i’ve been on a handmade book and journal kick lately and completed two more last night.  this one is teeny tiny and goes into an assemblage of sorts that is not ready to share (truth be told, i’m not sharing it until the zine comes out, ha!).

tiny handmade book

ignore the glue on my filthy little fingers…

the second was started before i got pneumonia.  i couldn’t finish it for a long time ’cause it didn’t really feel “me” despite my secret obsession with peacocks, creamy vintage crocheted lace and vintage beads, but it’s done, and i’m off on a couple anatomical books now, as well as some with glass covers (working on drill pressing glass is going to be fun!!).  this one was just added to my shop (it’s a little blank journal with 44 pages):

peacock feather book, peacock nest
i think i actually showed this before, now that i think of it.  boring!  sorry about that.  did i show the test tube books?  i must go check…

i’m quite behind on blogging but soon will be posting that ever so cool pile of things i found that made me gasp, details on the zine (you still have time to submit your piece or three!!), photos of my recent commission and something so sweet you’ll want to cry.  not really, but it’s sweet, promise.

what are you working on this week?