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dan at yudu is a genius, and fixed the issue with the zine. you now have my permission to go peek there (rate it if you have an account): Altered Bits Mixed Media Art Zine :: Black and White i owe him a batch of cookies or something.

the black and white zine is up and ready to review!

of course i still haven’t heard back from yudu about the issue of some text displaying red other than for them to tell me that they didn’t see it, but hopefully that is remedied first thing on monday as i sent screen shots galore to illustrate the issue (re-uploading it did nothing but take another five hours, same issue ensues).  do you guys see it?  maybe it’s just me?  in the meantime you can just check it out on my site: (make sure to check out both parts).

i want to thank each and every one of you who are in the zine so very much for taking the time to submit your work and write up your descriptions.  it eneded up looking fabulous!  i mentioned to a couple of people that i was initially quite worried that black and white may appear too washed out or bland when crammed into one publication, but i was quite wrong — it rocked, because you guys are amazing artists!  thank you also for all of your amazing feedback too!  i will take a bit to respond to all of the emails but know i am appreciating you and all of your kindness right now.

here are the stats for anyone interested:

  • the zine has currently been views on yudu 305 times (despite my telling people not to look yet since it’s all wonky)
  • (it is the 78th most popular publication on their site of thousands of publications this week too)
  • it was viewed 980something times within the first 24 hours of being on my site and 543 in the past two days
  • 27 silly people, out of just over 1500 only looked at part one

i don’t even know 1500 people.  or maybe even 27 for that matter.  so, i am quite stunned that so many people have viewed this in such a very short period time.

happy weekend!  i’m taking a couple of days off to chill, then i will bring you the new artist interview(s) mid-week next.  you will be ever so excited!


black and white mixed media art pdf zine

what a crazy fun two days of being sick!  i love how i say “i’m checking out for a few days to do nothing” and what do i do?  LOTS!  and i have much to share…

first and foremost, i have completed the black and white zine!  it may not be up until tomorrow though as i still have 40 PDFs to export and the whole thing to assemble, then upload, but at least it’s complete.  it’s “omg gorgeous!”… that’s kinda like pee your pants pretty, but WAY better!  i will be adding it to yudu for ease of viewing as well (it will be ENORMOUS).  if you missed the cover, peek at my last post for a tantalizing treat to tide you over.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

in this issue, you’ll notice that bio text and other bits are more plain than they typically are.  this is by no means a sign of laziness or a lack of desire to pretty things up, but rather done as a means to make all links clickable and all text searchable.  this will be of benefit to all of us.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

i have also added a section on the site for cheap advertising in future publications to help off-set some of the time spent and hefty hosting fees associated with the size of the zine, etc.  the last issue, which was half the size, got over 6k views in the first month alone so i’ll advertise in it.  🙂  that is some pretty decent exposure to people who are definitely already interested, i think.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

in other news, i have changed around the altered bits site a bit, though will continue to wrap that up over the next several days.  the important things you will need to know are that there is no long a LOVE page.  i killed it.  instead, all past, present and future artist interviews will be found in the “Guest Artist” section.  duh.  i am still kicking myself as that is, after all, what i created the page for.  why i put it elsewhere is beyond me, but the ol’ head is now outta the booty, promise.  in place of the previous LOVE page, i am adding a “tutorials” page.  here you will find all sorts of things from all sorts of people.  some free, some with small fees, etc.  currently, you’ll find nothing (just be patient — i’m only one girl).  🙂  well, i did whip up a 10-ish page tutorial yesterday, complete with photos and everything, but i can’t think of a name so it will be a bit before i post it.  more on that later.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

last but certainly not least, i am updating the guest artist page next week!  you will be thrilled to find that you get not one, but TWO fabulous artists — a beautiful and endlessly talented couple.  you’ll see soon — not going to spoil it for you.

go peek to see if the zine is up and if it is, please, let me know what you think.


UPDATE: Okay, it’s done, but it’s almost half a gig in size!!!  Trying to figure out how to deal with the enormity of this beautiful beast… and will get it up ASAP either way.


ANOTHER UPDATE: The zine is now on the altered bits site and i have uploaded it to yudu.  They are, however, having issues and some of the text is display as red (initially all of it).  Apparently they have some glitchy things going on and are working on fixing it.  Please don’t hold me accountable — just look at the two part version on my site and come back and let me know what you think!  Hope you like it! Now I must nap — I should have rested when I got sick ’cause now I have a cruddy fever and am feeling deathly.

i have been so incredibly busy these past few weeks that i feel like not one thing is getting my full attention or dedication, so i’m going to phase out for a few days.  i have five week old emails that i have yet to respond to (and fully intend to), web client work to do, people to call, and a zine to finish, not to mention 11 started pieces of art for a gallery, art fair thingy, bar “exhibit”, challenges and swaps… all of which need my love and less-divided attention.

prawn from the movie district 9

despite it all, i had the opportunity to relax a bit and see an adult film with my husby yesterday (it’s his birthday today!).  by “adult film” i mean nothing naughty… just a rated R movie, which doesn’t happen often as our six year old is generally in tow (he got to go to the enchanted forest with my sister, whose birthday was yesterday, as she wanted a wee bit of child-like fun).  anyway, we saw district 9.  loved it.  we wanted to see inglorious basterds (they spelled it wrong, not me), but that one was too long for the allotted time frame we had — let me know if you’ve seen it and if it’s good (but don’t tell me anything about it or i’ll beat you up).  please and thank you.

i also took the time to do a page in my art journal, albeit very little time.  it’s been a VERY long time since i’ve done anything “me-esque” so although it’s nothing fancy, it felt good to do something for myself.  i really cheated though because the main part of the page is an ATC i did based upon a challenge debbie and i started a few months ago (atc/interpretive piece based upon a tarot reading for each other).  the card is a door that opens to tell the story.  haven’t done that part yet but like i said, i’m busy.

tarot card, ATC, journal page, art journal

you can see some of the detail here and the lady’s face on the left (hey, it pertains to my reading):

tarot card, ATC, journal page, art journal, detail, texture tarot card, ATC, journal page, art journal, detail, texture

as of this moment,  i have spent 114 hours on the black and white zine between layout, design, photo editing and correspondence.  i’m insane.  but i do think that everyone will be quite thrilled with how it turns out.  i’m really almost done, promise.  just need to take a bit of time for other stuff for a wee bit ’cause i’m getting too stressed and mildly grumpy due to a 5 day headache, whine, whine.  not to ruin the surprise, but here is the cover i did late last night (you will see bits of your art in it, most likely, as every contributor has a little glance — some way more obvious than others).

altered bits zine, black and white, cover

i hadn’t realized there were so many other secret math and science geeks around “these parts”.  and i have a question for you: if you took a .4mm thick piece of paper, and it was actually possible to fold it as many times as you would need to, how many folds would it take for its thickness to be enough to reach the moon? (of course the paper would be more narrow than a strand of hair and obviously a total impossibility, but shhh.  let’s forget logic just for a moment.)  i was surprised to find it to be far less than i would have imagined (heard it on the radio the other night from a math guy).  i already provided a very obvious hint… so you can do the math.

anyway, see you soon.  i shall be “back” at the end of the week and the zine should be posted and bursting at the seems with non-colorful but utterly fabulous black and white art… and it’s bigger than the last one.  shortly thereafter i will post all participants on the side bar and get the rest of things in order and up to date.

later addition after the fact to myself and all fellow pisces people (jo!).  i just read this free will astrology for us for the week and wanted to share for silly fun:

If you build it, they will probably come. If you just pretend to build it, they may come anyway, and end up sticking around because of your charming attunement to life’s deeper rhythms. If, as you build it or pretend to build it, you act manic or send out mixed messages, they may be intrigued and attracted, but they definitely won’t come. So my advice, Pisces, is to suppress your mood swings as you at least start pretending to build the thing in earnest.

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