so, things had gotten really crazy around here for a while.  a long while.  and as a result some things have suffered, such as the altered bits zine.  but no more!  i shall slack no longer!  (even if “slacking” means home schooling my son, remodeling parts of the house, redecorating other parts, prepping for a couple of shows, filling daily customer orders and designing my little heart out for “day” clients…)

announcing, a new and improved call for entries for the…

altered bits, mixed media, art zine
the two themes that were voted on several months ago will remain the same, but since most of you have probably forgotten what those were, i shall refresh your memories AND add info below on an additional, not previously decided up section.  if you are going to enter PLEASE read the guidelines below, which will soon also be added to the zine page on the altered bits site when i have a bit of “extra” time.

this is the first PRINT version of the altered bits zine.  previous issues were online/digital versions and can be viewed at the aforementioned zine page (all zine downloads have since been removed, however there are still links to view all of the issues/pages of previous zines).

altered bits, mixed media, art zine

first theme: notorious [noh-tawr-ee-uhs, -tohr-, nuh-]


1. widely and unfavorably known: a notorious gambler.
2. publicly or generally known, as for a particular trait: a newspaper that is notorious for its sensationalism.
notorious theme, altered bits mixed media art zine

this was a fantastic theme idea, suggested by our very own kerin gale of remnants of olde.  it tied for first place with theme number two way back when we did the voting.  i can think of lots of things to do for this theme as i’m sure you can imagine.  🙂

altered bits, mixed media, art zine

theme number two: letters and symbols

i can already tell that this is going to be a biggy — what a fantastic theme!

letters and symbols theme, altered bits mixed media art zine

this theme was suggested by robert willson of apollinaire’s tattoo, whose blog sadly no longer exists.  robert, if you see this i still have a little wooden box of goodies for you and need your mailing address.

altered bits, mixed media, art zine

the third section for the zine is an “anything goes” gallery of mixed media art.  miss a previous theme that you think you’d have fit in?  send it in.  have a cool assemblage or book or collage that doesn’t fit either of the themes that you know kicks enough artistic arse to be included?  send it in.

letters and symbols theme, altered bits mixed media art zine

other stuff:

the zine will also contain an artist interview.  just you wait — you will love this one!!  i’m already giddy about it and it’s my zine and i hand picked this amazingly wonderful artist just for YOU.  (okay, and me!)

there will be a potential bit of tiny extra room so feel free to send an article, tutorial or perhaps an outline of a really cool collaboration you’ve been a part of (with photos, of course)… this could be fun!


all submitted images need to high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) and at least 1800 pixels at its shorted side (that’s six inches for non-pixel folks).  the larger, the better.  unfortunately due to the huge amount of time it takes to receive, organize, layout, design and publish the zine, any submissions that do not fit the submission guidelines will be overlooked.  sorry — it’s just SO much work, you just don’t even know (last zine logged in at over 120 hours of my time, for example).

each artist can submit up to THREE pieces for consideration.  whatever category you want (all one or mix and match — totally up to you).  please send each submission in a separate email with one image and a couple of optional detail shots if desired.  all photos should be JPGs, PNGs or TIFs.  email subject should be: altered bits zine submission.  email to hi [at] altered bits [dot] com but obviously with no spaces and in proper email format.  🙂

please send an artist bio including links to your site(s), blog(s), etc. with your submission(s).  this can be sent as a word doc (NOT A DOCX FILE — i hate word and use open office so cannot open docx files).  don’t put the bio into the body of the email unless you’re also attaching it as a separate file too.  please and thank you.  this makes things much easier for me in the long run when matching up art and bios when doing layout/design.  i’m ADD enough and really don’t want to chase bits and pieces when unnecessary.  (i’m sleepy so hope i don’t sound like a bitch here!)  not all bios will be used due to lack of space, however your name, location, and url(s) will most definitely appear next to your art either way.

because i typically receive heaps of submissions, please name all of your files like this: caudle-alicia-bio.doc, caudle-alicia_death-of-the-apothecary.png… etc. BUT with your name and piece titles.  yeah!  again, this just makes things easier for me and will help me to get the zine designed and published faster so you can see it quicker.

this one is a biggie: please, please, please do not use any copyrighted imagery or copyrighted text in your submission.  there are tons of free sites with imagery under commons licenses, etc..  i don’t want to have to redo or nix the zine due to someone infringing on a copyright, ya know.  that would be a huge bummer and ruin it for the rest of us.

letters and symbols theme, altered bits mixed media art zine

advertising opportunities:

there will be slots available to purchase advertising space in the back of the zine as well.  our previous online zines received thousands of downloads and views so this is a nice potential opportunity to get yourself out there for a decent low price.  lower rates for artists, a slight bit higher rates for retailers.  i’ve received dozens of inquiries about this and will post pricing about this to my site soon in a downloadable PDF file.  i can help with print quality ad designs if necessary so don’t fret if you only have web resolution banner ads and such — we’ll work it out.

i feel as if i may be forgetting some things but it’s nearly 1 AM here so that’s totally understandable, i’m sure.  if so, i’ll add it soon to my site where you can all check out the info.  wanna play?

(thought so!)


p.s.  whoops!  i forgot a deadline.  i hate deadlines so it’s no wonder.  let’s say december 20th, 2010.  i will add this to my site tonight and respond to those of you who inquired as well.  for now though, off to the pumpkin patch with the little man!