second zine peekthis is the time when i get super quiet and don’t post for awhile… working on the zine like crazy (plus prepping for a wee show, a new etsy shop and working on pulp)!  i’m horrible at answering emails in times like this so don’t take it personally if you feel ignored (there are currently 979 unread messages in my inbox).

some pieces are still trickling in for the zine since i allowed a post-deadline deal of this friday for those that gave me a head’s up —  so exciting to see all of the magnificent work that you all have created!  thank you so much!  it feels like i’m playing graphic tetris: fit this here, squeeze that in there, turn this to go there, etc.  i have a couple of gaps, but i’ll figure it out, i’m sure (think there is a 1/2 blank page in the gallery section and a 3/4 blank page in letters and symbols but hopefully i will work it out and MAYBE a full notorious page).  if you get it to me by friday (PST — so saturday for some of you “other side of the world” folks), i MAY accept another piece or two but i’m not making any promises… not to sound like a big meany pants.  details are here >>

more soon.