the pulse, studio scapes, the altered page
join the altered page on sunday, september 12th for StudioScapes, the newest installment of the pulse. on that day, and continuing on consecutive sundays, stop by to see images of vignettes from the studios and homes of nearly 150 artists, each one chosen by the artist as their own favorite.  mine will be a part of this tomorrow, so make sure to check it out if you are remotely curious about what crazy pisces girls keep in their studios.

i’ve been quite quiet for a long time but am excited to be nearly caught up.  i’ve been prepping for two shows, potentially a third, remodeling parts of our home, redecorating others and jumping in head-first to the world of homeschooling (that’s the short list).  i have SO many new things to share and will do so soon.  for now though, make sure to check out StudioScapes!  i’m very excited about this new chapter of the pulse and know you will be too.

also, the pulp redux collaboration is back in action — we had a few little slow-downs for bit bit but i should be receiving TWO books in the coming week and new stuff has been posted on our pulp redux blog.  you really must go peek!