just received an convo that i was added to this very hearty etsy treasury.  i heart all of these things too, and two were already in my favorites, ironically.

anatomical art, heart, etsy, treasury

i’ve been quiet lately because:

  • school’s almost out for  the summer and i’ve been busting booty to get things in order in my studio(s) so i can play with the little man when he’s home… all day… every day… for months and months in a row.
  • my sweet gram has been in the hospital again and i’ve been loving her up and worrying about her (goes back home to her assisted living home today — they are so wonderful there!).
  • i’ve been kicking my health’s arse — ka-cha — take that!!  i was pseudo-diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome but i’ll be having none of that.  i’m on day 5 of my “cure” and i feel great!  just  like a 27 year old girl with pigtails and a whip (but not in a “weird way”).
  • i have started a new series of LOTS of pieces that i’ve been obsessed with.
  • we got a wireless router (finally!) and i added netflix to it so rather than watching a show or movie per week, i’ve been watching really cool documentaries every day about space and history and science.  nostradamus, time travel, egypt and string theory are really flippin’ cool.
  • i’ve been plugging away on deb’s pulpy book.  woots!  will post soon.
  • both of my cars broke down in unison so i’m learning how to be a mechanic today.  (4runners are really too tall for short girls to work on!)

how’ve you been?  i miss you!