huge lot of frozen charlotte dolls, bathing dolls, victorian bisque dolls

my oh my!  i am a lucky girl and a half!!  i’ve just obtained about… oh… 450 new frozen charlottes, 50 charlies or so, and roughly 200 victorian era (a bit pre-charlotte) dolls as well as some other fantastic things for both personal consumption and for sale on my site (doll heads, bodies, cuckoo clock movements, watch parts, etc.).  i’m going to have a little charlotte giveaway one of these days too, but i’m suddenly busy again so give me a sec.  🙂  i must get these babies organized, sorted and listed on the altered bits website.  woohoo!  the above image is part of box #1 of five… (will share more when i open the others) over the weekend/next week.  you will die when you see one thing i have to soon share!  well, i really do hope you DON’T die, but you may gasp a little… i promise it’s cool and quite rare.

free image for you:

free vintage photo, dancer, lady, antique, altered art, mixed media art, altered book

also, i have three winners to announce from my little give-away… drum roll please….

first, for the cdv photograph bundle: comment #6, jill zaheer

second, for the coin charms: comment #3, tracey (and will)

and third, for the little mermaid doll: commenter #12, cyndi neumann


please email your addresses to me (hi at altered bits dot com) and i will get these mailed out to you early next week… at the latest.  if i don’t hear from you i’ll email you in a few days (going to me MIA for a few minutes first, so sorry!!).


i have a fun story to share that you will really enjoy if you liked the history behind this really old post about the shanghai tunnels in portland… but it will have to wait as i have a new commission piece that i have to get done by tuesday the 25th!!  (i’m insane to agree to such commitments, but oh how i love custom work AND creating under pressure!!). it’s not directly tied into that story, btw, but… it’s hauntingly cool and shares some historically entwined paths.

back to “work” for me… even though it’s after midnight.  love working in the middle of the night sometimes…