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i am thrilled to share that i have totally completed lisa sarsfield’s book for the pulp redux collaboration and have started in on lisa jurist’s.  wohooo!  BUT because lisa s. posted her contributions to kim’s book yesterday, i’m going to wait to share what i’ve done in her book.  i don’t want to steal her thunder, ya know.

for now, i shall offer up just a wee peek to hold you over until a later post.

okay, i lie.  i’ll give three peeks.

peek one.  see seth apter’s magnificent brass X?  all five of my contributions have/will have one of these (we pulpy girls love seth and i wanted to put a piece of him in our books):

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

peek two.  this is a peek of page two, just inside the top page with the book i previously showed.  had to add a classic red “alicia thing” and this is that:

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

and peek three. this is the back page.  can you tell what that is?  i know you can’t tell what’s inside.

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

check back in a few days for the rest of the photos AND lots of fantastic pulpy news.

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

i’ve also been working on several new assemblages over the past couple of weeks (five, to be exact).  i’m not sharing any of the completed ones yet (yes, i may finally reveal some of my motorized and light up stuff that i don’t typically show online), but i’ll share this cute little start to a costume girl i’m doing for now (check out her little skull mask and ribcage outfit).  a little more cutesy than anything i would typically do but halloween is coming and… yeah.  i made this little girl from apoxie clay and such (thanks again, kerin e. ninny!).  i hope to have her finished within the next week or so and will post it here (may have to make a wee video of her since it will be mildly interactive).

halloween, creepy doll, costume, altered art, zombie, anatomical, resin clay, apoxie clay, skeleton, doll art

for magnificent eye candy, check our pulp redux blog and lucky dip lisa’s blog.  new pulpy goodness was posted late last night!


vintage halloween card
i’ve been working for weeks on thoroughly cleaning and organizing my studio and have an ever-growing pile of fun things i will probably never use.  i was going to post them on my etsy, but then i thought “oh, i can give them away!”.  so, today will be my first of several little give-aways on my blog over the next several months.

free give-away: accordion book, collage sheets, embellishments, free online art tutorial, crackle paint

these are just random embellishment images i had, not what i'd send

first up, a 4.25″ x 5.75″ blank black accordion book still in its packaging, 8 custom quarter-page collage sheets based upon your favorite few on my site, and a couple embellishments (beads, buttons, fiber, etc.).  in the spirit of halloween and goodies, i will also toss in a free download of my crackle tutorial, mentioned in this post.  please note that this book was a gift to me and i never opened it or know how it’s constructed or anything.  😛

all you have to do to enter is comment, and if you feel like it, share your favorite, funniest, scariest, weirdest, grossest, most supernatural, or “whatever”  hallowe’en/samhain story (or whatever you celebrate on this date).  i will have my husband be the judge if there are stories so as not to have to feel the pressure of choice, and if no stories, i’ll randomly chose via  the winner will be announced next weekend and the parcel shipped.

vintage halloween image
happy hallowe’en!  happy samhain!!  i hope you all have a great and safe night tonight.

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