geeze.  until a week ago, us poor portlanders hadn’t seen but three days of partial sun all year long.  finally, this past week, we were blessed with nearly endless rays of warmth and light.  i swear, i went from jeans and a sweatshirt and heavy coat at night to not wanting to wear a damn thing due to heat within about 10 hours.  summer, finally!

because it’s so gorgeous out, i’ve been horrible with follow through.  haven’t finished a load of things i “should” have, though i did get one commission piece done (and like a flippin’ idiot forgot to take photos).  he loved it and i’m going to go get some next weekend.  i’ll at least have that to share, and the finality of debrina’s pulp book.  i know, i know.  i’m horrible.  should have mailed that off weeks ago!

i DID do something productive though (other than planting three new garden beds while my modem was non-operational due to explosion)… i started a new etsy shop.  i realized that antiques really don’t “go” with the whole arty, found object “thing” i have going on on altered bits so i now have salvaged bits, a place where i am parting with some of my antiques and one of a kind stuff.  i may be building a second studio but that doesn’t mean i have room for everything i own.  plus we are short for a trip we must take to visit my in-laws this summer, so… perhaps this will help me to contribute to the family need for airfare.

if you missed kerin’s latest post, she mentioned that (quite ironically) she started a second etsy shop on the very same day as me.  or i as her.  go check it out!  the naughty cuff links she mentioned?  they are here:

what are you guys working on this week?  i’ve been slowed down by summer break and kiddo at home, but managed to do more on my new series of assemblages, more on a few paintings, started two more pieces — a shrine and a 3d collage, and worked a tad bit more on my newest book cover.  here is the tiniest of peeks:

this book is for myself as i haven’t actually made one to keep in many, many years.  i’m also starting another for a collab with kerin.  those will probably end up being 2.5 feet thick and we’ll have to meet half-way to swap ’em rather than trying to ship them.

now that i have internet again, i’m coming ’round to see what you’ve all been up to!  xx