every year or three we succumb to a strong urge to paint various rooms in our home a different color than the year(s) previous (or rather the husby just sighs and says “as you wish” and i get it done).  it seems we are drawn to different hues in cyclic patterns.  for example, i used to like red.  then for a few years i utterly despised it.  poof!  i wake up one day and red is the most lovely hue that ever existed.  i’ve always been fascinated by such things.  right now, i reestablishing a love affair with hues of earthy green, both light and dark, and super deep almost brownish purples.  i have loathed purple for years.

orange, paint, pumpkin, leaves

when i moved into my husby’s house, i was a much nicer girl.  i said “i’m having someone paint every room in this place — you pick the colors and i’ll pick the hues.”  yeah, not doing that again.  he wanted blue for the kitchen and orange for the dining room and living room.  orange?  i ended up creating a lovely warm terra-cotta pumpkin bliss, as we later named it, but it’s a bit much for four large walls in my opinion.  hues of orange evoke feelings of energy and excitement.  no wonder i never sleep…  i wish to paint it so i can relax.  i am thinking about either coffee-stained organic white cotton or dusty crocheted tablecloth tea-party or old crumbly paper (we like to make up weird paint names as we never chose one of those pre-mixed square-on-paper-card hues).  our downstairs hall, for example, is the most GORGEOUS shade of “bum dust” (which i would paint in the whole main level of our house if i wasn’t into different hues for every room).

bum dust paint, sock monkey hat, mossy rocks
i’m thinking that i will keep the blue hue of our kitchen and dining room for another year.  it’s happy happiness blue.  hues of blue create feels of calmness and serenity.  blue can also lower your pulse rate, so if you have high-blood pressure, maybe a nice azure room in your home would be of benefit to you?  or you can come for a visit for tea.

blue, painting of city, flowers, art, beach

how you do chose one single color to paint a wall?  there are way too many options out in the world.  i’ve decided my bedroom — that’s easy.  the walls with now be “my morning coffee” with “my favorite mug” as the trim hue — you can see just below.  the mug is a deep chocolate brown, not black as it may appear.  but how do i pick my living room hue?  put them in a hat and draw?  let the husby do it?  if he picked, it’d probably either be lime green or…. no, he’d keep it “orange”.  (and he would never really pick lime green.)

coffee stained lace, tea stained fabric, cream flowers, coffee

browns and tans bring a sense of warmth, comfort and security.  i love the earthiness and natural feeling of these hues.

but enough of that — i got distracted and this distraction has turned to excitement.  my plan for the day was to post this blog entry, read a dozen or three of some of my favorite blogs’ newest posts and do client/computer work.  got the client work done for the most part.  check.  got most of this post done — i had some other colors and feelings and blah, blah, blah, but i had a thought.  “i want a bonnet so someday when i get my trike, i’ll be ever so cute peddling around my neighborhood.”  actually my REAL thought was “i want a bonnet.”  so without a pattern, sewing skills to speak of or any decent fabric, i managed to create my wee bonnet anyway…

hand made black hat with crushed red velvet, tatted lace and cheesecloth
ingredients: left over fleece from my wee bug’s solstice skull blanket, some crushed deep red velvet, coffee stained cheese cloth and two types of lace, coffee stained piece of vintage crocheted tablecloth.  oh, and two long pieces of black velvet ribbon to tie it.  it’s ever so cute if i do say so myself — nowhere near the bonnet i posted the other day that i said “i wish i could sew like this!!” but maybe with practice…

hand made hat, bonnet, black and red, tatted lace, coffee stained lace
the back is cute too with all of it’s over-stitched red bits (it was a tiny bit too big so i had to take it in here and there).  or at least i think so.  my mom will make fun of me and say something about how i look like i’m trying out for a part on little house on the prairie but whatev.  she’s is so not cool enough to wear my hat!  😉

hand made hat, bonnet, black and red, tatted lace, coffee stained lace

hand made hat, bonnet, black and red, tatted lace, coffee stained lace

hand made hat, bonnet, black and red, tatted lace, coffee stained lace

i kinda failed on taking a picture of the right side, which has a cute red polk-a-dot but you get the idea.  as if five photos isn’t enough, i know.

happy wednesday… tomorrow for most of us.  i’m going to see about going used window shopping for our new studio (like literal window shopping — i need to buy two of them).  wish me luck as this is my fourth trip to find “the perfect panes”.