tomorrow, june 30th, is last thursday on alberta.  i will be at the radio room art square selling some art and a couple goodies (i’ve put together some collage packs and random mixed media/altered art items like anatomical dolls and rusty metal bits).  how fun it will be!  if you’re in the area, you should come and play.  there will be live music and probably a beer garden — this is portland after all (if not, the radio room is right across the street and has heaps of great beer and liquor AND delectable food).  i’ll have to find out about that one.

radio room art square, alberta street fair, art walk

this is the list of participating artists that will be at the radio room art square with me — sounds so fun!  there will be mixed media artists, painters, jewelry makers, photographers and lots more and i can’t wait to see it all!:

Marianne Halinen
Kalina Torino
Alicia Caudle (as my son would say, “duhviously!”) *
Jake Benj
Andrew Fedchenko
Don Metz
John Berry
Daniel Eslinger
Katerina Edwards
Kelly Keigwin
Sandra Johnson
Erik Jorgensen
Amy Hawkins
Nathaniel D. Buckner
Michelle Suzanne
Susan Hurst
Lily June
Melanie Somavenus
Michelle Purvis
Emmanuel Hele
Gretchen Jang
Ian Caywood
Lea Keohane
Chihiro & Jeffrey
Danny GreenSky
Genea Crivello-Knable
Matt Carlson
Jean Abbott
Laura Miller
Lea Keohane
KPSU –> all of the musicians as listed in the flyer above

there will be heaps of galleries and art vendors participating, as usual, all the way from 11th and alberta up to 30th.  guardino gallery will have the wonderful work of tabor porter (whom i have admired for many years) and his partner greg carrigan as the featured artists in the main window.  you can get a peek here >>  i’m SUPER excited and will have to have my boys “man” my table for a bit so i can break away to go have a good peek.

i’ve created two new collages this past week to take, and framed and matted them for fun.  taking photos through frame glass is dumb in that you cannot see the detail but here is a little peek:

mixed media collage, alicia caudle

i’ve been quiet in the blog world while prepping for this.  so far i have 8 small collages (see previous post), some large collages, 5 charlotte assemblages, 5 or 8 other assemblages (let’s see what i can finish today!), some books and journals, a pile of wrist cuffs (unfortunately all of my man cuffs have sold so these are all girly)… a few copies of the zine, art prints and some “finn and mum” plushy monsters that i will share with you soon.  i’m sharing my space with the wonderfully talented artist jake benj (who is also in one of my very talented husby’s bands, cookbook — they kick serious arse and i shall share them with you soon):

oil painting on wood by jake benj

for next month i’m working on a new series called “fragments” which has broken victorian era dolls.  this is not complete, of course, but this gives you an idea of what i’m working on:

fragments, victorian era doll, broken doll pieces, assemblage

fragments, victorian doll assemblage, mixed media art, altered art

what are you working on?  if you’re in the ‘hood, you should bring it down and show me tomorrow.  🙂

* For those who don’t remember or didn’t catch it, that is a combo-word of “duh” and “obviously”