just this morning, since seth’s the book guild, chapter 15 post, i have received three emails and a comment as to why i chose this book as one of my favorites.  so, rather than email everyone back individual, i thought i’d do a small post in the spirit of the book guild.  click on the image above to check it out on amazon.

i do believe that “mysterium fidei” translates to “the mystery of faith”.  i am not at all religious and not really drawn to crosses or images of angels or jesus, but rather color and texture, patterns and the artist’s awe-provoking skill.

what i LOVE about this book is the contrast of perfect, crisp color along-side rough, scribbled lines.  i adore the intricacy of all of the patterns (flowers and vines and flourishes on the dresses and gowns).  the consistent color pallet is absolutely divine.  (funny side note — i didn’t realize until just this moment that i oftentimes use the same crimson and sepia hues with hints of black and umber — not so much in fabric pieces but always in painted ones.)  i am a lover of anatomy and adore the hands, arms, skulls, eyes, bones and hearts.  there are lots of 13s which everyone knows is my favorite number.  i absolutely love the passion in diaz’s work.  i don’t feel i’ve ever been passionate enough about any one topic or theme to paint 100s of paintings on just that.

if you haven’t seen this book i highly recommend checking it out.  it’s packed with over 120 pages of amazingly intricate art and very few words (i’m horrible as i do not actually read art books — i flip though and visually absorb them a few times, picking them back up every year or three to peek at its pages again).  i am utterly in love and imagine if you’re anything like me you would be too.  if you do a google image search for the great and wondrous daniel martin diaz, you will find a huge treasure trove of divine eye candy (here).

this, also by diaz, is similar to what i want as my next tattoo: