phew.  i haven’t been around lately… for about two weeks now… because i felt like i was on my death bed.  very short version is that i had an almost 104 degree fever for 8 days before i found out that i have pneumonia and an ear infection (i thought only kiddos got ear infections!!?).  this came after my little dude had been sick for a couple weeks with a flu that turned into (you guessed it!), pneumonia!  since the day after thanksgiving, we’ve all been a big ol’ ball of germs and little else.  as of friday evening, i started in on some serious antibacterial herbs and other goodies from my naturopath so am on the road to recovery.  today is almost the first time i’ve gotten off the couch in 10 days, if you can believe it.  (i did go to the hospital in there and they said that i seemed like i had malaria!??!!!  then said i was “fine”…  hospitals can be dumb, i think.)

anyway, just wanted to send out love and good wishes.  will for sure pop around to everyone soon and say hello and see what you’ve been up to, etc.  and i have huge catch-up on emails — so sorry for not responding but i’m sure you understand now that you know why.  i have just been sleeping and seeping (and hacking and burning up).  lots of orders to send out and apology notes to write, thank you’s for submissions to the zine (looking great!!), etc.  hope to be cured within a week or so and back in action and then i can catch up before our house-full of solstice guests arrive.  ugh.

oh, and those aren’t my lungs… or other body parts.