have i really not visited blogland for over a month!?  wowz!  i miss everyone so mucho!  time sure does fly!

february was fun — lots of little projects that i will offer peeks to (some from the zine, some from pulp, etc…)  i SO cannot believe it’s already april!

this was both a gift for my husby and a piece for the zine.  i love the animal skull — he found it for me in our back yard.

mixed media assemblage, altered bits zine peek

this is an ever so secret peek at what i’ve been working on for lisa jurist‘s book for pulp redux.  i’ve been loving it so much that i’m doing a series of pieces based upon the theme and idea.

mixed media altered book, pulp redux peek, alice in wonderland

i had EVERY intention of doing ICE this year, but alas, i ran out of time.  i forget every now and then that home schooling and having two businesses and trying to make daily art time is a lot to do alone, and i add too many other little bits and pieces.  hopefully next year!

mixed media altered book, pulp redux peek, alice in wonderland

want to see the cutest thing in the world?  this is going to be in the zine, art by my little dude.  just you wait!  🙂

mixed media altered book, pulp redux peek, alice in wonderland

this is one of the goofiest things i’ve ever made and it cracks me up.  you can see it in the zine too.

mixed media altered book, pulp redux peek, alice in wonderland

speaking of which, i’ve been a HUGELY busy bee with the zine finalization.  in a nutshell: spend a few hours designing each page (40something pages, that is).  fun!  email lulu a question.  wait a week for a response.  whoops, wrong department.  email right department.  wait 1.5 weeks for a response.  “will have to find the answer to that and get back to you.”  wait another week.  get response, spend a week converting files but interrupted by two weeks of HEAVY client work/projects (have to make dollars every now and then).  phew, done.  upload files (this is fun — takes about 5 minutes per page even with uber-fast connection speeds).  get test copy before letting others order it.  omg, where is page 26!?  start back over with the uploading process.  this is SO very much fun!.. and no, that is not sarcasm.  i just get to giggle a lot.  and make fun of myself — forgot to do a cover.  yes, a COVER so it was just plain ol’ white.  heh.  the GOOD news is that the whole thing should be available for all to see within the next two weeks, max (crossed fingers!).  i’m giddy with bliss!

for now, back to uploading (the pages are between 20 and 60 MB, a few larger, so it will take a wee bit).

oh!  i have some very exciting news: an upcoming blog-hop with lots of fun and prizes.  more on that in the next wee bit… mostly ’cause i’m not sure if i’m supposed to say anything yet.  shhh.