sweet rainey of the josie baggley company recently posted a video on her blog, which i couldn’t stop watching.  you should go check it out.  the third time i watched it i accidentally clicked on it mid-way, which took me (of course) to youtube, which in turn made me happen upon this video (below) which was listed in the side bar that i also cannot stop watching:

i want to get into animation someday.  how fun it would be to make my digital work move and actually “do” something.

today i am coming round to catch up on blogs (hi!).  i had been away from the computer for… about 5 or 6 days.  how nice to have a break!  belly dancing and visiting with humans in the flesh is way more fun than sitting upon my arse sometimes.  🙂  today: updating my site with new art and goodies i’ve gotten over the past week, and learning to drill glass without breaking it.  wish my fingers luck!