whew!  summer is off to quite a fine start indeed!  [i typed this 6+ weeks ago — can you tell how slow i am!?]  i’ve been really fed up with my social anxiety issues that have plagued me for the past 20+ years (long story) so have been trying to put on my big girl knee-highs and get out more.  i can play tough!  while doing so, i’ve gotten to mark heaps of items off my “bucket list” which i actually call my “top 100 life to do items”.  i started this list so long ago that the first item is “have a baby” (my “baby” is now 9!).  it was maybe a year ago that i found it and added to it as the list was pretty sparse with many blanks.

in the past sixty days or so, these are the things i’ve gotten to mark as complete: see a whale in person, take a cruise, go on a canoe, meet seth apter, go to alaska, take a train to seattle, go a whole day in public without having anxiety, pan for gold, eat dinner at the space needle, take up archery (seriously, it’s fun!).  that’s not too shabby, eh?  here are five (of many) i have yet to do: celebrate ten years married (more than half way there), hike the appalachian trail, paint a portrait i don’t hate, publish a gluten free cookbook, sculpt something.  funny that only one of those requires getting out of the house.

side note.  i took this photo from our cruise ship… and i will go back one day.  she resides somewhere in alaska and i have to figure out where.  the boys in the ship bar we liked gave us lots of extra beers so there are a couple/few fuzzy days there, but i THINK it’s past juneau and before skagway.  definitely past ketchikan though.

punch the sky mountain, fisty mountain

needless to say, the studio is still not painted and the zine isn’t done being designed.  i feel “behind” in art, but that’s just silly… i’m home now and can paint and assemble each and every day.  while vacationing, it’s really difficult to “get my art in”.  what do you do while you’re on vacation?  i can’t not art.  i take an art journal, bag of pens, mini-paints and whatever else i can fit and a gallon ziplock of cuff stuff.  i can’t go a day without doing something creative… or my head will explode.  while sailing the seas, i made several new wrist cuffs that i will be posting here (and for sale in my shop) over the next several days.

number one in the goddess series of wrist cuff bracelets —>

medeina, baltic/lithuanian goddess of the forest and wild animals.  medeina originates from the root med, which means “tree”, thus the pieces of cut wood, carved wooden beads and antique wood buttons.

medeina goddess wrist cuff

wikipedia says:

Medeina (Medeinė) is another euphemism of the hunting and forest goddess. Medeina also was mentioned in 16th century by J. Lasicki. She was worshiped by peasants.

my husby is part lithuanian (and italian and native american) so it felt only right to create a wrist cuff in honor of a lithuanian goddess for some reason.  plus, i’m practically a peasant so all the more reason.

medeina goddess wrist cuff

this wrist cuff is 100% hand-sewn and embellished, and no machine was used in its creation and some of my old ones were (it seemed so much more “goddess like” to do it all by hand).  almost a full spool of thread was used to sew all of the many layers together and in adding all of the little “bits and pieces”.  it closes with two small snaps that cannot be seen when fastened.

medeina goddess wrist cuff

this wrist cuff bracelet as well as the ones that follow in the next few days are/will be available for purchase in my shop: http://alteredbits.com/alicia-caudle-art.php.  i really need to make some more manly ones next!

and my apologies — i’ve been getting lots of emails inquiring as to why i haven’t been adding things to the shop lately and it’s because i’m redesigning the site.  i was holding out to add things until then, but i’ll get some stuff up in the meantime and suspending my finickiness.

lastly, i have some upcoming give-aways planned so stay tuned.  this is in apology for being a butt head lately and not responding to emails, posting blogs, visiting blogs, etc.  sorry.