sadly, the final year of one world one heart is coming to an end, but happily, i have three winners.  congratulations!

the winner of the frozen charlotte doll and recycled sari silk is:
Dawne Shaw

the winner of the “collaged bits” digital collage sheet pack is:
Fiona of My Artful Muse

and the winner of my “still” anatomical collage is:
Aimee Jeffries of Misty Moon Creations

i’ll be contacting you three ASAP to get your addresses.  well, except for the digital sheets… but i’ll mail those out soon.  tomorrow is my birthday and although that’s not exciting by the time you’re in your 30s, apparently there are many festive things planned around here for the next few days.  but it’s a secret and i have no clue what it is.  everything will be off to you lovely ladies by saturday at the latest.

thank you so much, all who entered, and thank you for picking!  it’s been such a pleasure to meet so many wonderful and talented people.