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i have just completed my additions to kim palmer‘s book fragments, vestiges and remains for the pulp redux collaboration and oh my, has it been such an honor to work in her GORGEOUS book.  you can check out her blog posts to see all of the pages and details, but here is the cover if by some weird freak of nature you’ve missed it:

kim palmer's cover of fragments, vestiges and remains from the pulp redux collaboration
not a huge amount has changed in the book, but i’ve finished up all of the outstanding bits and pieces, adding a bit more detail and texture and small elements here and there.

one of the additions was a beeswax and acrylic frame around the copper tape i had edged the glass door with on the first page.

bees wax and acrylic paint covered copper frame around glass door in altered book

maybe you can see it a little better here:

bees wax and acrylic paint covered copper frame around glass door in altered book

the door opens up to reveal a photo of della, a young lady who was captured in the victorian era of portland, oregon (where i’m from) and taken down into the portland underground/shanghai tunnels and held captive before being sold into prostitution.  behind her photo are journal pages from her sister who wrote in attempts to find sollace in her despair.  you can read more about it in my initial post on these pages here.

i just LOVE how kim’s glass bottles with scrolls flow with my page ever so perfectly.  it looks so intentional.

glass bottles, scrolls, altered book, collaboration

here is the whole page, actually in the book this time:

altered book page, history, collaboration, art, portland, oregon
i had a super huge scare along the way in that i opened, dropped and thus spilled some red alcohol ink on my second page.  it’s nowhere near THIS crimson in person (thank you, flash!) and i rather like it.  i was quite pleased.  the area is about the size of a US quarter and rather looks like blood.  quite befitting AND i’m sooooo very glad it didn’t land on the white page or the book (they were on the other side of the room, in a box — accident prone girls like me must work this way).

altered book blood, portland underground, shanghai tunnels
after i finished the black page, i was pretty bummed that it felt top-heavy.  there was a bit more space on the bottom and not enough space on the top.  i accounted for everything except the photos that were going to be in the top pocket.  i fixed this by stitching and embroidering some linen — black and black — and putting it along the top.  i cut the bottom to fit the book and perfecto!

black fabric collage, altered book page, shanghai tunnels, portland underground, photos

when we very first started this collaboration, before i had finished my pages (well, i’m still not finished but before we sent out) and prior to even having kim’s book, i had the idea of buying five of something, i wasn’t sure what, so that i could put one in each of the books.  i went to lots of antique and thrift stores, scoured etsy and ebay but since i didn’t know what i was looking for i couldn’t find it.  i decided to just stop looking and POOF, it appeared.  mr. seth apter mentioned in his blog that he had posted the first pieces in a series of art elements he would be selling in his etsy shop.  check that out here: i saw them and i KNEW i had to get five and use one in each book.  not only are these elements extremely cool, they are from seth who we all adore.  it felt doubly befitting to use them.

copper x art element from seth apter
my camera’s flash is messing with me again… and you!  the x is actually distressed, but you cannot tell here so well.  i thought it was a perfect completion for the page, both visually and symbolically.

here is the whole, completed second page.  there is a stray element in the photo — that green patina piece.  not sure how that got in there or if i like it.  lisa, let me know if it’s on the page when you receive the book.  if it’s ugly, could you please yank it off??  this is so mysterious.

altered book page, portland underground, shanghai tunnels
see though — the red isn’t that hot and crazy as the previous photo.

my two-page spread, all attached in the book and ready to go:

two altered book pages, black, white, page spread
i just love the side views of this book!  kim’s going to have her work cut out for her if he’s going to want to re-bind it all.  i do think she will want to as once it’s completed i think it will resemble a star burst more than a book.  🙂  it’s gorgeous none the less!

fragments, vestiges, remains, altered book, kim palmer, merlin's musings
towards the beginning of the book, kim has a sweet page with five chains for each of us to add a charm.  hers is the friendship coin and key, mine is the heart.  i searched and searched for a human heart as that is so very “alicia” but was unable to find one.  i still intend to.  the red is velvet from my favorite childhood doll’s dress that i carefully tied on.

heart milagro, charms, altered book
i forgot to take photos of each of the books within the book: the diary pages behind the photo of della on the “white” page and the history of the portland underground under the trap door on the “black” page.  maybe i can con one of the girls into taking some for me.  assembling those were part of the most time consuming aspects of the book, but so much fun!  the pages are aged with instant coffee and made to look very old.  they look pretty darn cool if i do say so myself.  under the trap door page, there is a pocket within the book with an aerial map of the portland area from that era.  how did i forgot to photograph all of that??

i now have deb’s book and have already started in on it: though the eye glass.  so check back soon as i’ll have images to post… now that i’m pretty much not on my death bed any longer.


as most of you know, i have been working on a phenominal collaboration with debrina, lisa j, kim and lisa s called “pulp redux” — it’s an altered book collaboration.  due to illness and moving and family in town, kim’s book arrived to me a bit later than the others had received theirs, but i have been working away and finally have the first two pages to share.  first though, a slight deterrence.  when kim’s book arrived i was so utterly surprised to find four tissue-wrapped gifts inside the box, each a different colour.  we were each supposed to pick one.  after much hemming and hawing and running my fingers over each of the packets, i picked the blue one.  inside, was this most magnificent fabric collage from that sweet lady which contains the quote from her book as well as one of the images:

fabric collage, astralia, kim, merlin's musings

copyright kim palmer of merlin's musings

now, if you have not looked already, please go see THIS POST and THIS POST and THIS POST to view kim’s book as i received it.  so magnificent!  (read in reverse order if you want to see it properly sequential)

and to my contribution(s) to her book, fragments, vestiges and remains.
part one of two.

although i am not entirely done with the first two pages of kim’s book, i felt i should post an update nonetheless. when i finish the remaining page(s) i will post a few more updates of these.

in short, this two-page spread is about the portland underground, or shanghai tunnels, which were inhabited by white slavers and other nasty people around 160 years ago. they would kidnap men and women and sell them into slavery, prostitution, etc.  on page one, you have della’s story — a young lady who was unsuspectingly snatched, and her sister’s efforts to find her.  on page two, a wee bit of history and a trap-door such as the ones the “shanghaiers” dropped people down after nabbing them.

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

the little glass door is not currently attached, nor is the diary behind it, but they will be tonight.  i am first coating a layer of the copper tape with wax, and then carving into it like i do in my wee apothecary bottles.

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

that stupid white string on the right is NOT supposed to be there.

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

della’s sister stitched a small red heart onto the page as a tribute to her love for her.

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

page two displays the darkness of the portland underground.  a pocket atop the page holds photos from 160ish years ago.

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

bottom was fashioned to look like one of the trap doors — or at least function like one.  underneath is a history of the portland underground, or shanghai tunnels — which i haven’t written yet.

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

here are some of the photos:

altered book, pulp redux, kim, merlin's musings, fragments, vestiges and remains

you can actually read about it and see several more photos here on the pulp redux blog.  after doing a long post over there i’m feeling a tad on the lazy side with retelling of stories and reposting of images.

i feel so repetitious with all this “i’ve been such a busy little bee” prattle, but it’s true.  i feel like i have four point seven full-time jobs lately with web design, clients, my shop, prepping for a couple of exhibits, family, “me” time (huh?), volunteer stuff that i keep finding myself doing, one world one heart, updating my sites, etc.  it’s made for little time to art.  but as most of you, i can’t make it though a day [nicely] without being creative.  web design isn’t enough — i need the feel of fabrics or fibers, the smell of paint or something to get me through a day most happily.  so, i’ve been taking little bits of time to make little things lately.  mostly ATCs and ACEOs and other small-scale paintings and collages.  i have two or four swaps going on, some gifts i feel i should make, and a few to sell… soon.

atc, aceo, paper, cloth
i’ve been enjoying making some paper and cloth ATCs.  i’ve started a few over the past week and finished the two above.  i love the contrast between the smooth papers, with more rough and texture papers and softness of the fabrics and fibers.

i’m also doing a series of “love affair” related ACEOs for two swaps.  and some naughty vintage erotica ones too, but i may not post those here.  or maybe i will.  you’ll just have to wait and see.

love affair, nude, vintage art, atcs, aceo
the “little things” are fun as i can create them when i have little time… between helping with homework and putting whatever i’m making in the oven, etc. and can easily be set aside when a client calls.  i am, however, going to be spending time creating the things i have really been wanting to create for the past year — finish my mechanical and light-up pieces that have thick layers of dust on them.  that is one of my passions, and something i haven’t had the time to partake in for way too long.  i’m lucky — my husby is an electronic genius.  i say “what if i wanted this to have a head that turned?”  he says “buy this and that and this and that other that and i’ll do in it a night.”  gotta love that!

i’ve been on a frida kick lately too.  i started to make this for the gorgeous and talented gaby but as i have a problem with injuring myself to the point of drawing blood when using an awl, a sewing needle or working with sharp metal.  as a result, i bled on the back of this card not once, but TWICE.  so, i’m making her a new one.  i’m not going to post the new one until after you receive it so as not to ruin any potential surprise.

copper framed frida kahlo atc
since this is all battered and bloody on the back, i’m going to make it into a wee shrine of sorts.  it’s such a lovely image of frida and the wee fresh-water pearl matches her bow so well.  since taking the photo, i fixed the necklace piece to be more perfectly centered, and you can’t really tell in the photo but a lot of subtle text in the crackle that doesn’t look too shabby if i do say so myself.

for a BIG thing, i must announce that my sweet and wonderful friend debrina has finished her pages in my book “the museum of forgotten things”.  i must admit that i grew quite weepy when i saw it last night as she’s done such a phenomenal job.  it’s utterly perfect.  i’ll add one image below, but go check out our pulp redux blog now to see the rest.  now.  you’ll LOVE it!!

altered book, museum of forgotten things, pulp redux, round robin
i’ll be posting my first additions to kim’s book “fragments, vestiges and remains” in the next day or three so peek back.  then i have until the 22nd to plan and execute my other two pages for her book and ship it off to debs who gets it next.  i must hurry as the 14th is valentine’s day and i’ll be mucho busy, the 18th is my birthday (i’ll be 23… again… for like the 10th or 13th time) so i’ll supposidly be busy, and maybe out of town the next weekend for a night so i must hit the book again tonight!  sooo much fun!

ohoh, and a last note.  see side bar for fleamarket floozies — we’ve created a group for our barterables.  and i’ve updated my barterable page (see link at top of page).


numerologically, i think that 2010 will be an infinitely better year than 2009.  2009 is a number two:

Number 2 – Duality, Division, Polarity, Choice, Gestation, Cooperation, Service, Support, Waiting, Diplomacy, Patience, Psychic, Intuition, Adaptable, Empathic, Partnership, Mediator, Comparison, Receptive, Helper, Collecting, Reproduction, Balancer of Opposites, Subconscious Memory, Positive and Negative.

reproduction?  must be why i did so many uterine and fetus pieces.

anatomny of motherhood, anatomical art, fetus

anatomy of motherhood

2010 is a number three:

Number 3 – Trinity, Union of Divine plus Human, Manifestation, Positive, Expression, Subconscious Mind/Imagination, Creative, Optimistic, Enthusiasm, Expressive, Charming, Humour, Fun, Attractive, Friendly.

all in all, i look forward to 2010 being an infinitely better year… and i’m going to focus on making several changes to facilitate that.

buy used or handmade for a year
the other day, i noticed the dottie angel challenge on jo (of the crow road)’s blog.  i have always been quite mindful of my purchases with the exception of art supplies.  i always, otherwise, buy recycled or post-consumer products, used when i can, or things made from renewable materials. i pack my son’s lunches in reusable containers and send him with bamboo “silverware” and a cloth napkin, etc.  i refuse to buy plastic garbage bags and things like that, will not ever knowingly buy anything from anyone who uses styrofoam, take my own cloth bags when going shopping, recycle EVERYTHING that can no longer be reused, compost, etc.  i love the earth… but i digress.  the dottie angel challenge is a year-long pledge to purchase ONLY handmade or second-hand items.  i am going to do this.  i am a bit scared about the fact that i’m quite low on tacky glue which i’ve started using heaps of since taking KC’s fantastic workshops, black thread and… well, that’s it ’cause i’m a hoarder of things i love to use art-wise.

friday kahlo, human hearts, fabric collage

what is the name of this painting? i call it two hearts. close-up of a fabric/paper collage i finished yesterday.

i will take this a bit farther, and see about bartering things as i need them if i cannot purchase them used.  so i’ll just put this out there…. anyone want to swap some tacky glue and/or black spools of thread for anything?  i have heaps of things i can trade.  any manner of paper/paper-products, other glues/adhesives, paints, metal/glass/etc. embellishments, etc.  let me know if you do.  other than that, i will have to get QUITE creative as a) our vacuum cleaner belt just broke and b) my husby melted my favorite rubber spatula.  but we shall survive.  i will likely be a horrible person and neglect this pledge for my son’s birthday and next solstice/christmas but otherwise i’m quite on board.

debs, two words for you in response to your post: glad rags. 🙂

frida kahlo fabric collage, two human hearts

second, and just as important to me, is to catch up some of the commitments i’ve made to myself, i.e. finishing projects i’ve started once and for all.  at the same time, i refuse to put myself under the same pressures i found myself under last year even if it was by my own doing — if i don’t like a project or no longer feel connected to it, it goes into my “art recycling pile”.  i’m not going to stress on finishing something i don’t love anymore.  art is fun and i always want to ensure i enjoy myself fully — i had some holiday commissions this year and thought i was going to die trying to keep up with getting them done in an assembly line fashion.  not fun.  so i’m not going to do that anymore.

fabric collage, vintage photo, grandfather

i made this for my dad for a new year's gift: this is his father who died when he was three. he was so handsome! i look a lot like him. 🙂

at the same time, i’m going to focus on some alicia things i’ve neglected.  i haven’t touched my books i’ve started for myself or my art journals in months.  that ends now and i will commit to taking “me” time — we should all always remember to do this even if it means making less things to sell or skipping a day of blogging, or at least i think so.  in general i’m quite a busy girl with a husband and kiddo, two point five businesses, being a member of the PTA (long story) and the school’s “green team” (i do the monthly newsletters, etc.), school and community volunteering, etc., but i will still take a few minutes per day for myself.

speaking of blogging, i hereby semi-contradict what i just said by putting one additional big expectation upon myself.  i have met so many wonderful and amazing people this last year and formed great friendships and aquaintanceships along the way, gained heaps of inspiration, shared lots of techniques and laughs and did many swaps.  i want to keep this up while trying to spend more time letting the people know that i admire and respect them by taking more time to visit their blogs, etc.  i feel like a shit-head for not keeping up on what everyone has been up to for the past month, though i know i shouldn’t as i have had a lot going on.  i just like and/or love you guys though and want you to know it.  🙂

i’m totally not trying to copy debrina — we just have much in common so it shouldn’t be surprising that some of our lives and interests and desires overlap a bit.  one thing i really want to do this year is get a new bike and ride the hell out of it.  i miss wind and nature and movement.  it’s not that i don’t go outside anymore or anything, but generally when i have “free time” i want to put art first 100% of the time.  i think i’ll just knock that down to 94.7% and get my arse out there a bit more.  drive less and all that.  the grocery store i frequent most is only 4.7 miles.  a nice 9.4 mile round trip.  so, my huge goal is to find one of these used (a tristar trike!):

red tristar trike with basketit’s my dream bike for just puttering around town.  i could easily fit several days’ worth of groceries into the back with a six-pack for the husby.  🙂  or ride to the library and bring home a heap of books.  i love this thing!!  i MUST find one used as i’ve been dreaming of this dang bike for months now… except i want the back chrome fenders and little streamers on the handlebars and a bell.  but shhhhh.

i love the heck out of my new sewing machine and the fact that i haven’t gotten my long locks caught in it like i used to when i attempted machine sewing.  it’s been so much fun!  i’m horrible at it though, still, or at least nowhere near as good as i wish to be, so i vow to keep practicing.  my goal for next year at this time is to be able to make myself a bonnet just like this (copyright gibbous fashions):

gibbous treasure bonnet, copyright gibbous fashions

the one i really loved and have been spying was removed from the site, sadly, but i adore this one too.  and the roxy bonnet!  oooh… these are handmade!  i can buy one!!  🙂

last but not least, i must get 100% organized.  i will get one room to perfection, and the rest are crap.  then it alternates.  but no more.  this year is a year for removing the old crap and organizing what remains.  i mean seriously, who needs four desks??  three dressers?  so yeps, downgrading and organizing.  love the idea of this and will love it even more when we’ve completed our mission.

vintage photo of grandma, fabric collage

i made this for my dad to go with the other one. this is his mum. she was such a pretty lady. had to make this not too fancy 'cause... well, pops doesn't like fancy.

ohoh, this should be 7 but i already said “last but not least” so 6.5: while we are downgrading our home’s interior, we are upgrading the exterior.  in short, converting our garage (which is currently not a garage inside — it is filled in it’s entirity with a skate ramp.  half pipe, really.) to a studio.  inside will be my office for my web design business, outside the art studio.  we are cutting windows into the garage to overlook our gardens, having it wired for internet, etc. so we can have another computer out there (we have lots — not buying one, don’t worry), building work benches down each side with the wood we will recycle from the half pipe, building shelves along the whole back wall, etc.  it’s going to be gorgeous.

flowers in my gardens

as a final note, i want to let you all know how much i have enjoyed meeting you this year and getting to know you.  some of you have become very dear friends.  thank you so much for all of the great inspiration: debrina, lisa j., kim, lisa s., jo and simon, kerin and charlie, seth, jill, donna, patti, all the debbies and debis, rainey, gaby, natasha, kc, johnna, joanna, sam, tracey, laura, etc.  ❤ to you all!  and everyone else (rushing off to make dinner so don’t fret if i didn’t type your name — i’m just flighty and in a rush but i still dig ya!!).

now… go look at the pulp redux blog again… deb’s has posted some magnificent additions to my book!!!!

okay, so i’m totally and completely insane for thinking that i can do an entire print zine during the holidays.  so, i’m not.  i am notorious for over-committing and i’m in the mood to stop that.  particularly since design work went from crap to “oh crap!” in that i have a pretty big load coming up.  and my son likes my attention more than he enjoys the back of my head, so, i’m slowing down a wee bit.

rusty wire spider web in my altered book for pulp redux altered book collaboration

so, here’s the deal, which i will post on the altered bits site later.  i am going to extend submissions to february 15th-ish and accept things for both the notorious AND the words and symbols themes.  i will also add a select few images from previous issues: anatomically altered, odd numbers, and black and white.  in order to do this, i will need to have previous submitters fill out a wee form authorizing me to add it to the printed zine — this will also help to ensure i have all proper links and contact info, etc,. and fix things like the spelling of my sweet friend debbie’s last name (yeah, she’s one of my bestest sisters and i spelled her name wrong in two issues — i am the WORST and therefore publically apologize)… and stuff like that.  i’ll upload it to the zine page soon too — will let you know here when it’s up.  also included in the print zine will be other fun things such as the pulp redux collaboration blips, and probably something special from kerin on resin clay, or so i hope — she is a wealth of knowledge and her brain contents should be shared with the zine-buying world.  advertising is available in the last couple of pages so let me know if interested, and i will likely add a page or three on events and workshops so let me know if you want to advertise anything there (the release of a book, a super coll art retreat, a gallery exhibit, etc.).  if you missed out on previous themes and wish to submit something say, anatomical or black and white, feel free to do so.  i will accept up to three new pieces per person but everything but be submitted properly (my site will have instructions soon).  i think that covers it for now — all sorts of great, jumbled info.

wire-wrapped glass tubes and vintage german text detail in my pulp redux altered book

although it doesn’t entirely fit with the theme, this is a little peek at part of my tribute page to our pulp redux altered book collaboration and the five ladies participating.  five little crystals are in the nest, the bird, like our books will soar around the world.

rusty wire and cloth bird nest, crystal bird eggs, crackled bird, altered book page

P.S. that bird is made of resin clay.  🙂

possible peek at my cover tomorrow.  i have to get this thing in the mail to debs!

i spent a bit of time working on my book for the pulp redux collaboration today, and took better photos.  you can read more about it there and see larger photos, but here are a few peeks.

the title of my book is “the museum of forgotten things”.  some of these things are obvious, some are not… to anyone other than me.

page one: the frozen charlotte page.  the pearly moony piece is from my sweet friend debs, as is the lacy background.  much of the other fabric is from my sweet friend lisa.  i loved that i could include things from both of them, particularly because they are two of the amazing ladies i’m doing this international altered book collaboration with.

frozen charlotte altered book page, pulp redux

the little frame piece is painted, covered in beeswax, then painted again, and the backing that the charlotte is on is a mica sheet.  that part is double-hinged so you can see/read the charlotte poem beneath.

frozen charlotte altered book page, hinged handmade book

page two is about a lady… you can read about her in a previous post here.  the photo of the man is not the one that is supposed to be there — i lost him and replace him when i get the book back late next year.  i guess it doesn’t really matter what guy is in there though since he’s dead anyway, but i liked the other dude’s creepy mustache. the stripey burned fabric is a piece of his shirt and blah, blah — you’ll get it when you read everything as it all pertains.

obituary, diary pages, altered book, handmade book

sparing you page three for now.

page four is annoying me because the top opens, then the middle opens and that means four times more work BUT it’s fun and i like it.  it tells a story without words… that’s kind of dark but very personal for me as well.  i’m already sharing too much.  (she is from one of my collage sheets — i cheated)

anatomical imagery, altered book, handmade book, female, cervis, uterus

opened peek:

altered book, handmade book, anatomical imagery, altered bits collage sheet, book within a book

this is an old side view of the book.  i need to take a new one.  between every paper-page for everyone will be a foam core page for extra play room.  all pages will have the little loops and sticks (7 total) and i’ll, of course, stitch everything together once i get home.  i think it will be a foot thick by then (30.something centimeters for those of you who don’t know what a foot is).  ((that is an ongoing semi-inside joke — i’m not being a bitch, promise.))

stick binding, piano binding, handmade book, altered book collaboration, mixed media art

more peeks coming soon: pages five and six, and the cover.  i will be shipping this off to debrina next, in a day or three.  in the meantime go look at everyone else’s books on the pulp redux blog.

on a completely irrelevant note, except that it’s a book, lemony snicket’s first in the series of unfortunate events (the bad beginning) is now free online, here.  my little guy and i read all 13 books and althought dark and depressing at times, really enjoyed them.  actually i lie.  we read 12.5 of the books together and i finished the 13th on my own.  short version: daniel handler, er, i mean lemony snicket, was doing a book signing at a local book store.  i surprised little guy by taking him there.  he now hates lemony because he is an “asshole who doesn’t know how to appropriately joke with children” (a direct quote from my son after asking if he could get a “bad word free pass”).  anyway, good book so if you have kids or whatever, it’s free now.

most of the other gals have already posted about this on their blogs so i’m slacking and behind… and you may very well have already checked out our joint blog: pulp redux (i really have to update my thread!).  for those of you who don’t know, i am ever so happy to share that i’m doing a fantastically fun international altered book collaboration with five amazingly talented ladies.  er, four now, actually.  one had to step out of the picture, sadly, due to a family emergency.  i have the amazing privilege of playing with debrina (if you know me, you know her!), kim, lisa j. and lisa s. (in alphabetical order — you know me!)  our sixth pages will be completed by a guest artist who will not be part of the big collaboration.

some of the girls are starting with pre-existing books or albums of various sorts (which was very cool and smart!) but i opted to make my book from scratch (i seem to like to over-commit myself and get in a bit deeper than necessary sometimes).

my cover is not done as i’m waiting for a parcel of black patina, but here are some sneaky peeks.  for now, i’m leaving the book unbound so that i can accommodate it’s anticipated girth upon its return to me late next year.

i have opted to bind the pages with fig twigs and fabric.  each of the sticks contain two sets of pages that open up as a book typically does, but fold down on the inside to make for additional arty playground space.

i will do two rows of stitching on the pages between the fabric (which will later be stained, of course), then sew/embroider the sticks a little more steadily into place, then wrapping the sticks with whatever i feel like wrapping them with when the time comes.

the cover is covered with handmade black banana leaf paper, and a 3d piece will sit atop it that’s made of two layers of foam core, the top layer covered in copper sheeting, etc.  the hole in the middle will be filled with little mysterious curiosities, such as bugs, bones and mini wax-topped bottles.  big surprise, eh?  photos of that will come later because currently, the copper is super bright teal and green due to the two day vinegar bath it received and i’d like it to be way more dark (hopefully dick blick sends my black pantina soon!).

i have lined the inside of the covers with red velvet because that felt only right with the title/theme.  oh, which i forgot to tell you.  whoops.  it’s:

The Museum of Forgotten Things

in the back of the book will be a pocket (will sew it on in the end) that will contain a note from each of the participating artists, and perhaps (hopefully!) some sort of trinket or embellishment sewn onto the pocket.

for my second page (first page will be shared later), i have concocted a crazy story about a lady who, in her old age, seemed to have been forgotten as had pieces of her past.  i’m not going to give all of that away right now, but this little bundle will fit within a pocket i fashioned like a secret stash of peronal belongings.

i wrote her obituary (which was no small task as i researched geography, fonts used in that era, surnames and origins, first names and origins, modes of transport, professions of the era, etc. and created a whole story.  i’m not a writer so it bit me in the arse part way through.  this is the back view of the bundle though:

i even wrote two diary pages from this lady, essentially confessing to something she did several years previous that no one had known she had done.  yes, the peacock feather ties into the story.

luckily, i had TWO photos of the same mystery lady so was able to include a second photo of her in the bundle to further tell her story.

all of this will be tied together, as displayed above, and will fit into this pocket i’ve started:

the pocket front, of course, will be embellished with more “bits” from her story, but i didn’t finish it yesterday as i had hoped to.

instead, i created a piece of art for a friend.  i sure hope he likes it!

now i should go clean house so i can later finish my pocket and post it all on the pulp redux blog!

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