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i am one damn lazy blogger!  after all these years this is only my 200th post!?  that astounds me.  i would have guessed at least 350.  hah.  but it is what it is… if i wasn’t so sleepy and side-tracked by my still-wet paint pallet i would do the math (i love math) to see what my average is.  meh.

recently, i was commissioned to do nude portrait but something quite unanticipated emerged, which i felt i must keep.  it’s the fault of these wonderful 20 minute paintings mentioned in my previous post.  if you paint and you haven’t tried it yet, please try it!  or do a 20 minute collage.  or a 20 minute assemblage (i’m not sure even i could do that, but still — timing yourself and forcing yourself not to touch it after your time is up is kind of spiritual in a way… and shitty in others, but humbling and fun and free).  i pseudo-timed myself on this one (after spending 4+ hours on many backgrounds and underpaintings.

meet “myselves”…

acrylic, collage, graphite, ink and white gel
8×10 on canvas


it doesn’t look like me and is muddy, but i felt really drawn to her for some reason (more from how it makes me feel than from how it looks).  so, she’s mine.  i think i want to paint over that eye now, looking at it here. but enough of that.

sooo…. i’m having a post memorial day sale starting this very moment, through friday.  $25 off select paintings.  PLUS, anyone who buys a painting will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free 20 minute painting from me.  you can pick male or female, nude or not nude.  i hope you don’t pick a nude male — i’ve never tried one before.  but i will if you do!  see my sale paintings here:  i’ve never put my art on sale, but shameless admission: i’m nearly out of paint and canvases and need some art supply funds.  is that bad to admit?  well, even if it is, i just did.

here are a couple/few of the paintings up for sale (these were NOT done in 20 minutes):

mixed media painting by alicia caudle

mixed media painting by alicia caudle

mixed media painting by alicia caudle

after i posted the second to the last one (the noseless gal with blacked out eyes), i got a commission to do a custom rendition of her in 30×30″.  this is going to be fun!  and my largest painting ever.

happy memorial day to all!


i have a new obsession: timed 20 minute paintings.  jane spakowsky (a.k.a. “gritty jane”) has an online art group called the trodden path which i am a part of.  within that group is a sub-group of 90-something people who have been been doing this.  it really is quite freeing but sometimes it’s very difficult to stop.  my eye twitches to see some of the outcomes, but i’m loving it none the less.

here are my first four, where i did not go over the 20 minute mark…

a memory
acrylic, ink, graphite
6×12 on watercolor paper

20 minute painting, alicia caudle

a guy i dreamed of
acrylic, ink, graphite
6×12 on watercolor paper


acrylic, ink, graphite
6×12 on watercolor paper


acrylic, ink, graphite
6×12 on watercolor paper


none of the above are available any longer, but i will be listing the one below for sale soon (along with several other new paintings and a few potential assemblages).

and for my fifth, timed 20 minute piece…

a guy i think i used to know
acrylic, ink, graphite
6×12 on canvas

i did a girl to accompany this fellow but i couldn’t stop at 20 minutes so will post her another time perhaps.

try it and let me know how it turns out.  are you able to stop in 20 minutes?  personally, i think i do better when i don’t think about it.  my brain really starts to get in the way sometimes.

and in other happy news, i’m going to be reviewing a MAGNIFICENT mixed media art book here very soon.  stay tuned!  you are going to love it!!

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