so, i was insane to put the zine submissions deadline in december… at this rate i won’t even get anything done for it and that would be no bueno.  if you’re not sure what i’m talking about, see my previous post about the altered bits zine.

new deadline is january 28, 2011.  if you wish to play in the zine, please have submissions to me by then, instead of the previous mentioned december 20th.  between the holidays, gift making, a couple art fairs, two exhibits and other arty obligations, this will work way better for me and probably for you too.

handmade book, journal, book of secrets

in the past couple of weeks, i’ve made a zillion mini books (having been having heaps of fun inventing new binding methods — see two of them above), a series of new anatomical collages, more journals, some cuffs, and lots of other things — i’ve been quiet in blogland but that’s so not the case on the home-front.  lots of art and news to share soon when i have a wee bit more time.  and soon, i’ll post peeks of lisa j’s book i’m working on for the pulp collab (i started in on it a few weeks ago but didn’t touch it again until last night).

happy sunday!