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happy love, a day late.  we’re not huge valentine celebrators around here, but we’ll typically make each other something.

the little man woke me up with breakfast in bed that he made all by himself (cereal) and the most gorgeous card.  the husb actually made me art!  real, true life, visual art (i’ll photograph soon).  his art is music and he doesn’t typically enjoy making things, but recently we had a spur of the moment “altered man” workshoppy art fest here with some friends.  we all started in on altering some anatomical guy dolls.  well, he finished his in secret for me  and wrote me the most delightfully sweet love song (kinda sounded like an angry horror film narrator in a sexy nerdy way talking circuitry and electronics and love).  needless to say, the dude he made me was packed full of electronic bits, circuits, an LED crown, wires, etc., standing on a heart shaped circuit board.  i guess he’s sweet after all, eh?

i made him “us” last weekend, while so on top of things, but ran out of time making him the part two piece of “us as animals”.  sounds worse than it will be, hah.  anyway, us…

doll, victorian doll parts, human heart, anatomical art, anatomy

our hearts are all tangled and lovey.  guess i can be sweet every once in awhile too.  pfff.

doll, victorian doll parts, human heart, anatomical art, anatomy



despite being mucho busy with family stuff and travel plans the past several weeks, i’ve managed to get a few new things made and posted in my shop over the past couple of days.  i have TONS of new stuff to add (soon) that i find to be quite exciting.  some examples are: vintage german cuckoo clock movements, vintage radio parts (variable capacitors, to be exact) that are ever so cool looking, vintage framed victorian prints, etc.  i should probably leave some stuff out for an element of surprise… though those are, quite admittedly, the coolest things.

here is a peek of some of the other things i’ve already posted:

altered art goodies, porcupine quills, asian brass bells, vintage porcelean knobs, vintage hardware

i’m sure you’d believe it when i told you that i got the brass bells , porcupine quills and vintage brass/porcelain knobs almost a year ago to add to the site.  you know i’m slow!

i’ve also added several new collage sheets.  these are just a few:

collage sheets, digital collage sheet, geishas, vintage ladies, vintage men

you can go peek if interested, but some of the new ones are vintage dancing girls, cemeteries and mausoleums, geishas and vintage men.

more exciting than images printed on paper, is my newest journal.  it turned out so fabulously “alicia” that i was quite reluctant to put it in my shop — i kinda felt that i should keep it… almost.  it’s not that i don’t have an over-abundance of art journals, but you know…

anatomy, anatomical art, heart, art journal, crazy quilt

i also made some more of those addictive charlottes, among other stuff.  i swear i can make 1000 of those before i tire of them, or at least 43.  they are so sweet and fun!

frozen charlotte art, anatomical heart, fabric collage, assemblage
next tasks: finish and post stuff for the pulp redux collaboration, finish a piece for a challenge my friend lish came up with, finish my new first couple of pieces in a new series i’m doing… oh yeah, and get my act together with the zine and post the info here so everyone knows where my head is.  in the meantime, here is the teeny-tiniest peek at my new stuff:

that doesn’t really give any ideas, now does it?  more soon.  🙂

just received an convo that i was added to this very hearty etsy treasury.  i heart all of these things too, and two were already in my favorites, ironically.

anatomical art, heart, etsy, treasury

i’ve been quiet lately because:

  • school’s almost out for  the summer and i’ve been busting booty to get things in order in my studio(s) so i can play with the little man when he’s home… all day… every day… for months and months in a row.
  • my sweet gram has been in the hospital again and i’ve been loving her up and worrying about her (goes back home to her assisted living home today — they are so wonderful there!).
  • i’ve been kicking my health’s arse — ka-cha — take that!!  i was pseudo-diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome but i’ll be having none of that.  i’m on day 5 of my “cure” and i feel great!  just  like a 27 year old girl with pigtails and a whip (but not in a “weird way”).
  • i have started a new series of LOTS of pieces that i’ve been obsessed with.
  • we got a wireless router (finally!) and i added netflix to it so rather than watching a show or movie per week, i’ve been watching really cool documentaries every day about space and history and science.  nostradamus, time travel, egypt and string theory are really flippin’ cool.
  • i’ve been plugging away on deb’s pulpy book.  woots!  will post soon.
  • both of my cars broke down in unison so i’m learning how to be a mechanic today.  (4runners are really too tall for short girls to work on!)

how’ve you been?  i miss you!

you know i can never stray from anatomical illustrations of human hearts or pictures of skulls for too long, right?

so i’ve been playing today (yes, i should be working)…

skull atc, aceo, goth, dark

(if only i were as good at photography as i am at crackle)

i’ve listed him and the heart aceo i posted last week or so on ebay after a bit of [sweet and gentle] arm twisting from my amazing and sweet friend debs.  go read her blog and check out her weeks’ offerings too — they kick arse!

truth be told, i got a wee bit o’ birthday money yesterday and now officially have enough for my trike i posted at the beginning of the year:

i think this little red girl is going to be mine!  but now i’m saving up for handlebar streamers, a bell and even more importantly, the shiny chrome fenders!  as such i’ll be posting things here and there on ebay and etsy in the hopes that some sell.  it will be my sole “new” purchase of the year but i think it’s okay because a) i will rarely use my car now and b) i will be saving our planet.  but still, i vacillate.  should i wait until 2111 to get her?  i vowed not to buy new for the year and i’ve done SO well.  so i ponder….

wishing everyone a happy and creative weekend!  i’m either going to make a pot o’ afternoon coffee and catch up on blogs and comments, or take a wee nap before the bug gets home from school.  yesterday was soooo much fun but kicked my bum… and i’m now so sleepy.  my boys spoiled me ever so much and took me to sooo many fantastically fun places!

nah, not really.  did you get at least a little excited though?  i don’t even think i’m actually able to breed anymore anyway.  however, this girl who i completed today obviously is!

as if that’s not detailed enough, here’s a little more for you…

(can you tell that i LOVE crackle?  is it getting old yet??  should i lay off it for awhile?)

i actually made a little frame for her too, covered in beeswax, carved and jabbed and stabbed and sliced… then did that alicia-wax-thang that i do.  i only burned myself twice, both totally mildly (AND did a little something for my pulp redux book while the wax was still hot (i lie — i did the book piece first)).

i just bought a really, really nice new camera.  that’s what the dude at the shop said.  you know what?  it sucks so bad that i had to SCAN this framed piece.  i’m so annoyed.  i’ve never had anything but a nikon before this stupid camera (that has a name that starts with a C) and i wish i didn’t allow him to talk me into this one.  but i digress.

there is even the sweetest little easel stand for this piece (or i can add a hook to the back — i’m handy like that).

(see — photo is grainy.  jerks!)

i’m putting this girl — i call her my wednesday gal for the moment since i made her today (wednesday!) — up for sale on my site tomorrow in the alicia-section.  i also have tuesday’s chica that will be going up (omg, there is a uterus in that one — do i need therapy?  or maybe i SHOULD try to have another offspring thing?  maybe and nah.)  i’m tired of camera wrestling so i’ll deal with it in the morning.  then i can finish my thursday girl.  she has no visible organs of any sort.  just a hand… but that’s not an organ.  trying to do a piece a day since i have no work and… well, you know.

oh wait, here was a part-way-through photo i took of uterus lady on tuesday.  it’s done now and looks better, but peek anyway if you dare:

the black and white zine is up and ready to review!

of course i still haven’t heard back from yudu about the issue of some text displaying red other than for them to tell me that they didn’t see it, but hopefully that is remedied first thing on monday as i sent screen shots galore to illustrate the issue (re-uploading it did nothing but take another five hours, same issue ensues).  do you guys see it?  maybe it’s just me?  in the meantime you can just check it out on my site: (make sure to check out both parts).

i want to thank each and every one of you who are in the zine so very much for taking the time to submit your work and write up your descriptions.  it eneded up looking fabulous!  i mentioned to a couple of people that i was initially quite worried that black and white may appear too washed out or bland when crammed into one publication, but i was quite wrong — it rocked, because you guys are amazing artists!  thank you also for all of your amazing feedback too!  i will take a bit to respond to all of the emails but know i am appreciating you and all of your kindness right now.

here are the stats for anyone interested:

  • the zine has currently been views on yudu 305 times (despite my telling people not to look yet since it’s all wonky)
  • (it is the 78th most popular publication on their site of thousands of publications this week too)
  • it was viewed 980something times within the first 24 hours of being on my site and 543 in the past two days
  • 27 silly people, out of just over 1500 only looked at part one

i don’t even know 1500 people.  or maybe even 27 for that matter.  so, i am quite stunned that so many people have viewed this in such a very short period time.

happy weekend!  i’m taking a couple of days off to chill, then i will bring you the new artist interview(s) mid-week next.  you will be ever so excited!

oh wowz. the husby and i were busy doing some much needed clearing out of crap today as we still have boxes upon boxes of way too much stuff in our cluttered basement. i mean heck, i only moved in here… hmmm… about two years ago. you’d think that’d be ample time to get organized but apparently we’re slackers (i get too busy arting, he gets too busy making music and building electronic coolnesses and poof, there are still boxes everywhere). but enough prattle. i was excited to find many forgotten items:

necklaces, pendents, a lace thing, a rusty bell, some weird doll thing that needs to be altered or tossed, neat wing things with crystals hanging from them, cemetery photos, a dragon with a crystal (not really my “thing” but he looks cool enough), etc.

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

i also happened upon about a half billion wooden boxes and ceramic pots/raku pottery pieces. what can i do with all of them? in one of them was a little leather pouch my pops had made me years ago and inside was the best of all…

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

can you guess the best? the bear claw is pretty dang cool but i’m really diggin’ the teeth! i have no idea where they came from but my assumption is that the cute little pristine one was mine, the cavity filling one was my younger half-sister’s and the big ol’ gnarly one was my fathers. see them closer:

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

i can think of way too many things at once that i could do with those teeth. hey, i have a “thing” for anatomical stuff. i’m sure that’s overly obvious to everyone by now, but here is a sneak peek at something i’m working on today to further prove my point:

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits

back to the found objects…. some things were not quite as exciting. like a box of letters from an old boyfriend (recycling material!) and some other things i’m going to try to find homes for before giving to goodwill as a last resort like beads that aren’t my style, charms and angle cards. i’ll post photos soon but i promise it’s nothing too exciting. i did find some quote cards from a lady did i site for once named mary anne radmacher who did a lot of inspirational pieces with her quotes as the central focus. i’ve used and shared several over the years so will definitely need to find a new home for what i have left of those.

happy day!


holy cow. right after i posted this i hit the mother load of forgotten stuff. mmmm…. i have so many plans for these rusty little pretties! i only “misplaced” them about 3 months ago but am so glad to have re-found them. i thought someone tossed them and was a tad bit on the pissy side.

found objects, altered art, mixed media, altered bits


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