well hell in a hand-basket! i started this year out all good and strong and creative and ready to kick artistic bum, but less than three weeks into it i seem to have crapped out. well, i’m still creative and overly-motivated but there was a wee hick-up or three. the short story: ruptured ovarian cyst… not that you asked.  and 3 new clients plus 4 more potentials.  and worse stuff, but i’ll save it as this must be quick.

anyway, most of you know that the lovely ms. debrina, jo and others and i are part of the dottie angel challenge. if you missed that, in a nut shell, we are only buying used and handmade for the year of 2010. i think this is a great to be even greener. i was “green” WAY before it was cool, i assure you, but this is just taking it one baby step farther. since we aren’t buying new and at least in my case have heaps and loads of excess or duplicates (who needs 5 bottles of one step crackle!?), i have created a new page on my blog entitled “barterable bits” — according to spell check, i made that word up.  anyway, peek above and you’ll see it.  soon, i will be adding photos and more items.  for now, it’s just a preliminary list.  wanna trade?

and check out debbie’s barter list here:

the barter circle
pretty post coming soon with new art and zine news and other good stuff.