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the black and white zine is up and ready to review!

of course i still haven’t heard back from yudu about the issue of some text displaying red other than for them to tell me that they didn’t see it, but hopefully that is remedied first thing on monday as i sent screen shots galore to illustrate the issue (re-uploading it did nothing but take another five hours, same issue ensues).  do you guys see it?  maybe it’s just me?  in the meantime you can just check it out on my site: (make sure to check out both parts).

i want to thank each and every one of you who are in the zine so very much for taking the time to submit your work and write up your descriptions.  it eneded up looking fabulous!  i mentioned to a couple of people that i was initially quite worried that black and white may appear too washed out or bland when crammed into one publication, but i was quite wrong — it rocked, because you guys are amazing artists!  thank you also for all of your amazing feedback too!  i will take a bit to respond to all of the emails but know i am appreciating you and all of your kindness right now.

here are the stats for anyone interested:

  • the zine has currently been views on yudu 305 times (despite my telling people not to look yet since it’s all wonky)
  • (it is the 78th most popular publication on their site of thousands of publications this week too)
  • it was viewed 980something times within the first 24 hours of being on my site and 543 in the past two days
  • 27 silly people, out of just over 1500 only looked at part one

i don’t even know 1500 people.  or maybe even 27 for that matter.  so, i am quite stunned that so many people have viewed this in such a very short period time.

happy weekend!  i’m taking a couple of days off to chill, then i will bring you the new artist interview(s) mid-week next.  you will be ever so excited!


black and white mixed media art pdf zine

what a crazy fun two days of being sick!  i love how i say “i’m checking out for a few days to do nothing” and what do i do?  LOTS!  and i have much to share…

first and foremost, i have completed the black and white zine!  it may not be up until tomorrow though as i still have 40 PDFs to export and the whole thing to assemble, then upload, but at least it’s complete.  it’s “omg gorgeous!”… that’s kinda like pee your pants pretty, but WAY better!  i will be adding it to yudu for ease of viewing as well (it will be ENORMOUS).  if you missed the cover, peek at my last post for a tantalizing treat to tide you over.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

in this issue, you’ll notice that bio text and other bits are more plain than they typically are.  this is by no means a sign of laziness or a lack of desire to pretty things up, but rather done as a means to make all links clickable and all text searchable.  this will be of benefit to all of us.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

i have also added a section on the site for cheap advertising in future publications to help off-set some of the time spent and hefty hosting fees associated with the size of the zine, etc.  the last issue, which was half the size, got over 6k views in the first month alone so i’ll advertise in it.  🙂  that is some pretty decent exposure to people who are definitely already interested, i think.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

in other news, i have changed around the altered bits site a bit, though will continue to wrap that up over the next several days.  the important things you will need to know are that there is no long a LOVE page.  i killed it.  instead, all past, present and future artist interviews will be found in the “Guest Artist” section.  duh.  i am still kicking myself as that is, after all, what i created the page for.  why i put it elsewhere is beyond me, but the ol’ head is now outta the booty, promise.  in place of the previous LOVE page, i am adding a “tutorials” page.  here you will find all sorts of things from all sorts of people.  some free, some with small fees, etc.  currently, you’ll find nothing (just be patient — i’m only one girl).  🙂  well, i did whip up a 10-ish page tutorial yesterday, complete with photos and everything, but i can’t think of a name so it will be a bit before i post it.  more on that later.

black and white mixed media art pdf zine

last but certainly not least, i am updating the guest artist page next week!  you will be thrilled to find that you get not one, but TWO fabulous artists — a beautiful and endlessly talented couple.  you’ll see soon — not going to spoil it for you.

go peek to see if the zine is up and if it is, please, let me know what you think.


UPDATE: Okay, it’s done, but it’s almost half a gig in size!!!  Trying to figure out how to deal with the enormity of this beautiful beast… and will get it up ASAP either way.


ANOTHER UPDATE: The zine is now on the altered bits site and i have uploaded it to yudu.  They are, however, having issues and some of the text is display as red (initially all of it).  Apparently they have some glitchy things going on and are working on fixing it.  Please don’t hold me accountable — just look at the two part version on my site and come back and let me know what you think!  Hope you like it! Now I must nap — I should have rested when I got sick ’cause now I have a cruddy fever and am feeling deathly.

bright and early tomorrow morning, i’m heading out of dodge.  (i’ve never actually been to dodge.)  camping for a few days – just a sweet jaunt to the lovely oregon coast.  if you’ll be in the area, email kerin for my number and we can go on a treasure hunt.  🙂

peek-letin the meantime, keep posting your ideas for the next zine theme and love page renaming if you feel so inspired  (see previous post).  my husby, his band mates and our son will be voting on their favorites next wednesday as they are creative yet totally unbiased, and i’ll pop up a poll so we can narrow it down later.

i know.  crappy zine peek.  i’m mean but only because i don’t want to spoil you for a few day’s time when it’s published and ready to view for real.

in the meantime, you should just beat me up for teasing you like that.

before i head out…

the sweet and wondrous kc willis has now put up her 2009/2010 workshop schedule which i am shamelessly plugging — you can check it out on her studio retreats page for más información.  the lovely joanna pierotti who i utterly adore will be teaching there too, as well as other amazing artists.  any workshops paid up-front get 20% off AND one night of their hotel free.  i’m hoping to go myself — i’m in kc’s collage camp and you should be too if you’re not already.

happy and creative weekend!

Just a quick reminder, the posted deadline for the next Altered Bits Zine is September 1st.  The current issue’s theme is “Black and White”.  If interested in participating, send hi-res photos, title of your piece, a short blurb about your piece, your name and location, contact info and a brief bio.  Oh, and if it’s for sale.  This zine will include any or all of the following: assemblages, found object art, paintings, mixed media pieces, jewelry, photography, hand-made or altered books — just keep it within the black and white theme and you could be in this next issue.  The last issue was viewed by over 3k people within the first week or two so this is a fun way to let others see just how amazingly talented you are!  I may push the deadline out a bit due to it being summer and traveling time for many of us but don’t let that delay you.  🙂  (kerin!)  (just kidding)

You can find all the details on my main website, Altered Bits, HERE on the zine page.  Or you can just email me everything mentioned above to: hi at altered bits dot com.

Also, I’ve started adding a link section to this blog for all past zine participants.  I am super slow and have only added a fraction of what I should.  Feel free to leave a comment with your URL if I haven’t added it yet — it’s nothing personal — I’m just doing this as I have time… which I haven’t much these days.  🙂

Have a great and creative Monday!

New Zine Cover


I am proud to announce that the newest issue of the Altered Bits Zine, “Odd Numbers” is now published and ready for review.  You can view the huge (122 MB) PDF on the Altered Bits site, or you can view it on Yudu here.

Thank you so much to all of the participating artists (Seth Apter, Debi Lynn, Kerin Gale, Alicia Caudle*, Rachel Whetzel, Jo Archer, Debbie Price-Ewan, Sally Turlington, Meg Reinhart, Karen Ouellette, Tonya Ashe, Pam Sanders, Lee Anne “Nikki” Ghilain and Mary Vogel-Lozinak) — you are all so talented and I am proud to have you as a part of my little publication.

* that’s me.  🙂

I hope you all enjoy!  This has been such a fabulously fun project!  Oh, and issue three’s theme has been set:  Black and White.  Read details and submission information here.

Happy creating, friends!

i’ve been a pretty busy bee lately working on the zine and a few (too many) projects in unison, but am happy to say that the zine is almost complete!  i had another entry today (have yet to respond to the email) and must include it as it’s lovely indeed!  the only “down” side is that makes an even number of entries so i really, really want to have one more person submit something new or additional in order to “odd” things out a bit.  🙂  (hint!)

playing with so many projects is fun but seriously.  i keep talking about how i have too much going on and i feel sooo inspired to start more fun things rather than finishing things i have in my work space.  i hereby solemnly swear that i will not start anything new (unless it’s been previously discussed like our group projects on altered bits and mixed media art), until at least 90% of my other pieces are done.  you are my witnesses.

some snippets of a few of my many projects underway

some snippets of a few of my many projects underway

one of the most exciting art-related things of my weekend has been digging up my buried disintegration project piece (seth apter/the altered page).  can you see the arm sticking up out of the soil, reaching out to me to free her from her temporary grave?  i couldn’t find it for awhile and uprooted a lot of my flower garden.  whoops!

i finally dug up the wee arm

i finally dug up the wee arm

i was pretty pleased with how it turned out, though i think the fetus became worm food.  that sounds really bad, sorry. it was paper, for anyone who wasn’t sure.  i can’t believe how red and pristine the rose still is though.  that seems odd to me.

i cant wait to make something with these remaining bits and pieces!

i can't wait to make something with these remaining bits and pieces!

yikes! is is almost may 15th!? issue two of the altered bits art zine is supposed to come out that day and i’m the one that’s supposed to ensure that happens. this issues theme: odd numbers. this is going to rock! i’ve gotten several amazing submissions but sadly i may have to delay its release for a week or two. of course this gives people more time to submit things (kerin!). just kidding, lady — i know you’re busy.

odd numbers, even numbers, altered bits, zine, mixed media, collage, altered art

it’s been a crazy week around here! i have an art thingy next weekend and have been scrambling to create ten+ new pieces to have there along with a few other newish pieces and some of my prints i recently posted for sale. yeah, right.  a bit overly ambitious i’d say to come up with ten pieces in less than a week!?

my weekend was sweetly interrupted with heaps of fun mother’s day adventures and surprises. after a delightful breakfast in bed of yogurt and 89 different kinds of fruit, i got a gorgeous card from my six year old and a hand-picked bouquet, and a second bouquet of organic tulips from my husband. those boys know how to make me smile.

mothers day flowers and hand made card

the inside of the card made me weepy ’cause it was just too dang sweet:

mothers day card from my son

ah, and i got one of my favorite beers from the husby as well. i thought it rather comical that it was a mother’s day gift and not a general weekend blessing (is beer a blessing? yep!) considering it’s proclamation on the front of the bottle:

arrogant bastard ale

they later took me out to brunch, to coffee, to my favorite antique store (wait until you see what i got!) and all around town. i was so excited i wore black and white striped knee-highs, pigtails and a petticoat. (seriously — i have a picture to prove it.) shameless off-topic plug: if you’re in or near portland, go to the radio room. they are now serving amazingly tasty yet super inexpensive brunch and it kicks ass. drink a berry bubbly for me – tasty treat!

happy belated mother’s day to all of you beautiful mamas! i hope you had as marvelous a day as i had. this is for you — our rose bush bloomed its first blossom (blossomed its first bloom?) on mother’s say morning:

arrogant bastard ale

i should go drink my bastard now and finish some of these dolls, assemblages, collages and paintings. i’m having way too much fun with them to decide what to work on now though… the doll with a hat that looks like a brain that i made out of paper clay? the 22″ mixed media bird and numbers piece? the evil clown baby doll head piece? or perhaps the sweet and potentially pretty flowery encaustic piece i can’t seem to finish? i have multiple-arty-personality disorder this week.

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