i have been loving my neighborhood lately.  we have a couple of new vintage shops, lots of “old” ones i already adored and a sunday flea market which is often filled with bliss and divinity (like taxidermy birds, old medical equipment, tiny wooden chests and drawers, vintage photos, antique doll bits, etc.).

my mother’s day finds…

a victorian era replica wooden bird cage (a lone doll lives inside currently but i’m going to put our taxidermy bird inside, or the articulated pigeon skeleton… or maybe more dolls.

lovely, eh!?  it’s about 3 feet tall, i’m guessing.

victorian replica bird cage

i haven’t decided if i’m going to keep or sell it, though it’s pretty much grown on me already.

i also found a whole lot of vintage/antique medical and veterinarian tools.  love it!  i’m selling some of these but keeping some.  just have to get the new site up first.

antique medical tools, vintage vet tools

the big, long skinny thing is a bovine piller.  i keep forgetting to look that up.  when you remove the metal sheath, it looks quite menacing indeed.

who wants to go antiquing and flea marketing at the end of june?  let’s make it a party.  🙂

over the next week or three, i’m also going to be painting my studio.  woohoooo!  this is going to be an insane project though (probably renting a POD to keep my stuff in), and i’ll have no art supplies (well, SOME), no computer, nothin’ for a few days as the whole room needs to be emptied.  this is going to get me so organized though!  so, if you email me and i don’t respond, i’m probably suited up in a respirator and gloves to aid against my evil latex allergies and painting away.  all i have to do is pick which color(s) i’ll be using.