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click on the image to enlarge (this is just a small portion of the file)… free background or texture image for your use in mixed media or digital art, collage, art journal or whatever you wish:

free texture, texture tuesday, free background, rust, grunge, grungy, numbers


click on image to enlarge and download (this is just a small portion of the full image):

free background image, texture, freeby, freebie

up for grabs this week is a lovely wood and floral pattern.  would make a nice background in any type of art or mixed media project.  i think i’ll somehow incorporate it into the background of my next doll assemblage, perhaps.

click on the image to enlarge and download (this is just a snipet of the pattern):

altered bits, texture tuesday, free background image, wood, fence, floral

oh yes, it’s tuesday again!  and here is a stained floral background.  click to enlarge as this is just a small snippet of the image:

stained, floral, background, altered art, texture, digital art


i have a massive texture making fetish.  dunno why, but i do.  so, i think every tuesday that i’m in the mood will be texture tuesday.  a freeby texture i’ll offer up for use in your physical or digital art, iffin you’re into that sort of thing.  (i have NO idea where “iffin” came from, sorry.)

free texture, photoshop texture, paper, sky, free images

BUT that is nowhere as cool as pulp in my hands… yesterday, i received not one but TWO of the books for our pulp redux collaboration.  i have both lisa jurist’s book (mudhound primitives) and lisa sarsfield’s book (lucky dip).  yes, two pulp books in my hot little hands in unison!!  omg, they are AMAZING!  i gently unpackaged each of them, one at a time, to get a good look at them before carefully wrapping them back up.  they are so fat!!  and i don’t mean in that weird teenage cool way.  they are thick as hell!  lisa s’s measures in just about 4 inches thick (two more people to work in it) and lisa j’s book is just over SIX inches thick.  wonder how they will look when i’m done…

…this is how they look pre-alicia-contributions…

lisa sarsfield’s book (i’m working on this one first as one more person will need it after me before pulp #1 comes to a sad end).  her theme is “labyrinth”:

altered book

and this is lisa jurist’s book.  i’m working on hers second as i’m the final contributor and i don’t want to hold anyone up.  her title is “roots, beneath the layers”:

altered book

(and happy birthday to my husby!  he’s 31 today.  woots!)

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