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tomorrow, june 30th, is last thursday on alberta.  i will be at the radio room art square selling some art and a couple goodies (i’ve put together some collage packs and random mixed media/altered art items like anatomical dolls and rusty metal bits).  how fun it will be!  if you’re in the area, you should come and play.  there will be live music and probably a beer garden — this is portland after all (if not, the radio room is right across the street and has heaps of great beer and liquor AND delectable food).  i’ll have to find out about that one.

radio room art square, alberta street fair, art walk

this is the list of participating artists that will be at the radio room art square with me — sounds so fun!  there will be mixed media artists, painters, jewelry makers, photographers and lots more and i can’t wait to see it all!:

Marianne Halinen
Kalina Torino
Alicia Caudle (as my son would say, “duhviously!”) *
Jake Benj
Andrew Fedchenko
Don Metz
John Berry
Daniel Eslinger
Katerina Edwards
Kelly Keigwin
Sandra Johnson
Erik Jorgensen
Amy Hawkins
Nathaniel D. Buckner
Michelle Suzanne
Susan Hurst
Lily June
Melanie Somavenus
Michelle Purvis
Emmanuel Hele
Gretchen Jang
Ian Caywood
Lea Keohane
Chihiro & Jeffrey
Danny GreenSky
Genea Crivello-Knable
Matt Carlson
Jean Abbott
Laura Miller
Lea Keohane
KPSU –> all of the musicians as listed in the flyer above

there will be heaps of galleries and art vendors participating, as usual, all the way from 11th and alberta up to 30th.  guardino gallery will have the wonderful work of tabor porter (whom i have admired for many years) and his partner greg carrigan as the featured artists in the main window.  you can get a peek here >>  i’m SUPER excited and will have to have my boys “man” my table for a bit so i can break away to go have a good peek.

i’ve created two new collages this past week to take, and framed and matted them for fun.  taking photos through frame glass is dumb in that you cannot see the detail but here is a little peek:

mixed media collage, alicia caudle

i’ve been quiet in the blog world while prepping for this.  so far i have 8 small collages (see previous post), some large collages, 5 charlotte assemblages, 5 or 8 other assemblages (let’s see what i can finish today!), some books and journals, a pile of wrist cuffs (unfortunately all of my man cuffs have sold so these are all girly)… a few copies of the zine, art prints and some “finn and mum” plushy monsters that i will share with you soon.  i’m sharing my space with the wonderfully talented artist jake benj (who is also in one of my very talented husby’s bands, cookbook — they kick serious arse and i shall share them with you soon):

oil painting on wood by jake benj

for next month i’m working on a new series called “fragments” which has broken victorian era dolls.  this is not complete, of course, but this gives you an idea of what i’m working on:

fragments, victorian era doll, broken doll pieces, assemblage

fragments, victorian doll assemblage, mixed media art, altered art

what are you working on?  if you’re in the ‘hood, you should bring it down and show me tomorrow.  🙂

* For those who don’t remember or didn’t catch it, that is a combo-word of “duh” and “obviously”


it’s no secret that i’m typically a busy little bee and oftentimes forget to post blogs, read blogs, list items in my shop, etc., and these past few weeks have been no exception.  it’s almost summer break though, and this means an extra 5+ hours per day to create art, visit friends and post new goodies in the shop (home schooling takes up LOTS of time, you know!).

today i completed a mini frozen charlotte textile assemblage that i started a short while back.

frozen charlotte, assemblage, mixed media, textile, fabric, brass, found objects, recycled sari silk, vintage lace

in great anticipation of spring, i have called her “charlotte’s flower”.  last sunday, which was mother’s day, i recalled that the mother’s day before was the first day that our roses bloomed.  this year?  nothin’!  not a rose, nor a peony, not a mum or a fox glove or a purple cone flower or even a teeny tiny asian pear blossom.  we have buds, finally, but no blooms.  hmmph.  so, in this piece i’ve made my own (of course using the GORGEOUS recycled sari silk from miss lisa of mudhound studio).

frozen charlotte, mixed media art, collage. textile, assemblage, recycled sari silk, brass frame

this piece is now up for sale on my site, here.

i’ve recently taken painting back up, which is something i haven’t partaken in in quite some time (that’s all i used to do, you know — though 99% abstract). yesterday, i picked up a 6″ x 6″ canvas i had in my pile of blanks and painted this scene from a recurring childhood dream i recalled AFTER i finished painting it.  the dream: i’m not the three year old i was in real life when it started, but a bit older… maybe 15 or 22 or somewhere in between.  i was standing on the edge of the ocean, a storm brewing, wind blowing, waiting.  in the distance, to my right, i could always see a lighthouse, though it was rarely illuminated.  my dress would “wave” against my bare legs in my dreams, chilling me, and my pigtails would whip about wildly.  of course i’ve added the “modern day” twist of having stripey alicia-socks and red locks instead of naked legs and white-blond hair.  anyway, i was always waiting for something… “love”, though that didn’t really make sense to me at the time.  i dreamed this from about 3 years of age to roughly 8 or 9 and wrote many stories about it in my youth.  it’s so strange that i didn’t remember the dreams until after i had painted this, though i wasn’t really thinking when i did it.  perhaps our recent family beach trip influenced me?

original acrylic painting, waiting at sea, ocean, storm, pigtails, redhead, little girl, lighthouse, beach scene, original painting

this painting is also available for purchase in my shop, here.
(sorry, this item has been reserved — thank you so much!!)

long story short — i’ve always been crap at portraits.  anything having to do with people really, but i recently said “sure, i’ll play” to a limited pallet portrait challenge that gritty jane posted on  my color choices were unbleached titanium, mars black and cadmium red.  while painting this, she (the gal in the portrait) “told” me her name was “adoette”.  that sounds weird, maybe, but her name just popped into my head.  seeing how i wasn’t painting anyone specific or looking at a photo or anything for reference, i just went with it.  i finished her up, painted a tree behind her and i was done.  i think i finished her about five days ago.  so… while posting this now, i wanted to look up “adoette” as i’ve never heard of any such name and lo and behold, it’s a native american name that actually means “large tree”.  i thought that was a strange little coincidence indeed since there is a barren tree behind her and i’ve never actually painted a tree before.

original acrylic painting, portrait, redhead, barren tree, adoette

this too is also available in my shop, here.

i’ve had so much fun painting this portrait, that i’m starting a whole new series of “imaginary friends” — portraits of those i conjure up in my mind just for the sake of painting them.  time spent painting is pure bliss for me.
oddly, i JUST now realized that the second of my three childhood dreams was of being a native american lady who lost her man in battle and wished to die herself.  so morbid and sad, i know, but you can’t help what you dream, can you?

soon i will be posting new dolls and doll parts on, new textile bundles and vintage lace bits, and a new series called “fragments”… plus some other stuff that will hopefully be worth a quick peek.

i’m totally cheating right now… writing this at 2:40 PM on the 17th, to be posted sometime in the morning of the 18th (didn’t want to compete with my winners post, plus am not going to be home tomorrow).  i’m probably out to breakfast at the big egg right now — it’s so yummy that you should be quite envious of me.  it’s not even a block to paxton gate from there either, and omg, you know how i love that place!!  (if not, scroll down a few posts.)  shall i buy myself a birthday jackalope?  hmmm.

i’ve been working on a series of new mini-books for a little gallery that’s interested in having them.  to me, they are “little objects of affection books” in that i’m putting all of my favorite things into hand-made little wooden boxes and frames on the front.  this is the first, and isn’t done (though the 3rd, 4th and 6th are complete), but soon.  victorian doll parts, glass vials, dried flower petals from my garden, porcupine quills, vintage medical book text.  (you can barely make out “delirium and insanity” inside the top of the box i made, and “a disturbance of the mental processes” on the paper underneath.  didn’t plan that, but it makes me smile.)

handmade book, binding, victorian doll, doll parts, frozen charlotte, porqupine quills, glass vials, dried flowers

of course it has a funky alicia-style rustic-woven and tangly binding too:

handmade book, binding, victorian doll, doll parts, frozen charlotte, porqupine quills, glass vials, dried flowers

but way better than a silly little book — i received a WONDERFUL package the other day from the generous (and extremely talented) donna watson.  i share her affinity for rocks, and she shares mine for frozen charlottes, so we swapped.  how perfect that i had plenty of room in my new printer tray from miss lisa!  for now, this is a little collection on my coffee table, “objects of my affection”.  i’ll probably relocate it all later to do an assemblage in the box, but for now, this pleases me to no end.  though i think i’ll take the red “mars” marbles out.

vintage printers tray, rocks, stones, crystals, bones, collection

aren’t these just divine!  look at the top two-toned, smooth and gorgeous oblong stone!  and the one with the white ring!  and the speckled one.  donna has a real knack for rock finding for sure!!

vintage printers tray, rocks, stones, crystals, bones, collection

the following six are perfectly round and absolutely lovely.  they look like marbles — which i also have a huge thing for so these are double-perfect!

vintage printers tray, rocks, stones, crystals, bones, collection

vintage printers tray, rocks, stones, crystals, bones, collection

thank you so much, donna!  i LOVE these wonderful stones!

speaking of “objects of my affection”, i keep forgetting to post this fantastically sweet shirley temple doll i found at the flea market a few weeks ago.  look how crackled she is!!  she came that way naturally (imagine my surprise to have found her!).  she’s missing an arm and it looks like a creature chewed off half of her opposing foot, but she’s divine none the less.  i’m guessing about 15″ tall or so… maybe more.  i want to create a creepy motorized piece out of her, maybe motion detection style so she waves when you walk by or something.  i wonder how hard that would be.  (oh, just hollered to the husb and he said it would NOT be hard a’tall.  rad.)

shirley temple doll, vintage doll, crackled doll, antique, flea market find

right now she’s just hanging on the wall in the hall, greeting people as they pass.

happy february 18th to you all!

phew!  i swear to gawd and goddess i thought i was going to die for a little bit there.  i ended up having two horrible recurring bouts of pneumonia after only a half day here and a whole day there of feeling better.  one night, i was so sure i was going to drown in my own body that i wrote a long “love letter” to my son, praising him for all of the wonderful things he is and telling him how proud i am of him, sharing that i know he’ll grow up to be a great and wonderful man who does amazing things.  i didn’t die, thankfully, but after 8 days of a 104 fever and four weeks of coughing so hard i nearly passed out and then breaking ribs due to said coughing, i sure thought i would.  it’s nice to be back, and alive… and ready to art it up again.

very belated happy new year!!

there are so many exciting things that i’ve wanted to share, though i’m quite sure that at least 79% of you are already aware of 96% of it so i’ll just mention the biggies.

inspired remnants, curious dreams, kerin gale, epoxie clay, art book, mixed media art
first and foremost, i am sooooo very proud of my wonderful and sweet and utterly talented friend kerin gale of remnants of olde for publishing her very first book, inspired remnants, curious dreams, which happens to be THE very first book on epoxy clay in the existence of this world.  she is a creative genius, that girl!  you can get your copy here on amazon, or even better, in her etsy shop bundled with her online classes HERE.  check back here soon as i will be writing a review of her book and posting it here and on my site as well.  i promise you’ll love it!

this is my piece in it (i did this a couple of years ago — you know how long it takes for books to be published!).  the empress — my little tarot gal:

the empress, tarot, mixed media art, assemblage, doll parts, epoxy clay

next news, seth apter, king of the mixed media world and his blog the altered page has begun a wonderful new installation of the pulse, entitled “collectors edition”.  i just happen to be in the collectors edition chapter two, which you can find by clicking on his lovely image below.  this is such an inspiring and wonderful collection of peeks into other people’s collections.  i LOVE it!!  you will love it too.  get ready to be inspired!

in small news, i’m cleaning the heck out of my studio for the first time in about 4 years and downgrading in a huge way.  i will be donating a lot of it to scrap and other local places (just sent a huge box to a school for children with autism and asperger’s syndrome), but will also be giving away LOTS of little things here on my blog.  stay tuned for vintage photos, old metal coin charms, rusty bits of this and that, frozen charlottes (just got about 600 more which will soon be on my site), other vintage victorian dolls, and other totally random items.  i want to share the love.

oh, and last but not least, the altered bits zine deadline is going to be pushed out a bit farther.  if you wish to be published, please read this: and please have your work(s) to me by the new deadline of february 25th.  i was on my death bed for so long there that i cannot keep up with the first plan, sorry folks.

more soon.  i have some gluten free baking to go do for the boys.  😉

i actually finished lisa sarsfield’s book labyrinth last sunday, but since she had just posted i felt i should let her contributions to kim’s book stew a bit before i posted my contributions to her book.  i think now enough time has passed that i don’t feel as if i’m stepping on toes or anything…

part one of this post is on our pulp blog:

so, if you want to see see the first pages first,
pop on over there FIRST then come back here to see the rest.
the book is called labyrinth so i’m creating a maze for you to go through if you want to see all of the pics.  i’m mean.

detail/side shot of the back page of the pieces i created for lucky dip lisa’s book.  i like making random boxes and compartments from scratch so i created one here.  had no idea what i was going to use it for initially, but i figured it out later.  😉

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

detail of the top of the boxy page, with a nice old “labyrinth” of pretty brass knotwork.

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

a little abacus of old beads, rusty wire and rusty brads (remember, my camera is evil and makes rust disappear — it’s way better in person).  lisa likes things that move, ya know…

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

close up of the mica covered, twine tied box:

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

untitled and uncovered box… a wee little nest i made with 5 1940s vintage beads nestled inside and a secret scroll note to lisa.

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

the nest in my cute hand.  the cute nest in my hand, rather.  my camera actually shows the rust this time if you enlarge.  ‘about time!

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

side view from the spine side…

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

side view from the page side.  love the threads atop the whole thing!  (that’s my pretty chocolate colored new couch it’s on, by the way).

pulp redux, handmade book, labyrinth, mixed media book

all done!  that is my contribution to lisa’s book.  i will be sending it off to lisa jurist tomorrow (if i can find a large enough box!).  woohoooo!

i am thrilled to share that i have totally completed lisa sarsfield’s book for the pulp redux collaboration and have started in on lisa jurist’s.  wohooo!  BUT because lisa s. posted her contributions to kim’s book yesterday, i’m going to wait to share what i’ve done in her book.  i don’t want to steal her thunder, ya know.

for now, i shall offer up just a wee peek to hold you over until a later post.

okay, i lie.  i’ll give three peeks.

peek one.  see seth apter’s magnificent brass X?  all five of my contributions have/will have one of these (we pulpy girls love seth and i wanted to put a piece of him in our books):

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

peek two.  this is a peek of page two, just inside the top page with the book i previously showed.  had to add a classic red “alicia thing” and this is that:

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

and peek three. this is the back page.  can you tell what that is?  i know you can’t tell what’s inside.

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

check back in a few days for the rest of the photos AND lots of fantastic pulpy news.

altered book, handmade book, collaboration, pulp redux

i’ve also been working on several new assemblages over the past couple of weeks (five, to be exact).  i’m not sharing any of the completed ones yet (yes, i may finally reveal some of my motorized and light up stuff that i don’t typically show online), but i’ll share this cute little start to a costume girl i’m doing for now (check out her little skull mask and ribcage outfit).  a little more cutesy than anything i would typically do but halloween is coming and… yeah.  i made this little girl from apoxie clay and such (thanks again, kerin e. ninny!).  i hope to have her finished within the next week or so and will post it here (may have to make a wee video of her since it will be mildly interactive).

halloween, creepy doll, costume, altered art, zombie, anatomical, resin clay, apoxie clay, skeleton, doll art

for magnificent eye candy, check our pulp redux blog and lucky dip lisa’s blog.  new pulpy goodness was posted late last night!

i’ve just finished a new little assemblage today that is part of a several piece series of doll assemblages.  it’s called “death of the apothecary”.

death of the apothecary, altered doll, frozen charlotte, assemblage

i’ll probably end up adding some subtle text and numbers to the orange wooden disks at the top, but i’ll have to think about that one for a moment.  the nails on top left little rusty remnants around the holes on the top — love that part.

death of the apothecary, altered doll, frozen charlotte, assemblage

here is a detail of the charlotte, complete with a little humanesque heart and red thread.

death of the apothecary, altered doll, frozen charlotte, assemblage

the little bottles inside the assemblage are topped with waxy goodness, and one a skull i fashioned from a bead and apoxy clay (that’s how i adhered everything — thank you kerin for turning me in on to this magnificent stuff!!).

death of the apothecary, altered doll, frozen charlotte, assemblage

can you tell what is in the bottles?  i LOVE mixing mineral oil with colored water (the first bottle) — it’s kind of like a mini lava lamp when you shake it up.  woohooo!

phew!  what a summer!  things are always crazier this time of year, aren’t they!  travel and kids home (mine and half the neighborhood), move travel and no time to work or art it seems.  at least we’ve had some adventures to spokane and coeur d’alene and long beach and corona and san diego and la and such… though not all were under the best pretenses (though that’s neither here nor there, i suppose).  i haven’t had a lot of time to art or hardly any time to visit my favorite blogs, but soon summer will be over and school days will reconvene.

crackle paint, crackled pearls, frozen charlotte, collage, assemblage
i’ve at least gotten to finish four more charlotte pieces for my attempted 100 piece series (now if i stopped selling these i could maybe actually have 100 someday!).  i have photos of numbers 9 and 11.  at least i have plenty of 1900 and 1901 sheet music to do twice that many so we shall see where i end with these.

i just did a PDF tutorial that i’ll be posting in a week or three on how to crackle and age frozen charlottes and other bisque or porcelain dolls.  as a result, i had lots of new little girls to play with.

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

charlotte’s song #9: heart song

lots of vintage lace, naturally dyed and aged, metal bits and pieces that i’ve rusted, antique sheet music, recycled sari silk ribbon, etc…

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

charlotte’s song #11 (i really need to photograph 10 and 12!)  this is just a simple one, but cute none the less.

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

detail: a rusty or metallic charlotte and pretty turquoise stones.

mixed media art, frozen charlotte, fabric collage, rusty metal, crown, red, black

i have a 20 to 30 piece show with these little girls next month but the left-overs will surely be going up in my etsy shop (aiming to have 30 done just in case there is room but may only have room for 20).  better get to sewing though, huh!!

i also had the time to start three books, but just barely.   i gave a mini peek of book one a few days ago and will show it soon, completed.  that one is for me and is entitled phantoms and shadows.  i dig ghostly things, ya know?  book two was supposed to be for a collaboration that kerin and i are doing (see below) but she is a silly and fickle girl and wanted to change the size so this will be a different alicia-book which is just [almost] as thrilling ’cause i’m already loving it.  i’ve had so much fun working on these covers and am looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks once i get them done.  i still need to come up with a title and better theme for my big huge book with kerin (okay, not HUGE, but decent sized — i think they are 9″ x 12″ and will probably be a foot or three thick, hah), especially since the cover is nearly done.  we’ll be posting those in the weeks to come, huh keriny!?  other than these and my art journals, that’s really all i’ve gotten to do as of late.  but i shall not complain!

oh, the book… i almost forgot about these photos.  this is of course not at all done, but it’s a pretty fun cover, i’d say.  i am going to singe the lace a bit, for one… maybe do something to the bird skull but it’s so lovely natural “as is” that i’ll probably just leave it.  you can’t tell in this photo but the skull and vials are inset about 1/2″ or so from the rest of the book…

bird skull, taxidermy, animal teeth, porcupine quills, pewter frame, black vetvet, altered book cover

and i’m going to do that waxy alicia-thing to the ends of the vials before i actually attach them (they currently hold porcupine quills, something green and nature-esque, and some animal teeth — yeps, i like taxidermy parts and bones!)…

bird skull, taxidermy, animal teeth, porcupine quills, pewter frame, black vetvet, altered book cover

hopefully i’ll get at least two of these books done before summer’s end, and a handful more charlotte pieces.  i’m not sure why i like them so much but they are quite fun!

does anyone know where to get taxidermy bird wings?  i really, really, REALLY need one for this book.  have found nothing on ebay or anything else and know a lot of bird parts are illegal to sell (wings?) in some places.  if i wasn’t so sweet i’d sick one of our cats on a crow.  totally not serious!!

what are you working on this summer?

time, and the whole world, stops when our little ones are unwell, doesn’t it!?!!  i had my wee man in the hospital yesterday after several days of a horrible virus.  the world was already running on quarter time with him home for the summer holiday and me unable to do 75% of what i intended each day, but this week, nothin’.  i didn’t eat or sleep for the most part let alone art.  until today.  finally did the last 20ish minutes of work i had to do on deb’s book and photographed it.  omg, this thing is HUGE.  i am on an enormous box hunt.  but we’ll go there in a sec.  the bug-boy, as i call him, is now fine — much, much better.  his 103.5 fever has dropped to 99 and after plumping him up on some bags of IV fluid, he’s looking pink and precious once again.  no more of that pale faced and sunken eye crap for my boy.

part one

i posted several of these photos on the pulp blog a couple/few weeks ago, but some are “fresh” and unseen as i haven’t had the time to post as i had promised/planned:

here is the first page i created for deb’s book… the top cream part and the bottom multi-colored parts are both doors to compartments within the pages.

debs loves tiny details so i tried to add as many as possible.

close up of the cameo lady through the crackled glass.

this round glassy piece is a petri dish.  of course it opens — and of course there is something inside (something much prettier than you’d typically find in a petri dish, i suspect).

this little piece is removable.  see how crackled the petri dish is?  i’m nto sure why it has a pink tone in this photo ’cause it’s most certainly not pink.

close up of the cameo piece.  if you enlarge, you can see all of the crackle behind the lace.

cameo-girl’s head thingy opens, and behind it is a heart.

flip that piece over and you see a little pocket, complete with tiny details and a note from the gentleman in deb’s story.  i practiced “victorian era man writing” for days and hours and days and hours.  this is my “i give up” version.

around the edges of this piece is aged ribbon and little pin heads.  i guess i didn’t do a very good job taking this shot, but you get the idea.

open the creamy petri dish “door” page and this is what you see.

close up: proof of their travels.  debs had asked me when i got the book where i would be taking the couple in her story.  here are some of the places.

detail of tickets… and the tag from a little prezzie damian gave maude.

detail of the cover of the 22 inch scroll, which is her diary.

the diary scroll.

writing… every single item on the next page (er, in the next compartment) is passively mentioned in this diary, as are the things from the back of the book which will be shows in part two.

here is a collection of things maude saved throughout their travels.  deb asked me to please, please sneak a little brass frog i had into her book and here it is.  that button is actually from the late 1800s, when the book takes place.

this locket is rustier than it appears in real life.

open it to see damian (same photo lisa used) and the top of the eiffel tower.

hinges — i made these myself out of metal bits, pin heads and lace.  yummy, if i do say so myself.

the other photo didn’t capture the rust and patina, so here is a close-up.


part two

i took all of these next photos within the past couple of hours, of the “missing parts” from before and the ones that looked pinkish — the book isn’t pink, promise, but these may be a tiny bit off too.  but, you get the picture:

slightly more color accurate photo of the front.

mmm, detail.  love the glassy crackles (i’m doing this in two more pieces i’ve started in the past couple of weeks).

better coloration of the cameo piece.

the heart again.  i think the other shot was fine so now i’m probably just boring you.

here is the door on the bottom.  what is in it?  i hadn’t mentioned anything about it last time.

oh?  what’s that?  an owl?  deb loves owls, so i had to creatively incorporate one into her book somehow.  i had purchased this pendant last december or january for a birthday present for her and took 4 months to properly age it.  it was a stubborn owl.  the top ringy thing ended up breaking off due to corrosion but the brilliant and majestic kerin said something to the effect of “duh, just fix it with epoxy clay” so that is just what i did.  thank you keriny!  could not have fixed this crazy owl without you.

i love all of the greens and rust on the owl.  i crackled him too, but you can’t really tell, then put a thick layer of something i’m hugely allergic to over it to preserve the rust and patina.  hah.  that’s a funny concept to me.

okay.  i am NOT a jewelry maker.  i’m jewelry retarded.  but i liked the owl in his reborn state with this horribly rusted and green-patinaed chain so i just faked a necklace out of it.

the chain is attached to recycled green sari silk with french knots every few links, lace that i dyed on the top, and little glass and crystal beads.  maybe it was once an ornate and beautiful necklace?  or maybe it always looked a bit funky.  definitely has a bit of personality either way, even if it isn’t the best personality.

and finally, here is the back page, or the back of the treasure box book.  a pocket that holds more memorabilia that they collected throughout their travels.

close up of the pocket.  i had purchased five of these Xs from seth apter, choosing to incorporate one into each and every of our pulp books.  they are so cool!  most of this is hand-stitched though i didn’t do some machine stitching.

within the pocket is a collection of stuff.  when deb and i first “met” and became friends, we were both, quite ironically, looking at the book urgent second class at the very same minute in time.  because of this, i wanted to incorporate at least one fun altered postcard similar in concept as a friendly little happy thought between two friends.  i wasn’t intending to rip of nick bantock’s style or ideas.  i had also printed a wonderful photo onto textbook paper but it looked too much like his wonderful work so i didn’t opt to include it in the book.  the rest of the pieces are just photos and a map and such.

the backs of the two things that have backs interesting enough to share.

close up — i made this wax seal with an asian coin, wax and copper paint.  fun stuff.

i also added a little tie closure to the treasure box, just in case.

other side view with those pretty little hinges again.  and why does the lace look pink?  hmmph.

the tower of deb’s pulpness.  all of our pages together (well, deb’s start to her book, lisa’s pages and mine).  how will this be bound?♠

better shot, without the cover on top.  still not sure now she’s going to do this, but i bet it will be a wonderfully fun project indeed!

and now, i must find a new box.  i was packing everything up carefully to send this off today, but alas, i must go on a box hunt.

the moment i find a box large enough, i’m shipping this off to the lovely and ever talented kim in austrailia.  i think i’ll use the box she sent her book to me in as it was huge and may still be around here.  i hope!  i’m not recalling whose book i get next but i’m stoked!  it’s either lisa j’s or lisa s’s and i have big plans for both.

keep peeking back here often for book goodness as not only am i working on those two books soon, but kerin and i are doing a small book collaboration (i’m excited to be her first book collab partner — this is fantastically cool!!) and i’m working on an alicia book, all for myself to contain all of the little bits and stories that may be too dark or weird or ill-mannered for others.

despite being mucho busy with family stuff and travel plans the past several weeks, i’ve managed to get a few new things made and posted in my shop over the past couple of days.  i have TONS of new stuff to add (soon) that i find to be quite exciting.  some examples are: vintage german cuckoo clock movements, vintage radio parts (variable capacitors, to be exact) that are ever so cool looking, vintage framed victorian prints, etc.  i should probably leave some stuff out for an element of surprise… though those are, quite admittedly, the coolest things.

here is a peek of some of the other things i’ve already posted:

altered art goodies, porcupine quills, asian brass bells, vintage porcelean knobs, vintage hardware

i’m sure you’d believe it when i told you that i got the brass bells , porcupine quills and vintage brass/porcelain knobs almost a year ago to add to the site.  you know i’m slow!

i’ve also added several new collage sheets.  these are just a few:

collage sheets, digital collage sheet, geishas, vintage ladies, vintage men

you can go peek if interested, but some of the new ones are vintage dancing girls, cemeteries and mausoleums, geishas and vintage men.

more exciting than images printed on paper, is my newest journal.  it turned out so fabulously “alicia” that i was quite reluctant to put it in my shop — i kinda felt that i should keep it… almost.  it’s not that i don’t have an over-abundance of art journals, but you know…

anatomy, anatomical art, heart, art journal, crazy quilt

i also made some more of those addictive charlottes, among other stuff.  i swear i can make 1000 of those before i tire of them, or at least 43.  they are so sweet and fun!

frozen charlotte art, anatomical heart, fabric collage, assemblage
next tasks: finish and post stuff for the pulp redux collaboration, finish a piece for a challenge my friend lish came up with, finish my new first couple of pieces in a new series i’m doing… oh yeah, and get my act together with the zine and post the info here so everyone knows where my head is.  in the meantime, here is the teeny-tiniest peek at my new stuff:

that doesn’t really give any ideas, now does it?  more soon.  🙂

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