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april and may are two of my very favorite months of the year!  this is when all of the fun begins, or recommences.  the sun shines, the rain stops for a second, everything starts blooming, my son grows another year old (seven now!?!!).  it’s also when the farm opens back up.  we are farm babies.  someday we’ll have one of our own but for now we spend our april through october sundays at kruger’s farm on sauvie island.

farm, chickens, pig, sauvie island
they have a market at the farm with yummy fruit and veggies and all sorts of other things, including handmade bologa, river grass and other baskets from ghana (fair trade).  i’m obsessed with their baskets and can’t go a whole month without buying a new one (got four last sunday to add to my previous collection of six or so).

hand made baskets, fruit, veggies, organic produce, farm freshduring the spring and summer there are so many fun things going on at “the farm” — live music, hay rides, strawberry and raspberry picking, flowers, and in the fall, a huge pumpkin patch and corn maze.

the corn maze at kruger's farm, sauvie island
you can check out their photo gallery here.  if you’re near portland and like fresh, local, sustainably grown produce, you’ll love it there!  and farmer don is one of the coolest people in the world.

going to the farm also means getting fresh made jams and jellies.  the boys love this because even though i’m a lazy baker, i rock the gluten free biscuits and mini jammers in under seven minutes (minus bake time).

gluten free biscuits, gluten free jammers
after our last farm trip i assisted in the motivation of sir husby to make a new chicken coop for us.  woots!  i’m the “let’s do fifteen things at once” type so it will be held off for a month or so because we have other fun things in the works.  for example, my studio is currently small.  i’d guess about a 9 x 12 foot room.  soon, i will have TWO studios.  we have a detached garage which had previously housed a skate ramp (yes, a skate ramp).  currently, it houses about a third of a ramp.  we’re ripping it out, adding two windows to overlook the gardens, a little door (or french doors, por favor!) and counter space along two full walls and shelving on the other two walls with a potential island in the middle with cupboards and drawers.  we’ll see how far we get but the husb will be starting in on the decorative concrete floors before the end of the month, i hope — love rustic looking stained concrete!  this space is probably 12 x 20 feet so we’ll have heaps more room for art and electronics and such.  i should have a “come play in my new studio party” when it’s done.

and i shall leave you with this most amazing photo i accidentally took… a hummingbird that i literally did not even see.  i knew that they had been flitting about and dive-bombing the trees adjacent to us, but this was a wonderful surprise when later checking my photos.

hummingbird, photo, tree


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