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recently i was invited to do a solstice ornament swap and it was so much fun to create the piece i made that i’ve started to create some more.  they are tiny little alicia-style assemblages that can be hung on a tree for the holidays or a wall year-round.  i started by making several boxes of varying sizes, collaging and painting them and taking it from there.  so far, i have six in varying degrees of completion from just started to totally complete.  i’ve been working on at least one a day (plus two paintings and some art journalling) for art every day month (#aedm).  loving it all!

i shouldn’t show the whole ornie i did for the swap just in case the unknowing recipient happens to see this, but i’ll cross my fingers, hope no one sees and show a quick peek here anyway:

assemblage, ornament, frozen charlotte

here is another frozen charlotte mini assemblage ornament creation.  the crystal is an antique, or at least i was told so when it was given to me as a gift last solstice (i love that — full circle!).  the photo kind of sucks, but this is nothing new.  out of 60 shots, this is (sadly) the best.  there is a ton more detail in person.

frozen charlotte assemblage ornament

available in my shop >>

while i was creating these and starting a few others, my little bug asked me if i would make him a skull ornament for solstice — he loves skulls.  every year our family swaps hand-made solstice gifts so of course i made him one!  i had a few of these carved bone skull beads that he’d been eying for a long time and thought it would be perfect for his little ornament.  can you tell his favorite colors are red and black?

a skull ornament for my son

i hope he likes it, but i do suspect he will.  all the little silver (and black) metal bits in these ornaments are vintage and antique nails.  fun, fun!  and this is actually square — i’m a crap photographer as most of you already know.

to deviate a bit (but not really)… the other day we received a heifer international catalog.  pretty much every year we buy something in the names of some of our family members during the holidays — those people who have everything and appreciate the gesture of giving to others less fortunate.  we’ve purchased a goat in the past and a few flocks of chicks.  this year has been sooooo very difficult for us financially and it broke my heart to realize that we couldn’t even afford a $20 flock of birds for a family worse off than us.  it’s extremely  embarrassing to admit, really, but sometimes it only takes one or two “little” things for a family to go from comfortable to hungry (in our case, work injuries and illness/hospitalization).  that is us this year during certain parts of the month, though i’m honestly not complaining.  my point is that imagining a family going through this every day just breaks my heart — hunger is evil and unnecessary in a world with such abundance.  our misfortune will be short-lived, i’m sure of it.  theirs?  who knows.  but a nice flock of 10-50 chicks could certainly help to get some protein-filled eggs into some kiddo’s bellies, and generate some income for the family through the sale of eggs and offspring.  every little bit helps.   soooo, i created this belly dancer ornament with more of the chain, coins and sari silk i’ve been using a lot of lately.  i am listing it in my shop for $20 and that $20 (minus the part paypal will keep but i’ll cover that) is going to purchase a flock of chicks for a family less fortunate than mine.  i may not have the money to buy the flock right this second, but i have the ability to make something to sell to get the money to buy the flock.  i will put this gift in the names of both myself and the buyer.  you can read more about this here.

mixed media, ornament, belly dancer, assemblage

available in my shop >>


before i start, i wanted to mention that for the rest of the year, anyone who purchases my crackled window tutorial will get two free digital collage sheets… all in the spirit of the holidays and having more to work with.  if you’ve already purchased the tutorial and didn’t get the collage sheets, send me an email and i shall send whichever two you desire.

i had visions of grandeur for this post as i’ve been sick with the flu and not blogged lately, but having said ailment, i spent much more time on my arse than making progress on anything art-related.  so, you’ll have things to look at next time.

altered art card, greeting card, vintage photos, crackle, mixed media art card

and without further ado, the winner of the accordion book, art tutorial, collage sheets and embellishment give-away is (says the husby), ms. katie! i removed names so he did NOT base his pick upon his utter adoration for this lovely lady but rather a legitimate handful of chuckles (i mean who wouldn’t laugh at a teletubby with a dildo!?).  he also said “the one about the party should at least get a digital collage sheet” so kerin, let me know which you want — great idea he had!  🙂  it feels awkward to me that husby ironically picked the only two people he’s met, so i say that jonee gets a digital collage sheet too because i laughed really hard when i read the comment.

altered art card, mixed media art card, vintage photos, crackle, greeting card, handmade

for the holidays and because web design work is sickeningly slow (i’m now officially feeling this recession bullshit), i’m going to be making things i don’t typically make due to lack of time: frameable greeting cards and christmas/solstice ornaments… like green and red skulls, and such.  😉  stay tuned.

p.s. kerin, that card has RESIN CLAY on it.  😉

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