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i have gotten about 47 emails inquiring as to how i crackle and age my little frozen charlottes.  or maybe 48.  i’ve lost count.  anyway, i have finally created a PDF tutorial outlining how to create these aged and crackled little babes, with additional instructions on how to create a faux rust finish AND how to create the little 3d hearts (only about 13 people asked about that, but i wanted to include it anyway).

crackle, frozen charlotte, aged frozen charlotte

soon i will also offer a kit that will include the tutorial, a small frozen charlotte, crackle medium and paint needed to achieve this effect.  this should be available by the end of the week.

you can check it out on the tutorial’s page of the altered bits website.

i will be giving away a copy of this tutorial next weekend.  just leave a comment to be entered into the drawing.  the winner will be selected at random via a random number generator.


the one world one heart giveaway was so much fun… i didn’t get to make it to even a quarter of the blogs, sadly, but i enjoyed the ones i got to visit and the several people i was able to meet along the way.  i am still going to visit each of the participants’ blogs — it is important to me to say hello to all who participated.  thank you everyone for such a wonderful experience!

it will take me a bit to get a hold of everyone directly so if you see this before i email you, congrats!  i will need some of your mailing addresses but don’t fret — i’ll be contacting you by tomorrow.

free digital collage sheets, give away

each of you get to pick a digital collage sheet from my site ( and i will email the sheet of your choice to you (the little red * means that i have contacted you and sent your sheet — this will help me from getting too confused):

1. Marie of Art From My Heart in California, USA *

2. Constance of Rochambeau in Texas, USA *

3. Karen of Paper Fanatic in Ireland *

4. Janny of Tricolore Mixed Media in The Netherlands *

5. Katie of Katie’s Strange World in the UK (sadly i didn’t see your blog until now as you didn’t leave your link — your offerings were fantastic!!) *

6. Danit of The Letter Project in New Zealand *

7. Carapace of Cara Makes in the US

8.  Donna of Creative Journaling My Way in Georgia

9. Lynda of Taylor Made in Oz in Australia *

10. Abigail of Rusted Wings in Montana, USA

cracled window effect PDF tutorial


i will send you a link so you can download it from my server — it’s a huge print-quality file, sorry.

1. Tammy of Country Folk Art in New York

2. Gaby of Colorful Adventures in Germany


Kirsten of Fleur De Boheme in Denmark


Jacqui of OddDollz by Jacqui in Canada


Tristan of Enchanted Revelry in Connecticut
(please let me know if you want the man or the woman)

black and white man and woman, mixed media art, collage


because my finger twitched at the end there and i had a little guilt (double clicked the random generator just before the number displayed so it COULD have potentially thrown something off), i asked my son to come in and do me a wee favor.  i said “pick a number between one and one hundred eighty-eight”.  he said “twenty-nine”.

so…. miss sarah.  my dear sweet que sera, sarah of Hen Fruit, you win a non-framed 4×6 print of the black and white man.  it’s is perfect, too — i was so trilled that my little man picked your number because one of the projects next on my list to finish is that “house of fertility” piece that you said you loved and i said i would finish and send to you.  so you get two fetile pieces of art, my friend.  hope that’s not too many!

sarah and kerin — you have the same birthday.
it’s frida’s birthday too, right?

on a side note, i think next year i’ll keep it to two or three winners.  🙂  this took me almost four hours to post.  i say this with giggles and am sooooo not complaining — this has been fantastic and fun, and so great to meet so many new, wonderful people.  thank you, lisa!

it will take me a week or three to get everything out so please bear with me.

lastly, and on a pretty weird note, there was something eerily cool going on when i used the random generator to pick winners.  for every category i was choosing, the winner had specifically stated that they wanted that item.  it was pretty thrilling.

before i start, i wanted to mention that for the rest of the year, anyone who purchases my crackled window tutorial will get two free digital collage sheets… all in the spirit of the holidays and having more to work with.  if you’ve already purchased the tutorial and didn’t get the collage sheets, send me an email and i shall send whichever two you desire.

i had visions of grandeur for this post as i’ve been sick with the flu and not blogged lately, but having said ailment, i spent much more time on my arse than making progress on anything art-related.  so, you’ll have things to look at next time.

altered art card, greeting card, vintage photos, crackle, mixed media art card

and without further ado, the winner of the accordion book, art tutorial, collage sheets and embellishment give-away is (says the husby), ms. katie! i removed names so he did NOT base his pick upon his utter adoration for this lovely lady but rather a legitimate handful of chuckles (i mean who wouldn’t laugh at a teletubby with a dildo!?).  he also said “the one about the party should at least get a digital collage sheet” so kerin, let me know which you want — great idea he had!  🙂  it feels awkward to me that husby ironically picked the only two people he’s met, so i say that jonee gets a digital collage sheet too because i laughed really hard when i read the comment.

altered art card, mixed media art card, vintage photos, crackle, greeting card, handmade

for the holidays and because web design work is sickeningly slow (i’m now officially feeling this recession bullshit), i’m going to be making things i don’t typically make due to lack of time: frameable greeting cards and christmas/solstice ornaments… like green and red skulls, and such.  😉  stay tuned.

p.s. kerin, that card has RESIN CLAY on it.  😉

vintage halloween card
i’ve been working for weeks on thoroughly cleaning and organizing my studio and have an ever-growing pile of fun things i will probably never use.  i was going to post them on my etsy, but then i thought “oh, i can give them away!”.  so, today will be my first of several little give-aways on my blog over the next several months.

free give-away: accordion book, collage sheets, embellishments, free online art tutorial, crackle paint

these are just random embellishment images i had, not what i'd send

first up, a 4.25″ x 5.75″ blank black accordion book still in its packaging, 8 custom quarter-page collage sheets based upon your favorite few on my site, and a couple embellishments (beads, buttons, fiber, etc.).  in the spirit of halloween and goodies, i will also toss in a free download of my crackle tutorial, mentioned in this post.  please note that this book was a gift to me and i never opened it or know how it’s constructed or anything.  😛

all you have to do to enter is comment, and if you feel like it, share your favorite, funniest, scariest, weirdest, grossest, most supernatural, or “whatever”  hallowe’en/samhain story (or whatever you celebrate on this date).  i will have my husband be the judge if there are stories so as not to have to feel the pressure of choice, and if no stories, i’ll randomly chose via  the winner will be announced next weekend and the parcel shipped.

vintage halloween image
happy hallowe’en!  happy samhain!!  i hope you all have a great and safe night tonight.

boy have i been a busy little bee lately!  getting ready for a few shows and adding things to the altered bits site over the next two or three days.  i’ll have four new collage sheets (witches, bones, darker-themed-alicia-type stuff, as well as some naked ladies and such).  apothecary bottles, mico-beads, petree dishes, microscope slides with covers, etc.  all coming soon just a little too late for halloween.  whoops!

i added three new photoshop textures, or backgrounds — whatever you could want to use them for on the free art page as well:

and last but not least, i’ve added a new tutorial for my “crackled window effect” on the art tutorials page.  eventually there will be heaps of free and paid tutorials in both PDF and video format but it’ll take awhile to get them all up.  some will be from me, and some from our fellow amazing arty friends so stay tuned.

you know those times when you put yourself fully into making something for someone and it ends up being a big ol’ flop!?  well that seems to be my week.  first, i was working on this sweet piece for my wonderful friend lisa jurist at mudhound primitives and decided to add a top coat of varnish.  i have no idea where i got the image i used but i’d saved it for a long time and it felt soooo right to put it in her piece.  about 20 seconds after i brush on the top coat, the image started to bubble, then sloughed off the canvas board!  it was a total nightmare.  i don’t think there is any way to fix that, so i shall start again.  what a jackass i am!

so the very next day, i tried to make something for someone else.  total mono-chromatic flop.  here, just go ahead and laugh at me, i don’t mind (little hanging ACEO, the flapping flop of an attempt at something sweet):

to make up for it, i started something else for said friend and i felt it was just fine.  set it down to dry, tossed my paint-covered baby wipe to the side and went on my merry little way (to watch dexter!).  omg.  so baby wipe landed on the piece and i could pretend i meant for this to happen but look at all of the black ickiness.  i’m sad.  so what?  send a sweet friend two crap pieces and an IOU?  lol.  i crack myself up sometimes.  i wish there were lots and lots more hours in the day!  or that i didn’t have to cut my art time to work (took a month off — bad, bad timing for that one!!).

i did, however, start one and finish another piece that i just so happen to like (both!), so at least i have a 50-50 thing going on this week.  will post those later.

off to read emails for the first time in 3 or 4 days, woots!  happy creating, friends.  🙂


P.S. Bunches of us have been particpating in The Art Exchange.  If you don’t know what it is, here is the gist: you get an email from one of the players, you send a piece of art of sorts to the person in the #1 slot in the email, you move the #2 person up and replace them with yourself in the #2 spot.  Sooo… you end up sending out ONE piece of art, and you forward the email to six people.  In turn, you get THIRTY SIX pieces of art in return.  A couple of the people I’ve sent this too are having difficulties finding players that aren’t too busy.  If you’d like to play, post here or email me so I can get you in touch with someone to get you involved.  It’s soooo fun!

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