after many weeks of the lead paint drama, we are back home.  we had been evacuated with very short notice so an abatement company could come in and clean the interior of our home.  now, everything is good except the stupid hole in the damn roof that we didn’t realize existed until now (thanks to the painter’s harness post thingy).  so, a new round of drama just in time for the holidays.

but all of that boring negative stuff aside.

i’ve finally been able to start arting again.  omg, i’ve felt like a crack addict without the means to get more… or something.  artless days suck!  (you can quote me on that!)  i’ve had a small handful of custom orders for the holidays and such as just finished a two piece set.  they are each 6″ x 12″.

two piece custom mixed media collage set

my camera is out of batteries so it’s a crappy phone shot with glare.  you can maybe see the texture and less muddied colors in the side-view:

two piece custom mixed media collage set

well, that’s not very good either but ah well.  today my guys are at a movie for some “pop and boy time” so i’m working on my zine submission for the “cabinet of curiosities” section.  i’m super excited!

i’ve been getting lots of great submissions for the altered bits zine and will be posting about it in the next few days.  be on the look out!  also, i’ll be doing an update on the tallest book in the world project.

in the meantime, go check out last week’s issue of the pulse by seth apter of the altered page.  i was featured in it with lots of other phenominal artists while i was living in a crappy two-bedroom hotel.  i’m off to catch up on his blog now too — this is like christmas and winter solstice and hanukkah and kwanzza and diwali and ramadan and all kinds of holidays all bundled up into one huge ball of yummy.