several weeks ago i was interviewed by the wonderful ms. debbie overton from mixed media collage artists marketplace.  this is a new thing for me — i’m typically the interviewer and rarely the interviewee.

as noted on the site, the mission of the marketplace is:  “A place to connect, promote, inspire and share resources to help others live a creative life in their artful journey!”  how fantastic and kind of debbie to do so much to promote people. i adore this lady!  if you don’t already follow her blog you should.  there are amazing creative contributors and fantastic artist interviews, reviews, etc.  debbie also has a wonderful ning group that i have been a part of for a long time:

click the image below (a screen shot of the mmca marketplace blog) to read the complete interview:

artist interview, alicia caudle, mmca marketplace

thank you so much, debbie!

artist interview, alicia caudle, mmca marketplace

in other news, happiness is a good, functional computer!  i got it back with almost everything totally restored and in good working order.  i’m insane about backing things up, but my external little terabyte drive drive started smoking a couple of weeks ago, literally, and i lost it.  that had everything on it — totally intended to replace it straight away but in dealing with school district bullshit, computer poo, a couple of shows, redecorating three rooms in the house, remodeling part of the other house and other insanity, it got pushed to a back burner.  bad me!  now i have two back-up drives.  i implore you to do the same as any little thing can go awry and it can wreak huge havoc on your arty life.  another thing: back up your blog every so often “just in case”.  i have a WP blog on my main site which was just hacked and deleted. that’s where i posted sales and specials, new site items, artist interviews, etc.  this is my tech side speaking… but it’s good to know.  </techie girl rant>

artist interview, alicia caudle, mmca marketplace

my sweet friend keriny (the ninny) deserves a little shout out right now too.  if you haven’t read her most recent blog post, you should!  i am so proud of this girl!!  not only does she have her new book coming out soon (inspired remnants, curious dreams — available on amazon for pre-order but that is the WRONG cover they have up there right now), she is going to be in another book entitled 1000 steampunk creations.  i can’t wait to get the book!

this is the magnificently GORGEOUS piece that she will have in the book:

you may or may not be able to tell by looking at it, but this genius necklace is actually a time travel device.  you should hop right over to her blog to read about it.  know what’s really flippin’ cool though?  i own this necklace.  this gorgeous piece of steampunk genius is MINE.  😉  (oh, and i get a photo credit in the book, but that’s nothing, really, compared to her BEING in it!)  congrats again, lady!!  (oh, and if you do read this post of hers, you will see that we’re in cahoots and planning up a few pretty darn magnificent things together as you read this!)  (not sure i’ve ever said “cahoots” before in my life.  what is the origin of this wacky word?)

i wish things hadn’t been so crazy lately and i wasn’t so busy.  i was featured in FIVE etsy treasuries this week.  i’m not bragging at all — my point is that they were GORGEOUS and i would have LOVELOVED to share the other people with you.  birdcage, one of my prints, was in two of them… the rest was cool doll parts and a frozen charlotte art piece.

thank you so much to everyone for all of your words of support about my computer.  she is healed and i’m sooooo happy.  🙂