it seems crazy to me that it’s been a couple of weeks since i’ve posted anything, but oh my i have been having so much fun!!  i get too busy sometimes, and i feel like my head is up my arse a bit but my break has reminded me that i have one damn cool child!  i never forget this, of course, but sometimes i remember it more than other times.  we hung out all of spring break and i kept thinking to myself “where did you come from!??”  “you are almost seven!?”  i think sometimes that in my heart and mind he is still three.  i’m not a child neglecter at all, of course, but i think we (moms, people… humans) can get so wrapped up in our “now” that we forget to see the things we most love exactly as they are in the moment.  so, we played.  a lot.  for the past two weeks.  yeps!  then we had a storm that make me have no internet for four days and i didn’t complain… i just painted for a little “me time”.

paint texture, crackle, text, color, mixed media, art
don’t you just love those moments when you’re just working away on something, painting a plain little background to something new, and poof! a miraculous accident happens?  this occurred for me the other day.  short version: paint, crackle medium and fireball six year old boys running through the kitchen, crashing and spilling things on piece (i never really work in the kitchen but this particular night was different as i was making pho and didn’t want to forget and burn the house down), then boy trying to fix said piece and poof.  this.

mixed media art

i love dying things with coffee, both brewed and instant.  that was the start to my last week as i always like to have an ample array of coffee stained crocheted lace and fabrics on hand.  i was working on a piece for the next zine (more on that soon) so tossed in some extra stuff so as not to waste that precious liquid.

coffee stained lace, heart, dying with coffee, aging fabric, aged lace
crocheted lace, coffee stain, aging lace, stained lace, antiquing lace
sometimes when doing larger pieces i like to keep one side in longer than the other to give some variance.  this way i end up with darker and lighter pieces to later use in my art.

lace, tatted lace, crocheted lace, coffee stain, stained, dye, aged

mixed media art

we are solely bunny celebrators when it comes to easter here, and apparently i’ve been a good mum for the past six point whatever years… the little man of the house proclaimed that he wanted natural eggs and hoped that the bunny was too green to bring “horrible plastic eggs”.  i was pretty thrilled.  last year we dyed eggs with beet juice and other natural stuff but this year i forgot it was easter and with our loss of internet was unable to research other good things to use.  i caved and let the wee’kin use food colouring, but he wanted to decorate them more.  i said “put some stickers on them”.

apparently my husby came in about ten minutes later to find the fridge door ajar.  he went to close it and the little man was crouched with both produce drawers open, peeling stickers off apples and lemons and oranges and cucumbers and putting them on the eggs.  he said “it’s more green to reuse these stickers than break out my new ones.”  too damn cute!

produce stickers, organic, eggs, easter

the bun’ found a nest the husby and i started a couple of years ago and keep adding to — it’s made from broken guitar and bass strings.  this was my favorite egg with a 942 sticker on it.

easter egg, numbers, nest, bird nest, birdnest, coloured egg, color

with the left overs, finn wanted to get a little crazy so as not to waste (good point)…

egg dye, dying lace, dyed fabric, easter
i can’t really foresee myself using anything so bright, but you never know… the perfect moment for uber green lace bits MAY just happen.  can never be too prepared, eh?

mixed media art

confession: i’ve never taken an art class in my life. i know this is apparent most of the time (the joy and fun is what matters to me!).  that being said… the other week i drew a girl, just for fun.  never finished it, but will soon.  sunday, i started some more girls.  i drew them in pencil.  went over them in ink.  painted them.  well, started.  neither are done, of course, and i have since finished the hair on the “blue girl” but how much fun this is!!   i’ll post them if i finish them.  i particularly like the back girl that you can’t see — will have a bird cage with a bird skeleton in it.  she was the first with skeleton hands but she’s not holding flowers…

painted drawings, girls, skeleton hands, flowers, bird skeleton, thrird eye

orange dress, texture, paint, faux crackle
and that’s that.  this is amply long enough anyway… like four posts in one.