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my sweet friend alisha may proposed an art challenge on the altered bits fb page (where we are starting to play a bit) with the theme of aggression.  this was to be all-inclusive of such feelings and adjectives as chaos, irritation, frustration, etc.  remember that horrible ex-client who screwed me over?  i know i’ve mentioned my grandma being unwell and in and out of the hospital and me being sad that i can’t do anything to make her feel better.  paypal is a recent additional example (see previous post)… i’ve had plenty of irritation and frustration this year so i was quite excited to play.  not everything can be love and roses and blood pumping anatomical hearts, right?


tangled. 5″x7″ mixed media on canvas.  no forethought.  just “aggression”, or the release thereof (can’t you just envision paint flying?  nah — i was actually quite peacefully contented while creating this piece but let’s pretend i was chaotically creating as it looks more enticing in my mind).

tangled, aggression, mixed media, canvas, painting, abstract

(click image to enlarge)

i want to do ten more.


okay, today is so way better than yesterday with regard to found objects. after weeding in the gardens for a few hours i came in to work on some ATCs i’m doing for two swaps with debrina and deryn. my little guy ran in to tell me that i was not allowed either a) in our back yard or b) in the basement because they were “excavating a present” for me. after about 20 minutes i got bored waiting for paint to dry so went back out to weed in the front, and oh my gosh! my husband “interrupted” my efforts and… yeah… i have the best, most amazing husband in the world, let me just tell you. look what he found for me buried in the back yard!!!:

found bones for altered art and mixed media projects, opossum bones, skull, teeth

he painstakingly dug up each and every one of these bones, cleaned the soil and some fur off, bleached them and re-rinsed them before setting them in the sun to dry. look at all of these! vertebrae, skull bits, portions of jaw, teeth and fangs, ribs, leg bones, a shoulder, and all kinds of bits. i’m going to have soooooooo much fun with these beauties!

found bones for altered art and mixed media projects, opossum bones, skull, teeth

our orange cat even found interest in them:

found bones for altered art and mixed media projects, skull, fangs, kitty

i’m super excited today. 🙂

oh wowz. the husby and i were busy doing some much needed clearing out of crap today as we still have boxes upon boxes of way too much stuff in our cluttered basement. i mean heck, i only moved in here… hmmm… about two years ago. you’d think that’d be ample time to get organized but apparently we’re slackers (i get too busy arting, he gets too busy making music and building electronic coolnesses and poof, there are still boxes everywhere). but enough prattle. i was excited to find many forgotten items:

necklaces, pendents, a lace thing, a rusty bell, some weird doll thing that needs to be altered or tossed, neat wing things with crystals hanging from them, cemetery photos, a dragon with a crystal (not really my “thing” but he looks cool enough), etc.

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

i also happened upon about a half billion wooden boxes and ceramic pots/raku pottery pieces. what can i do with all of them? in one of them was a little leather pouch my pops had made me years ago and inside was the best of all…

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

can you guess the best? the bear claw is pretty dang cool but i’m really diggin’ the teeth! i have no idea where they came from but my assumption is that the cute little pristine one was mine, the cavity filling one was my younger half-sister’s and the big ol’ gnarly one was my fathers. see them closer:

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

i can think of way too many things at once that i could do with those teeth. hey, i have a “thing” for anatomical stuff. i’m sure that’s overly obvious to everyone by now, but here is a sneak peek at something i’m working on today to further prove my point:

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

back to the found objects…. some things were not quite as exciting. like a box of letters from an old boyfriend (recycling material!) and some other things i’m going to try to find homes for before giving to goodwill as a last resort like beads that aren’t my style, charms and angle cards. i’ll post photos soon but i promise it’s nothing too exciting. i did find some quote cards from a lady did i site for once named mary anne radmacher who did a lot of inspirational pieces with her quotes as the central focus. i’ve used and shared several over the years so will definitely need to find a new home for what i have left of those.

happy day!


holy cow. right after i posted this i hit the mother load of forgotten stuff. mmmm…. i have so many plans for these rusty little pretties! i only “misplaced” them about 3 months ago but am so glad to have re-found them. i thought someone tossed them and was a tad bit on the pissy side.

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits


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