hand made book, altered book, collaboration, labyrinth

where does time go? i said in my last pulpy post “i’ve just finished the cover and will post photos on wednesday” and here it is saturday.  that’s what you get when you’re a wife, a home school mom to a fireball kiddo, owner of two businesses and arty girl who can’t stop creating.  better late than never, eh?  and i confess: i have been very, very naughty.  i realized that i can post-date blog posts, so spent the last two weeks posting multiple blogs on sundays all at once.  i’m not going to do that anymore ’cause it throws me off.

anyway, this is the cover of the little book that i showed some of the guts of in this post last weekend.  click to see enlarged version — it’s rather “nesty” looking behind the labyrinth.

it measures roughly 4″ x 5″ and will go into the other parts of lisa’s book that i’m working on this weekend (starting today, that is).  shown here is a chartres labyrinth covered with little slabs of mica and rusty metal brads.

here is a tiny bit of detail as you can’t see it well in the above photo:

hand made book, altered book, collaboration, labyrinth

and the side view with my intentionally rough binding stitches (click to enlarge):

i am digging how rustic and old this all looks, like from way, way back when labyrinths started, zillions of years ago.  that is, at least, what i was striving for.

now i’m off to work on another part of her book.  seems i’m now limited to weekends for the pulp projects… so must hurry!

happy saturday, all!