happy mother’s day, mamas!!

mother's day card, handmade card, i love you mama
today has been such a blast!  i was awoken with breakfast in bed of turkey bacon, an egg, a lovely piece of gluten free toast and strawberries along with a hot cuppa coffee and a lovely bouquet of dandelions that the little man hand picked fresh from our ever-growing yard.

upon coming downstairs, i was showered with lots of wonderful gifts.  my boys are the best!  the first was a nice bottle of arrogant bastard ale, one of my favorite beers (this is an annual tradition — see last year’s mother’s day post).  then finn brought me my first gifts — a head massager (i’ve seen them at the store several times and apparently he sensed my fascination):

head massager
and three magnets that he purchased at his school art fair last week.  i’ll post on that soon.  i saw these magnets and fell in love — they are part of a huge recycled border that three generations of family members drew on, and the dad/grandpa painted.  how sweet!!

art magnets, recycled art
next, i was given the cutest and tiniest little box of japanese fortune pencils.  translation please?  they forgot to get the accompanying hand-out that had them in english.  if anyone knows japanese and wants to enlighten me, i would be ever so grateful, and would trade you some collage sheets or goodies from my shop.  these are so tiny!  maybe four inches tall, and ever so precious!

japanese fortune pencils

then my little bugsy made me cry.  he gave me the sweetest card!!  the front can be seen above.  inside, this is what it said and yes, he wrote the whole thing himself!  he’s going to be a damn lady killer when he grows up, that boy!

inside of mother's day card
he said he made sure to write it in his very best handwriting.  and then told me that my arms are beautiful because the give the best hugs in the world.  i cried again.  (just typing this is nearing me to weepiness.)

such wonderful boys i have!  boys = husby and son.  half the time people think i’m the mother of two, whoops.  anyway, they clearly went shopping at uwajimaya, which i adore.  they always have the funnest things in their gift/non-food department and the yummiest pho supplies.  the boys love their sushi but i don’t go there.  anyway, the gift giving wasn’t done yet…

i have a “thing” when it comes to coffee cups.  i like MY cup.  and i don’t like anyone to touch said cup.  i had six of these but my husband tainted a few by taking them to work so now i just have two.  while at uwajimaya, they happened upon a big dude named banaru.  banaru is a banana drinking a cocktail on a couch with a fluffy little dog on his lap.  funny as hell!  so they picked out this fantastically funny banaru coffee cup for me.  no one can get away with using this one!

banaru coffee cup
oh wait, here is a photo of the box.  it cracks me up:

banaru banana
look at this tape!  it’s japanese vellum tape.  the husby picked out the package of the pretty red ones and the little man picked out the yellow illustrated one.

japanese vellum tape
and last but not least, they got me this ever so sweet little girl!  i’ve made an animated image of the box and how it opens.  japanese packaging is the best in the world!  check this out!!  AND she was the ONLY red-head and the ONLY one with pigtails… she’s just like me.  and has a dragonfly on her kimono!  so alicia-mama-wife-esque! she is a momiji and her name is laughter.

laughing momiji for mother's day
the packaging is the same stuff they make water wings out of and practically the same shape.  i will be hording it, of course.  there is a little space in her bum, or base, for a mini note.  and the note inside was ever so sweet!  after all of this my lovely ones took me to get this cute little shelf i wanted (and a huge new basket i wanted for fabric so i can have shelf space again) and of course she will live there, right atop the sweet new shelf.  i’ll take photos.  THEN, if you can believe this, they took me to the fabric store.  i took them out to lunch for that one.  so sweet!  got stuff for 3 or 5 new journals (lots of new ones to post) and more snaps and other closures for more cuff bracelets which i’ll also soon share.

anyway, the momiji is so me — she likes integral calculus and scavenger hunts.  if you didn’t catch the quote on the box that makes me laugh, you can see it here:

momiji laughing quote
i love my boys and feel like the luckiest mum in the world today.  i hope you do too!

heart heart heart