oooh my gooooodness!!

so, if you know or keep up with me, you’re aware of the fact that the husby and i have been looking for a parcel of land for almost three years now (or a property with a house we could live in while we build our wee dream two-bedroom strawbale house).  well, i’m so giddy i can hardly even type right now!!

long story short, i was born in a little tiny cabin in lorane, oregon.  i once wrote a bio to sum it up (for my web design company).  this excerpt is quite insightful:

Born and initially raised in the small town of Lorane, Oregon (population 46.5 upon her birth), Alicia was graciously blessed with an Etch-a-Sketch™ from her parents, which fueled her creativity at an eerily early age. There was, after all, not much else for her to do than play with sticks in the mud or crouch behind the outhouse while playing hide-and-seek with her make believe gnome friends and baby goat, Columbine. Some days she would be hiding for hours as neither were very good seekers.

soooo…. i freaking LOVE lorane!  it’s huge now though, like population 357 or something.  but two days ago, while doing my weekly property dream search, i found this the house i was conceived and born in!!!  it’s not even just ONE house, it’s seven cabins on 22.something acres.  seven!!  we have an appointment with the realtor to drive down to lane county this week to view it.  omg, omg, i’m practically peeing myself right now.


the catch?  we can’t afford to keep our portland house and spend $279,000 for the dream property, BUT the cabins are all currently being rented so we would have income generated from it (meaning rent payments coming in would be about the exact same as mortgage payment going out — we may make $6/month or have to shell out $11/month — it’s that close).  that’s a plus though.  the plan?  let the current tenants remain for about two years, because the husby cannot quit his job for about that long (or drive three hours to work), keep our portland house, live even more like paupers than we currently do, and then sell this house when he’s ready to retire from decorative concrete.  we would have to tear down one of the buildings to build our new house (and install a septic system) according the the realtor as it’s only zoned for seven dwellings, but we are rock stars when it comes to recycling and reusing and that wee cabin would become the floors of our new house.  gorgeous dark 100 year old wood!  windows would be made into a greenhouse or cold frames.  door into a kitchen or art table.  it would ALL get reused.  every last nail.


then what would we do with 6 extra cabins and 22.something acres of land?  grow our own food.  have chickens.  have goats.  maybe get a cow.  have ART RETREATS with rustic cabins for people to stay in.  have MUSIC RETREATS with rustic cabins for people to stay in.  have mega fun spring and summer camps with kids doing art and archery (build your own bow and learn to shoot it), farming and livestock, edible plants in the wild classes — all kinds of fun stuff.  i would have a whole entire cabin to do weekly art groups with kids on the autism spectrum and invite our portland kiddo friends down for weekend arty retreats with camping and creek-side picnics, etc.


i don’t know how in the heck we’re going to make this happen but we’re going to.  i’m starting today to list all of my art goodies on my site for sale, slowly but surely.  i’m going to make all digital collage sheets $2 so if i sell 139,500 of them i can buy our dream property that i was conceived and born on… where my parents were married, where i learned to walk and name all trees, flowers and plants both by their common and their botanical names.  yes, the place where so many magical things happened.  i wonder if the gnomes will remember me.


it will be a huge amount of work to fix up that many cabins and to build our own new house (did i tell you i’ve already designed it??  apparently i have a knack for such things), plant acres of veggies and berries and fruit trees, build a barn and a chicken house and all of that but that is the kind of work i LOVE.  sweating and dirt make for a good day when it’s for yourself… and ending the day with art and family?  perfection!  i’m so excited i’m practically in tears (shh, i’m a girl).  right across the street from these cabins is another i used to live in when i was older.  in the woods behind it there was an old dump from the 1920s where there is still sooooo much treasure!  we found drinking glasses in perfect condition, antique silver, dishes, ornaments, tools, bones, and TONS of obsidian native american arrowheads.  i was a finder of cool things from about the age of two up.  still am.  i want to go dig around there right now!


how much food can you grow on 10 acres?  enough to feed ourselves and any other hungry person in the community, i bet.  i love feeding people.  it’s a passion.  so we will always grow more and donate part from each crop to those in need.  this is my dream.  and i want it to become my reality.


i’m not sure how far back the property goes but i can tell you in a few days.  it would be fun to have some of the hills back there.  i love hiking… but of course even if it wasn’t ours, i could trek around there any ol’ time i wanted, every single day of my life.


by the way, i didn’t take these photos but got them from the listing.  i should have photoshopped them up a bit to be more vibrant and lovely, but you still get the idea.  lorane is one of the most gorgeous places on earth.  to me, at least.  i was born there and i want to die there… and spent lots of time there in between.  some of my most favorite humans on earth are buried in the lorane cemetery and it would be nice to be able to visit them more often.  let me see if i have any photos of when i lived in either of the cabins….  ah yes, here is proof.  that little girl is me (my dad’s wedding to his second wife).  the lady next to me is my gramma bessie bell collie, renamed betty caudle (she was one of the most beautiful souls on earth) and behind, mel keep, my god mother, another one of the most beautiful souls on earth.  i miss those ladies so very much!


anyway, didn’t mean to make this so long, but wanted to share my dreaminess of the week with anyone who was interested.  you’re all welcome to come for a wee stay if we get this property.  i can’t imagine not getting it… but won’t allow myself to be totally crushed.