first and foremost, i love debs beyond words.  she’s one of my sweetest and best friends.  i say this because i’m just posting a wee bit of non-discernible pupliness which could, for all intents and purposes, make me appear to be a taunting little bitch.  but i’m not.   suspense is fun, right?  as many of you know, i have her book, through the eye glass, and the following photos are teeny tiny snippets of some of what i’ve done so far.  i want her to wonder a bit.  squirm a little.  i’m not going to reveal much until it’s complete (soon!).

this part isn’t done, and it’s pretty much all she’s seen so far.

he may need to be aged a wee bit more…

pretty crystal beads…

this handle may need a wee longer in the vinegar too… (oh, a handle!?  does something open!??)

more pretty beads.  vintage glass, i think.  from the 40s, but oh well.  can’t get EVERYTHING from the 1800s for the book, right?

a tiny proof of their travels.

my mum found two of these buttons and they are very, very special to me.  i’ve kept them in a sweet little box for years.  supposedly, or at least as she was told when she bought them, they are actually from the late 1800s which is perfect, since deb’s story starts in 1896.  who better should have the other half of my pair?

mmm. vinegar patina.  pretty.  (is that part of a locket??  maybe.)

if you can figure out what this is, i’ll give you a buck.

half machine, half hand.  may remove it though… not that you have any clue what it is, i’d guess.

i made this from scratch.  ingredients: candle wax, scotch tape roll, old chinese coin, copper paint, baby wipe and the movie labyrinth — i got bored on our family 80s movie night.

more proof of their travels?

i’m not positive where this will go yet but a) it’s practically an eye glass and b) it has a five on it.  five of us girls are working on each book.  must be used.

more soon.

(update — i added more photos to the pulp redux blog)