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i am just giddy with bliss right now as i’m holding in my hot little hands the very first ever print version of the altered bits mixed media art zine.  there are 46 pages of detectible goodness greatness!  twenty-one amazing artists have created the pieces in this zine and i am so proud to have been able to design it, despite all the glitches and delays (sorry!!  that won’t happen again).  i spent all of today doing one last iteration of the zine, uploaded it and have made it available for purchase from at

art zine, mixed media art, altered art, art, zine, altered bits, assemblage, collage, jewelry, altered dolls

soon i will be issued an ISBN number so it will also be available on amazon, and at that time i will order up heaps of copies for the altered bits shop too.

just to give you a tiny peek at some of what’s in the zine, i will introduce you to two gentlemen.  well, guys, at least.  first, jesse james.  i created this piece as a gift for my husband as he is a decedent of jesse james (which you can read about in the zine).

jessee james mixed media art, altered art, altered bits zine, alicia caudle

jessee james mixed media art, altered art, altered bits zine, alicia caudle

jessee james mixed media art, altered art, altered bits zine, alicia caudle

next, the storyteller.  he’s a quirky dude made from a wonderful anatomical doll i received from my super friend tracey kraft (actually, i think she sent me about 20!).  he’s the first in a series — wait until you seen the giraffe guy.  🙂

anatomical, altered art, mixed media, altered book, tiny book, deer heads, symbols, altered bits zine, alicia caudle

i did a girl too, but i shall share her with you another time.  i was clearly in a comical state of mind with her (and the guy above).

also in the zine is a wonderful and personal artist interview…

lisa jurist, artist interview, mudhound studio

lisa jurist art, mixed media, mudhouse primitives, mudhound studio

if the revisions i did today look as good as what i got in the mail this morning, i think you will like this zine (they SHOULD — all i did was move one page and alter a name misspelling).  i sure hope you all love it.  thank you, thank you to all who helped to create this first print issue of the zine!  i adore and appreciate each and every one of you!  in alphabetical order by last name: Jay Anderson, Seth Apter, Joanne Archer, Alicia Caudle, Finn Caudle, Katie Cahill, Kym Decker, Patti Edmon, Kerin Gale, Tricia Gillispie Scott, David Hayes, Lisa Jurist, Tracey Kraft, Melissa Majchrzak Buckley, Debi Mattingly, Kim Palmer, Lisa Sarsfield, Renate Starke Krammer, Esther Verschoor, Rachel Whetzel and Jill Zaheer — you are the best!!

the zine is not only available in print, it’s available as a digital download.  almost forgot that:

(i will be adding all participants to my sidebar soon, and send trackbacks for this post, but for now, i have to start getting the little one wound down and ready for bed.)

ohoh, i will also be doing a secret drawing this week — ALL participants names (except mine and finn’s) will be tossed into a hat and whomever i draw will receive a FREE issue of the zine from me.  i wish i could afford to send ALL of you a zine… but i can’t.  starving artist, and such.  xx


i will share the big, exciting (and somewhat frustrating) story later, but i wanted to give you a mini-update on the zine.

i got the zine in the mail today!!  i LOVE it!  all of the issues i was having were a stupid screen issue and NOTHING was wrong with the print files (only took three point six weeks to figure that one out).  i did have two tweaks: a misspelled name (omg!) and a black last page so literally JUST remedied that and look…

uploading the altered bits zine

at this VERY second, i am uploading the tweaks to lulu and the zine will be available for purchase!  i’ll post when it is, tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.  woots!  the file is over half a gig in size so it will be a long process to get it up there.

want a peek of the cover?  i lovelove it!!  well you get one whether you wanted it or not:

cover for the first altered bits mixed media art zine
that’s the back, spine and the front, but i’m sure you could have figured that out.  pretty, pretty!

more soon!!  AND voting for the next zine themes too!

Just a quick reminder, the posted deadline for the next Altered Bits Zine is September 1st.  The current issue’s theme is “Black and White”.  If interested in participating, send hi-res photos, title of your piece, a short blurb about your piece, your name and location, contact info and a brief bio.  Oh, and if it’s for sale.  This zine will include any or all of the following: assemblages, found object art, paintings, mixed media pieces, jewelry, photography, hand-made or altered books — just keep it within the black and white theme and you could be in this next issue.  The last issue was viewed by over 3k people within the first week or two so this is a fun way to let others see just how amazingly talented you are!  I may push the deadline out a bit due to it being summer and traveling time for many of us but don’t let that delay you.  🙂  (kerin!)  (just kidding)

You can find all the details on my main website, Altered Bits, HERE on the zine page.  Or you can just email me everything mentioned above to: hi at altered bits dot com.

Also, I’ve started adding a link section to this blog for all past zine participants.  I am super slow and have only added a fraction of what I should.  Feel free to leave a comment with your URL if I haven’t added it yet — it’s nothing personal — I’m just doing this as I have time… which I haven’t much these days.  🙂

Have a great and creative Monday!

just a super quick note to all of the wonderful artists who participated in the Odd Numbers zine — we are the featured publication on! you should be so proud of yourselves for doing such amazing work! wish i had more time to write but i’m running out the door. more soon but thank you all so very much for your tremendous talent and participation!

check it out:

oh, but you have to have an account and be logged in to see it, i’ve just discovered. but it’s worth creating one if you don’t have one already! i ❤ yudu!

i have to admit, i’ve been a very bad girl lately.  i have been arting once again, but i have not blogged nor caught up on all of my favorites in a week and a half.  i always feel guilty when i do that.  it’s all due to lack of time, not lack of interest i assure you.

for the past couple of days i’ve been focusing on my contributions to the black and white zine.  i do not want to suddenly be publishing my very own zine to discover “lo and behold, i forgot to finish MY piece!” like i did for the odd numbers zine.  that was pretty sad… and of course here sits my “1 branch, 1 nest, 1 bird, 1 egg, 1 something else = 5″ piece.  someday i will.  it’s one of the itsy bitsy peeks i gave recently so now i have to finish it.

speaking of peeks, here are some little snippets of proof that i have actually been doing something lately.  the first is a series of two pieces that will be framed together (unless i change my mind and add the third piece i’m threatening myself to do, in which case they may not fit in the aforementioned frame i had designated for them).

next is the tiniest little snip-let of a corner of the other piece i’m doing which will likely not even look like this once i’m done due to my kazillion layers habit, but see — it’s black and white!  or at least black and gray:

this one is on canvas, the edges being done long before the front (silly, i know).  these are actually enlargeable if you wished to see a tad more detail:

they are covered in lace and crackle medium, lots of layers of paint and of course antique brass taxidermy tacks.

ohoh, in perfect time to brighten up my post, my boys just returned home with the most lovely wild flowers for me with “i love you mama!”s and “i love you wife!”s. i’m a lucky girl indeed!

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