my sweet friend alisha may proposed an art challenge on the altered bits fb page (where we are starting to play a bit) with the theme of aggression.  this was to be all-inclusive of such feelings and adjectives as chaos, irritation, frustration, etc.  remember that horrible ex-client who screwed me over?  i know i’ve mentioned my grandma being unwell and in and out of the hospital and me being sad that i can’t do anything to make her feel better.  paypal is a recent additional example (see previous post)… i’ve had plenty of irritation and frustration this year so i was quite excited to play.  not everything can be love and roses and blood pumping anatomical hearts, right?


tangled. 5″x7″ mixed media on canvas.  no forethought.  just “aggression”, or the release thereof (can’t you just envision paint flying?  nah — i was actually quite peacefully contented while creating this piece but let’s pretend i was chaotically creating as it looks more enticing in my mind).

tangled, aggression, mixed media, canvas, painting, abstract

(click image to enlarge)

i want to do ten more.