phew.  i feel like i haven’t been “here” in ages.  not in the blog world or home.  we’ve just returned from a longer than anticipated trip… all over the place but spent the most time in southern california.  it was hot but wonderful fun for the most part.  and the little man got to visit disneyland for the first time which of course, as you know, is probably one of the most thrilling things in the world to a seven year old.  i had fun too… despite being a huge wimp when it comes to rides.  i’m even a bigger wimp when it comes to NO ART for 6 or 11 or whatever days it was.  not cool at all.  for that alone i’m glad to be home.

so today, reunited with paint and paper and fabric and lace, i made stuff.  first sewed a new curtain on a whim.  all kitchen curtains should have a pocket, ya know.  why?  i think i said something about this the last time i made a kitchen curtain (the one i decided was ugly this morning).  because husbands can be really mean beasts who hide your ring in an obscure cup or vase on the top shelf of the cupboard that you couldn’t even reach if you wanted to when you take it off to make him a damned meatloaf and lets you whine and cry for 17+ minutes that you THINK it went down the garbage disposal.  now, yeps, a pocket.  a sweet little dainty one that his big grubby man hands can’t fit in to thieve my pretty wedding ring… even if HE wanted to.  ha!  take that, husby!

vintage lace, coffee stained, curtain, pocket

after my mini bout of sewing (the curtain took all of 15 minutes to create so of course i needed much more) a heard a little folk story that made me somewhat weepy but smiley and a feel a bit verklempt.  so i had to make something in honor of said story.  the story goes like this (imagine this in the voice of johnny cash, which is how i heard it):

A Mother’s Love

Once a young man lived with his mother beside a great forest.  The young man was in love with a beautiful girl who lived in the forest.  He told the girl in the forest that if she would marry him, he would bring her anything that she asked.  Knowing that he lived with his mother, the girl said “take your dagger and cut out your mother’s heart and bring it to me and I will marry you”.  This made the young man very sad, but he wanted to marry the girl so he killed his mother and cut out her heart.  Running through the forest with his mother’s heart in his hands, he stumbled and fell and dropped the heart.  As he was getting up, his mother’s heart cried out from the ground, “My son, did you hurt yourself when you fell?”

and this is what i started to make, which is of course not done (the heart piece will be a door that opens to reveal the story inside, me thinks):

anatomical heart, vintage lace, coffee stained, fabric, collage, rusty metal

i have a new-found love of my local library.  i buy way too many books.  i picked up THREE of the books from seth’s book guild posts that i’ve been wanting to check out before potentially buying (the principals of uncertainty, journal revolution and eco-books) and a bit of velvet and a dash of lace (magnolia pearl book).  i love the principals of uncertainty!!  i will buy it for sure.  just reading the first little bit made me want to make a book for my son (i like writing stories), so of course i started in on that straight away.  it’s mostly crazy childhood stories for my boy, like when my sister sucked on a slug and almost died, and mama doodles and stuff like that…

funny.  i never posted this the other day when i wrote it ’cause my internet went down for days (router up in smoke).  so, i finished the principals of uncertainty and i loved it.  i think you should get it if you like art and doodles and witty, insightful girls who are eloquent and quirky in unison.  i will go back to find out who suggested it and thank them personally (tomorrow though ’cause we’re off to the zoo today).

missin’ you all heaps!  i’m off to start my three day blog catch up time the moment we return from our wild adventure.  woohoo!