, what would i create?” (or pens or pastels or pencils or papers or fabrics or yarns… you get the point).  on saturday, whilst creating a color palette board on pinterest, i decided i should make my own palettes.  then i decided that i should post them to share with others.  then i decided i should make it super fun and make it like a contest of sorts with prizes, especially now that i’m getting back into the groove of adding yummy bits and baubs to my altered bits site again.

so here it is: weekly palette #1.  vintage watch parts (on antique paper).

weekly palette: vintage watch parts

if you wish to create something using these palettes, be it a painting, an art journal page, a collage, a book cover, a skirt or scarf, an assemblage or anything under the sun, email a photo to me at hi (at) altered bits (dot) com (in proper format with no spaces and such) and you’ll be entered to win a monthly prize.  this month’s price: a stack of 4×6 papers… some vintage and antique book pages and sheet music, handmade papers, printed papers, etc.  just a nice stack of goodness for your creative uses.

i’ll be posting a new weekly palette every monday (some inspired by items i’m listing or have listed in my shop, nature photos i feel inspired by, a vintage photograph that draws my attention, etc.), and will be picking a winner on the last sunday of every month.  every prize will be different.  it could be supplies, digital collage sheets, a gift certificate to my site, original art or prints, etc.  but i’ll always let you know.  if you do a piece every week, you have more chances to win.  and sometimes there will be more than one winner ’cause that’s funner than just one.

happy creating!