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phew!  what a summer!  things are always crazier this time of year, aren’t they!  travel and kids home (mine and half the neighborhood), move travel and no time to work or art it seems.  at least we’ve had some adventures to spokane and coeur d’alene and long beach and corona and san diego and la and such… though not all were under the best pretenses (though that’s neither here nor there, i suppose).  i haven’t had a lot of time to art or hardly any time to visit my favorite blogs, but soon summer will be over and school days will reconvene.

crackle paint, crackled pearls, frozen charlotte, collage, assemblage
i’ve at least gotten to finish four more charlotte pieces for my attempted 100 piece series (now if i stopped selling these i could maybe actually have 100 someday!).  i have photos of numbers 9 and 11.  at least i have plenty of 1900 and 1901 sheet music to do twice that many so we shall see where i end with these.

i just did a PDF tutorial that i’ll be posting in a week or three on how to crackle and age frozen charlottes and other bisque or porcelain dolls.  as a result, i had lots of new little girls to play with.

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

charlotte’s song #9: heart song

lots of vintage lace, naturally dyed and aged, metal bits and pieces that i’ve rusted, antique sheet music, recycled sari silk ribbon, etc…

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

charlotte’s song #11 (i really need to photograph 10 and 12!)  this is just a simple one, but cute none the less.

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

detail: a rusty or metallic charlotte and pretty turquoise stones.

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

i have a 20 to 30 piece show with these little girls next month but the left-overs will surely be going up in my etsy shop (aiming to have 30 done just in case there is room but may only have room for 20).  better get to sewing though, huh!!

i also had the time to start three books, but just barely.   i gave a mini peek of book one a few days ago and will show it soon, completed.  that one is for me and is entitled phantoms and shadows.  i dig ghostly things, ya know?  book two was supposed to be for a collaboration that kerin and i are doing (see below) but she is a silly and fickle girl and wanted to change the size so this will be a different alicia-book which is just [almost] as thrilling ’cause i’m already loving it.  i’ve had so much fun working on these covers and am looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks once i get them done.  i still need to come up with a title and better theme for my big huge book with kerin (okay, not HUGE, but decent sized — i think they are 9″ x 12″ and will probably be a foot or three thick, hah), especially since the cover is nearly done.  we’ll be posting those in the weeks to come, huh keriny!?  other than these and my art journals, that’s really all i’ve gotten to do as of late.  but i shall not complain!

oh, the book… i almost forgot about these photos.  this is of course not at all done, but it’s a pretty fun cover, i’d say.  i am going to singe the lace a bit, for one… maybe do something to the bird skull but it’s so lovely natural “as is” that i’ll probably just leave it.  you can’t tell in this photo but the skull and vials are inset about 1/2″ or so from the rest of the book…

bird skull, taxidermy, animal teeth, porcupine quills, pewter frame, black vetvet, altered book cover

and i’m going to do that waxy alicia-thing to the ends of the vials before i actually attach them (they currently hold porcupine quills, something green and nature-esque, and some animal teeth — yeps, i like taxidermy parts and bones!)…

bird skull, taxidermy, animal teeth, porcupine quills, pewter frame, black vetvet, altered book cover

hopefully i’ll get at least two of these books done before summer’s end, and a handful more charlotte pieces.  i’m not sure why i like them so much but they are quite fun!

does anyone know where to get taxidermy bird wings?  i really, really, REALLY need one for this book.  have found nothing on ebay or anything else and know a lot of bird parts are illegal to sell (wings?) in some places.  if i wasn’t so sweet i’d sick one of our cats on a crow.  totally not serious!!

what are you working on this summer?

despite being mucho busy with family stuff and travel plans the past several weeks, i’ve managed to get a few new things made and posted in my shop over the past couple of days.  i have TONS of new stuff to add (soon) that i find to be quite exciting.  some examples are: vintage german cuckoo clock movements, vintage radio parts (variable capacitors, to be exact) that are ever so cool looking, vintage framed victorian prints, etc.  i should probably leave some stuff out for an element of surprise… though those are, quite admittedly, the coolest things.

here is a peek of some of the other things i’ve already posted:

altered art goodies, porcupine quills, asian brass bells, vintage porcelean knobs, vintage hardware

i’m sure you’d believe it when i told you that i got the brass bells , porcupine quills and vintage brass/porcelain knobs almost a year ago to add to the site.  you know i’m slow!

i’ve also added several new collage sheets.  these are just a few:

collage sheets, digital collage sheet, geishas, vintage ladies, vintage men

you can go peek if interested, but some of the new ones are vintage dancing girls, cemeteries and mausoleums, geishas and vintage men.

more exciting than images printed on paper, is my newest journal.  it turned out so fabulously “alicia” that i was quite reluctant to put it in my shop — i kinda felt that i should keep it… almost.  it’s not that i don’t have an over-abundance of art journals, but you know…

anatomy, anatomical art, heart, art journal, crazy quilt

i also made some more of those addictive charlottes, among other stuff.  i swear i can make 1000 of those before i tire of them, or at least 43.  they are so sweet and fun!

frozen charlotte art, anatomical heart, fabric collage, assemblage
next tasks: finish and post stuff for the pulp redux collaboration, finish a piece for a challenge my friend lish came up with, finish my new first couple of pieces in a new series i’m doing… oh yeah, and get my act together with the zine and post the info here so everyone knows where my head is.  in the meantime, here is the teeny-tiniest peek at my new stuff:

that doesn’t really give any ideas, now does it?  more soon.  🙂

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