how cool that this summer seems never ending.  i swear last year i blinked and it was time to return to school.  summers for us means lots of travel and lots of lazing around — a nice balance, i’d say.  right now we’re planning another trip.

seth bullock

nutshell: fly from portland to salt lake city (i have an airline credit so it would be free).  grab a snack and 55 minutes later fly on a different airline to souix falls, south dakota.  rent a car and drive to deadwood (we just finished watching that tv series and are in love with the history of that little town).  of course we would stay in the bullock hotel (which, incidentally appears to be haunted by the ghost of seth bullock and i wanted to go BEFORE i knew this!).

wild bill hickok

while there, we would of course have to visit the grave sites of wild bill hickok and calamity jane, yes… of course.  then perhaps a little hiking camping trip somewhere and a jaunt down to mt. rushmore (it’s only about an hour away).  then comes the sweaty and adventurous part: a grayhound trip to… i haven’t decided yet.  i wanted to take an amtrak home as i’ve never gotten to go on a train trip before, but there are no amtrak stations in south dakota or wyoming.  sheesh.  so, a grayhound backpacking trip among weirdos to wherever we go (probably somewhere in montana as i’ve never been there BUT i haven’t been to north dakota or wyoming either so any will do).  camp a night or two, THEN take an amtrak home.  yeah!  a historically fun trip.  we are all lovers of history in this house so we’re hoping to be able to do something like this ever year or two.

calamity jane

calamity jane

so, after many inquiries regarding where where i get some of my tools and supplies, i have created a new “test” section on the altered bits website entitled tools and supplies.

altered art, mixed media art, tools, art, supplies, crackle, distress kit
there you will find a menagerie of things including different non-toxic crackle mediums, letter and number metal stamp sets (two sizes), the best instant setter ever for eyelets and things, etc.  i’m not sure if this will be a permanent section or not, but for now it exists.  i’ve actually never used the distressing kit but it looked cool so i bought some.  is that cheating?

art supplies, art tools, metal punch set, crackle medium, paint, instant setter, distressing kit
i keep forgetting to share the few fun etsy treasuries i’ve been in, so here is a GORGEOUS one.  my cuff bracelet is in it (third row, last image).  click on the image to see the YUMMY treasury, velvet red desires:

etsy treasury, velvet, red, desires
that’s about all i’ve been up to lately, other than working on finishing the front over of my newest book, which i will post soon along with a new “art for a cause” fundraiser on my site.  now, back to catching up on posts — a blog-a-thon day!!

i will likely be doing the drawing for the tutorial give-away tomorrow too.  see previous post if you haven’t entered yet and wish to.