i have been working on SO many books lately, heaps of assemblages and lots of fabric pieces that i’ve been finding myself missing paper and paint.  the sound of the brush on paper, the glide of its bristles… the smell of super old paper.  yummy!  so while i had no computer, i started in on some new collages just for fun.  i’ve also used several of my totally natural hand made inks and dyes (black, brown, beige, yellowish and red).  more about that another day.

this hasn’t a title but i like it none the less.  i seem to have a “thing” for three circles — noticed that even old works from a few years ago has them (and even older works have two circles).  i wonder what this subconsciously symbolizes to me.  my three family members?  the third decade of my life?  who knows… but circles are fun.  do you have a symbol or shape that appears and reappears in your art?

mixed media collage, painting, circles, handmade ink, handmade dye

these two are entitled “nesting” and “heart song”.  i’m sure you can figure out which is which, huh?  😉

collage, mixed media, paint, ink, dye, natural, paper, vintage sheet music collage, mixed media, paint, ink, dye, anatomical heart, vintage sheet music

currently they are hanging in my new, almost complete living room, but i started them with the intention of either having them in my next arty exhibit or saving them and actually signing up for ICE this year.  the husby wants to keep them, but that’s pretty typical and i always remind him that he can’t keep everything i make.  his response?  well, it’s not like i want to wear your cuffs and i don’t really need a journal so no problem. he’s cute.

happy friday!