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i always feel like such an ass when i got extended periods of time without blogging or checking out other people’s blogs but the beginning of the school year is beyond insane and i’m not the courageous and omnipotent mult-tasker i used to be.  in short, home school kicks my arse.  and then it’s weeks later…

my arty to-do list is sooooo huge, but here is my plan (in response to email inquiries, some i’ve responded to and some i have not):

  1. catch up on the tallest book in the world project (two people did not include email addresses with their pages, by the way, so if you didn’t hear from me that’s probably why.)  MUST finish this soon!  this means: finish my pages, do the dedication/thank you/participants page.  make covers.  bind it.  post it up for auction (after emailing everyone whose contact info i have to announce that my head has now been removed from my bum and things are proceeding, like seven years late, or so…)
  2. catch up on the zine and get it published for all of us!  i didn’t forget or drop the ball, it just takes a bazillion hours and after the loss of my computer i lost my momentum.  promise i’ll get it done, just can’t promise when.
  3. create some of the arty tutorials i’ve been asked about.  more on this later… have to figure out where i’ll start.
  4. catch up on the 4.524 unread emails i have in my inbox (for some reason i initially typed “undead emails” and got a comical vision of zombie messages clawing their way out of my monitor — i think i need a nap!)
  5. initiate my next give-away — i already have a small pile of goodies, just haven’t gotten around to photographing or posting it (i wasn’t able to move my left arm for over a week, so that has something to do with it, but i’m fine now — it was just a pinched nerve, two misaligned vertebrae, a dislocated rib, a wrecked rotator cuff and a grumpy handful of tendons is all).

those are the main ones.  just a few, but they mostly all big and cumbersome and scary due to lack of time.  next item, post some of my most recent creations (that’s easy!)…

this one is the second in my keeper series, called the keeper of beach and bone.  i like bones and beachiness.

assemblage, frozen charlotte, taxidermy eye, animcal teeth, shells, coral, alicia caudle, keeper series, beach and bone

and some side shots (i’m clearly obsessed with frozen charlottes, victorian era doll parts, bones, teeth, taxidermy eyes, shells and other such things):

the keeper of beach and bone, assemblage, alicia caudle

and…  (i haven’t decided if i should leave the bottle of teeth as a removable element or a permanent aspect — it’s currently removable because i like interaction, but the husby says that’s a not-great idea…)

frozen charlotte assemblage, taxidermy, bones, animal teeth assemblage

the keep of beach and bone is now available in my shop: alicia’s art on the altered bits site >>

next, i’ve been obsessed with art dolls lately and have finished four (then started a fifth and sixth).  this one is flying off to the other side of the continent next week.  her name is…  actually, i don’t know what her name is yet.  i’ll let you know when she tells me… but she is the first of my waxen dolls.

waxen encaustic art doll, hand made doll, alicia caudle

(i’m still a horrible photographer!)  her head is from a victorian era doll and i made the rest with lace, fabric, embellishments, found objects, wax, acrylic, and all sorts of other goodness.

waxen, art doll, encaustic, alicia caudle

this little gal’s arms and legs move and i totally love her stripey lace-bottomed leggings… so very alicia!  her arms are tied on with little bows.

waxen art doll, encaustic doll, victorian era doll head, vintage doll head, crackle, stripey socks

i’ll post more of my dolls this week.


listening to a ridiculous (ridiculously cool!) combination of the legendary invisible men* and dead can dance today kept me alert and on my toes. or dazed enough to stay on my arse in front of my computer for a zillion and a half hours straight while writing boring code after a mere three hours of sleep and a mild hang over.  i wanted to art, but sometimes “the day job” must come first… and sometimes said day job means coding instead of arting or designing… and i don’t like that.

* paul buck is the king of the universe.

around precisely 12:08 this morning (or so my clock claimed it was), i received a delightful telephone call from my sweet debrina friend while on my way up to bed.  you just have to ring her — she is the cutest ever and has the sweetest accent and is so fun to talk to.  🙂  i wanted to smooch and hug her right through the phone for soooo many reasons.

packages from my friend debrina in new zealand

earlier in the day i had received this package from her.  she had filled a miniature suitcase for me and i had filled a lunch box for her.  of course due to my own stupidity that i’ll only partially admit, my package from her arrived probably four days before she’ll get hers from me.  we chatted while i opened my fabulous box as was the plan (except, uh, she was supposed to be opening mine too BUT this just means i get to call her in a few day’s time and we can do it all over again in reverse).

filled suitcase from my friend debrina in new zealand

this is what the package looked like after i went through each and every little individually wrapped present. look at how many beautiful bits and wondrous goodies there are! on the bottom left, is the wonderful wee book she made me!

some of the goodies from my friend debrina in new zealand

of course i adored EVERYTHING in my suitcase, but just above are some of my favorites. i totally forgot to get the precious pin cushion she made me in the shot — it’s brilliant! the book is so sweet! i should have made a decorative book for her rather than a blank one. how rude of me! but all the more reason to start a new bundle for her (which of course i already have).

altered book from my friend debrina in new zealand

look how precious the wonderful little thing she sewed and put in the last page of the book! okay, that’s it! between miss debrina‘s brilliance and kc willis and her fabulous online workshops, i now need to start an “alicia needs a new sewing machine fund”. oh, i am serious, just you wait.

self interruption: at this point i appear to be a liar.  but i assure you i am not.  when i said “this morning” i really meant it.  now, i must say “yesterday morning” because i was hit with several bouts of ADD and it’s now tomorrow.

moving right along… i didn’t really like my beeswax collage the other day when i looked at the really dumb close-up photo.  it was fine from, say, twenty-three feet away but the i’m-so-close-i-can-see-your-pours view was a bit ‘not right’.  i don’t know if this is entirely better, but somewhat, and that’s good enough for me.  i think i give up on beeswax collage.

beeswax collage, anatomy, anatomical art, but art, beetle

and some of the side-view-texture (ignore the shadows — i’m a crap photographer):

beeswax collage, anatomy, anatomical art, but art, beetle

my friend jo archer has recently started her new blog,  the crow road and i love it!  almost every day (certainly more regularly than me) she posts fabulous art, videos, links, etc.  yesterday (for real this time) she posted an amazing video i’d never before seen or heard of  with a girl creating sand animation.  holy crap — just go watch it.  she’s one talented little thing indeed!  you’ll want to link to jo’s blog, i already know.  ❤ she also had a wonderful ken nordine video a few days back that i wish i could cram into the black and white zine.  here, i’ll repost it here so you can see, but i got the idea from jo who rocks more than i could ever dream of rocking.

back to sewing machines for a second — what should i get?  seriously.  i am so sewing ignorant.  i want to sew art and journal covers and skirts sometimes but i’m not terribly sure what i should get.  my machine rocks for a vintage singer!  but it’s older than me and only sews straight which is boring.  anyway, if you have any ideas let me know.  in the meantime, i’m starting that official “alicia needs a sewing machine fund” or whatever i called it.  i think i’ll just auction things off cheaply or something but i’ll get back to you on that.  😉

it’s been a pretty great week… and it all started with a good lunch. i LOVE picking things from my garden and going to the farmer’s market for whatever i’m missing.  saturday was a yummy day filled with fresh blueberries, strawberries, baked-today sourdough bread topped with a tiny bit of cheese, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, basil, cucumber… i wish oregon allowed year-round gardening as it’d be blissful to me.

having never made a hand-stitched book (surprising as i’ve created dozens of books), i set out to make one for my sweet friend debbie for a swap we’re doing of epic proportions.  (don’t peek, sweet friend, else your surprise will be spoiled!)  i wish it were really in these hues, but this photo was purposefully antiquated.

handmade book, witchy book, witch and owl, hand-stitched binding

i admit that the binding leaves much to be desired but i put my heart into it and it wasn’t a total failure for a first try, i’m hoping.

handmade book, hand-stitched binding

my third book binding experience of the week didn’t go as well.  i was creating a book to go into a tin that was going to be attached to one of my pieces for the black and white zine but it ended in tragedy.  short version: i cut the crap out of my finger on the edge of the old tin (gore to follow, close your eyes if you don’t like the sight of blood).

big gash on bloody finger

the tragedy was not my finger but the outcome of the book.  initially i thought it was a wee scratch and ignored it, but after fiddling with the pages i realize i ruined the book.  seriously, who wants a book with alicia-DNA all over the pages?  i can think of only one point two people.

handmade book, bloody pages, whoops

now that it’s dried it looks cool, but still — i’ll just have to keep the darn thing. maybe i’ll fill it with gory old medical photos, secrets or lies.

while on the topic of “bad things” here is a crappy-sweet story.  starts crappy.  gets eerie.  ends sweet.  k.  husby and i get into one of our rare and petty arguments.  all married people argue now and then.  he’s a jerk, i’m a jerk, blah, blah, blah, he says something about how i should have faith in us or our relationship or something to that effect and i pissily spout off that all i have faith in is the fact that it would be a damn miracle if we make it another week without killing the other one.  (i was not serious — i don’t kill people.)  so, he goes to bed, i go into my studio which i had just cleaned and there is a fortune cookie fortune right smack dab in the middle of the floor.  i don’t have fortune cook fortunes.  and i had never, ever seen this before.  it said: for the truly faithful, no miracle is necessary. creeped me out.  in a good way, but yeah — where the hell did that come from?

so, the next day i made him a metal-covered matchbox assemblage with the fortune in it and a little scroll that says something secret. 😉  yeah, shush.  i’m sweet sometimes.  anyway, this is not great, but it was sweet and don’t you dare tell him i said so but it brought tears to his big gorgeous hazel-brown eyes when i gave it to him.  i’m only sharing because of the fortune showing up in my studio from who knows where!?  i’ll give you ten bucks if you can tell me.

matchbox assemblage, anatomy, anatomical, human heart, rusty nails, rusty wire, fortune cook fortune, scroll, bees wax, mixed media art

i had so much fun playing with the wax that i ended up making this beeswax collage with anatomical image and yes, of course, a bug.  it’s a real bug.  and no, i didn’t kill him either (or her?).

beeswax collage, anatomical illustration, human heart, anatomy, bug art, creepy art, beetle

i’ll probably add more to it later (eek, yeah — looking at the close-up now i say it’s not finished yet).  i searched all over our neighborhood for an icky webby place to photograph this, by the way. i succeeded and didn’t have to look far.

beeswax collage, anatomical illustration, human heart, anatomy, bug art, creepy art, beetle

other than that, i was quite excited when i found not one, or two, but FIVE old pieces i had started several years ago before i moved in with the husby (well, before he was “the husby”).  i had this little gallery showing of some of my abstract paintings on wood and i sold most of them.  not sure where the others are, which is what i was looking for when i rediscovered these instead.  these are five i had never finished.  they don’t even have their keyhole hooks on the back.  i’ll have fun finishing these over the next few days, i bet.

starts to five abstract paintings on wood

or so i hope.  🙂

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