all this give-away stuff has been just WAY too much fun (despite still having a couple of people to notify from the last)!!  and, in that spirit of giving and in celebration of my birthday (on thursday — yeah, crazy pisces girl), i would like to give YOU one more thing.

kerin gale, of remnants of olde and i are in cahoots on this one.  she is the creator of the wonderfully magnificent and extremely inspirational online art group mixed media art.  she is also an amazing teacher!  two of my favorites are resin clay pendants and vintage gentlemen textured resin — i have taken BOTH of these online workshops and there are very few things in the world that are more fun than an online workshop with kerin.  even better, you get to make some really flippin’ cool stuff!  so, this give away is for your choice of either the resin clay pendants workshop OR the vintage gentlemen textured resin workshop.  just leave a comment and you could win when i draw this weekend.

the drawing will be via random generator with finn (my son) as my witness.  he’s a 100% trustworthy assistant (as long as you don’t have change or chocolates on your desk as those tend to disappear when he’s around).  the winner will be posted at some point on the 21st.  (i’m allowed to be flighty and not give an exact time, right?  yep.).

BUT… that’s not all! sweet, sweet kerin has mentioned also that she will also be giving $10 off either the resin clay pendants online workshop or the vintage gentleman textured resin online workshop for the next week (starting… now!) — just put “altered bits” as a note on PayPal from today through the 24th (of feb).

good luck!!